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Clearing out my spare tubes. Prices include EMS shipping with tracking to the US, Europe, Asia and Australasia. Add 4% for Paypal.  Electro Harmonix 6SN7 Gold Pin pair: $40  '50s Sylvania 6SN7GTA matched pair. $100  Bendix 6V6 matched pair for the ALO Audio Studio Six: $150     [[SPOILER]]   Svetlana EL34 Winged C matched quad. Unused. $140 
Topic guys, please.
I might have to change my wording on the Cirrus Logic DACs to "excessively smooth" or something. Some people seem to like that though.
It is rather detailed and a touch clinical in comparison to other DAPs, at least with my UERMs. I wouldn't for preference get an RWAK240 for use with IEMs that are already quite bass-strong as the sound can be a bit heavy with some music. I'm not so sure Vinnie's mod is really beneficial with IEMs so much as with full-sized headphones. I need to listen more. 
High quality video is certainly interesting too.
 So do I. They are here is just my room is a monster that eats things alive. The amount of stuff I have in here is slightly insane.
The RWAK240 is warmer though the bass and mids, but I am starting to wonder if it doesn't deviate away from neutral. I say this because I was comparing the X5/Pico Power with the AK240 and RWAK240. It is a bit like the Audeze planars in that they can sound a bit too thick in the mid-bass, though that maybe isn't a really great comparison.  Anyway, ultimately it means vocals sound darker and more intimate. With some music the difference isn't really noticeable. I think it...
 They could have labelled the firmware 1.0 if they wanted to. Would that mean it is "finished"? Even when they get to 1.0 will it be "finished"? If some random owner complains that it still lacks features, then is it "not finished"? What it is numbered doesn't matter. The problem (as many companies have) is when to stop developing and start selling a product. The longer it stays un-sold the more money is being lost. That means, inevitably, that a lot of software sold is...
 Serious DIY electronics parts stores should it, hopefully in a few sizes. It should be in the cable management solutions or similar category. 
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