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I was listening to the JHAudio Laylas through the Hugo, which I have hooked up via a Schiit Wyrd, then while I was bringing out the X5 for a firmware upgrade, I thought I'd have a listen to it with the Laylas. The X5 is pretty horrible with them, bloated bass and flat-sounding vocals and instruments. The Laylas really do seem to demand the best equipment.
 I was one of them. Stillhart asked Jude if he could listen to his loaner pair, and all he had was his X5. I'm not saying in the least that they were well-driven, not by a country mile, but it was still apparent that they were special.  Now I did borrow a pair for a few minutes to try with the Schiit RYgg, and that was something else altogether!
@planarmagnetic  If you're planning to produce these commercially, you'll have to be labelled as a MOT and you wont be able to continue posting about them here without first becoming a sponsor.
High impedance and low sensitivity = major PITA to drive. I'm not sure a cheap portable amp will go very far with them. You'd be pretty much down to the FiiO and the O2, maybe second-hand.
Ken kindly lent me an Rx for review, and so far comparing it to the output of my Hugo, with various IEMs, it seems to be absolutely transparent. 
My favourite of those genres, or at least close to them is Shpongle, which I find very enjoyable with them. I was listening to The Silent Sound Spectrum last night which was also great, but that track is focussed around some VERY low notes, which are audible, but don't give the amount of rumble that really brings the best out of the track. The great thing though was that despite the other aspect of that track focussing on very bright sounds, they were prominent but not...
I know that some manufacturers are actually making a go at this. With digital ear scanning available, manufacturers are on their way to collecting some serious data that could be used in this way. Whether we'll get to the stage that it would be directly useful for consumers who are shopping for headphones I'm not sure. 
Guys, the last page or so of posts, many of which I've deleted, are a good example of how to get a thread permanently locked. Please don't post rubbish on the forums, you aren't the only people by a considerable margin who actually read the threads.
We're now over 400 edited or deleted posts in this thread, all a result of derailments. Please keep cable and amp discussions OUT of the thread unless directly related to your experience with the HD-800s. 
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