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Those of you who posted in the last couple of pages, I've upgraded your accounts so you can now change your avatar, add a signature and fill in your profile. 
I think what you're after is the KEF X300A speakers which plug in to your computer via USB.
Try Chrome. The new Firefox builds have been a bit dicey with me. 
They look to be all-digital, including the power amps. That should definitely be interesting. 
 I have quite a few friends who lost 100 lbs....
*COUGH* Carry on with the HE-400i impressions. 
0.97 is available:   Copy it onto the M (I put it at the internal storage root) and go to the settings > System Info > Firmware update.
Duncan does. I've tried it and it works fine. If I was going to use that as a dedicated rig, I'd get someone like Moon Audio to rig me up a more suitably-sized coax cable though.
@remilio Wow, that IS a radically different market. I know the European Union has a similar issue in that what is good value depends very much on whether a product was made inside the Union or tax has to be added to it on import. Japan likewise tends to massively over-price European gear and the second hand market is a rip-off too.
@M Coupe That was the point I was trying to make before about the Calyx M -- depending what you are used to it can either sound great or not so much.    Which RSA amp do you have by the way? 
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