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If it results in a big un-****ing of the compression they've added to albums over the years, then I'll be all for it. I'm sure it'd be dead in the water without TIDAL support. Nice of them to at least allow the TIDAL app to uncompress it as far as 24/96, though a lot of stuff out there was recorded with added distortion and/or has low-res components added so the value will be fairly limited on a lot of albums.  I'm more worries about laziness by the record companies. How...
I get varying degrees of hum depending on the sensitivity of the headphones I'm listening with. Most of the time it is low enough that I only notice it if I unplug the headphones while they are on my head.
 DLNA can stream from another device for playback.  I've been doing it with a Soundaware server for a while now, though I'm not sure how this might work with the Poly, if at all.
 I understand the sentiment, but do you think it's straight-forward to just "add a screen and a basic Android OS"? 
 The important thing here is the process of compensating for the original ADC to fix issues with the timing of transients in the music caused during encoding. They then take the master file and this compensation data and squish it using some clever tech into what appears to be a slightly noisier than usual CD quality file. The musical data above 22.050 kHz is compressed into the highest frequencies as noise.  3 bits of the 24 are noise. It probably doesn't matter in the...
Since it was off-topic in the thread I originally posted it, I'm re-posting here where it isn't, without the "OT" spoiler tag:  I'm thinking that "how MQA sounds" will vary considerably depending on the recording and how much it was altered by the above process. Personally I'd rather have a better DAC without MQA than a lesser DAC with it, but at some point no doubt now I'll be able to test this.
The Vegas have arrived. I have to agree about tip selection. The foam tips they came with sound the best so far. Spinfits and Spiral Dots muck things up in differing ways. One thing I didn't notice at first, but is good, is that the nozzle is slightly angled, which makes fit quite comfortable.
That's what your smart phone is for. The alternative would be years of development hell, such as has been going on with FiiO's DAPs. I think this system is better, as a DAP would have limited hardware support over time, whereas if you upgrade your phone, you don't have to worry about it so much. That being said...some smart person with time and money could always design an X7 adaptor in place of the amp to fit it to the Mojo, once they've got OTG working properly. Edit:...
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