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It could be you're not used to hearing the music with such low distortion. The first time I listened to my favourite pop music on my father's hi-fi (back in the early '90s) I felt exactly the same way. It has nothing to do with the volume control in the Hugo.   If anything, could it be your speakers? They are going to make the most difference to the "sound" you are getting.
Please use the other thread about these headphones.
Guys, I understand the reasons for your questions, but NO manufacturer is going to show you their target FR curves, as it is proprietary information. If you visit a manufacturer and are allowed to take pictures, they'll tell you not to take any of their calibration stations that show those. It is a competitive market and, not to mention, people tend to read too much into the graphs, especially when they provide only a portion of understanding of what we actually...
 That is why Rudi recommended using one of the Venturecraft DAP/amps as a digital transport I guess.
Well, Schiit could build the Wyrd into a better USB board for the Bifrost I suppose (you'd have ask them) and charge the extra for that board instead. Same difference? 
See if you can't borrow one, or try one at a meet I reckon.
 I'd love to see what Mike says about that idea. Unfortunately I'm sure it wouldn't be printable. 
Good idea!
 Yes, IIRC (without hunting for the diagrams which Foxtex showed) part of their design considered the flow of the air through the headphones.  I think they will definitely be a good candidate for modding. Fostex don't seem to consider deep bass drop-off to be an issue, but the problem I had was that if I removed the foam ring in the cups, the "thick" sound (that makes them similar to a typical Audeze in sound) goes away, but then the bass drops off considerably and you end...
 Please go and ask someone in the industry to explain it all to you. I don't recommend getting hung up on graphs though. Go to a meet, audition stuff with your own music and buy what you think you'll enjoy using.
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