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@aamefford  As far as I know, ONLY the Samsung 2" mSATA drives work (and fit). I haven't looked at the latest prices, but they weren't as far as I know making a profit on the 1TB drive if you buy it included. 
 Yes, but not mixed with ad hominems, weasel words and other propaganda techniques that have no place alongside them. 
I had a look because you reported the thread. There are two diary entries for the DJ. To find both, go to the "Bluestage" link at the top and there is a "DJ Diary" topic on the right. 
   Are your first thoughts character assassination? Seriously, I am interested in some discussion of the science. The above could be done without and I don't think has any merit here. Aside from the factual errors you mention, I think that his demonstration of the effects on pink, white and brown noise aren't representative of what the mp3 codec was intended for, so it is not a surprise that it doesn't perform well on them.
I think it is fascinating to hear the actual audio that is lost from MP3 compression and it would be interesting to listen to the ghosts of other types of music. I remember someone posted a 128k LAME mp3 vs. lossless file comparison using a good classical recording and on the equipment I had at the time I could just make out which was which.  The "ghosts" would probably be most useful to codec designers as a means of feedback on the effects of their work. 
I wonder if the 3Fs aren't similar in some respects to the MrSpeakers Ethers in this respect. They have very precise imaging but lack bass slam as well. Maybe it's a factor of the design, that the more airy and precise the sound, the less bass and slam one gets. I could be completely off the mark though. It's something that would be worth asking the main planar headphone manufacturers.
 Not quite the Terms of Service, but the Posting Guidelines I wrote:http://head-fi.org/a/posting-guidelines Specifically:  I wrote the second paragraph due to a trend towards products being trashed purely due to specs, parts used, or whatnot, but not from any genuine knowledge or experience standpoint. I think some of you guys are over-thinking about what has been posted though. 
Less bass where? Deep bass? Mid bass? Or has the bass changed? Less impactful bass (from our perception) may be perceived as less bass, for example.
It's a pretty awesome comparison, and comparisons can be evil to a degree. I did note the comment about the K10 being a great all-rounder versus a pair of IEMs that are detail-oriented. It is worth noting jelt2359's preferences in this regard. I have quite a few headphones (and I've encountered the odd amp) that is more entertaining than resolving. The most resolving headphones I've owned weren't the best all-rounders.  I'm the kind of person who'd be inclined to get a...
I found an interesting article with samples of what is removed by MP3 compression of a song. http://theghostinthemp3.com/theghostinthemp3.html  What are your thoughts?
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