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Pretty much only plugs that have nothing around the end contact will fit the coax socket.    Coax itself is neither good nor bad. If the transport has a good quality coaxial output then the results will be better, though only marginally so with the Hugo it seems.    See here:
Why not ask in the comments of the video and see if the guys reply?
 I'm enjoying the sound! I don't feel like anything is missing now (except maybe better speakers).
 (Moved to the Members Lounge.) I think what you hate is your music. I remember the first time back in my high school days I played the pop music I liked on my father's system and was shocked to hear it all other than mashed together. Quite a bit of music that I liked on the radio, in the car or the shop just sounded terrible out of high-end gear. Now I appreciate completely different music, such as jazz, which I never liked before. My old music, when I'm in the mood for...
 I was just thinking of your posts from a week or two ago where you were skeptical -- now I think you understand that we aren't all crazy. This is what the hobby is about!  
There's an interesting article over at Positive Feedback Online by Jeremy R. Kipnis of Kipnis Studios, who worked with Bob Katz, David and Norman Chesky and Steve Guttenberg on a number of albums on how they used headphones when making recordings.   (Disclaimer: I write articles for PFO.)
 Try the red base and tell me what you think. Maybe we need to look at more 6V6 or 6K6 options or find out if other tubes are compatible.
 It very much depends on the music, as I have recordings where the level varies considerably. Somewhere around the default "green" volume level though usually. All my RCA cables work with the Hugo's RCA sockets. It is the S/PDIF input that still has a troublesome socket. For that I use the BNC gender changer with my Audiophilleo with a Van Den Hul BNC female to RCA adaptor. Here's my trick set-up with Monster RCA double-adaptors, which are a bit worryingly tight to push on...
 I think there is some confusion here. The Studio Six only has one gain level. What you are referring to is the volume setting. The only problem I had was if the volume on the Hugo was too high, where that would result in distortion in the Studio Six, as it only expects a maximum of 2V input (the standard) and the Hugo can output about 3V. That makes me wonder if the volume control in the Studio Six is not on the input as usual, but after a gain stage. I'll have to ask Ken.
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