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Isn't there now a new, reversible USB connector anyway?   The usage case for an amp inside headphones is primarily wireless ones IMO. I think Jason's misgivings about the idea cover any device sold as being "portable". 
I'm coming again this time. Last year was too fun not to. I hope this time to have a proper rig for people to try too. 
Just a note people: referral links CANNOT be posted on the forums. Posting them is breaking our rules. 
  This is the important thing. 
I really like the idea of this, especially the ultra-capacitors, as the one thing that kept me even pondering an RWA product was if I ever had to ship the batteries.   Now all it needs (I reckon) is a balanced output for active speakers or monoblock amps (even if just using high-quality transformers).
It has something of a smoothing effect on the Hugo. Not a lot, but makes it sound more effortless. Now my Studio Six has had a tube change (because why not?) it sounds a bit more old-school glorious in comparison, if a touch less "pure".  Can't believe I missed this. Not sure what effect it would have, but if a digital source was a bit noisy it might help.
The Ultrasone Performance 880 is definitely a candidate for someone who wants a brighter sound and doesn't care about the rest of the package so much. The Sig DJs are over-ear unless you have huge ears.  I liked what I heard from the 880s better, but they aren't as classy-looking as the Z7s.
Have you tried a different browser? Every other version some browsers screw with the javascript enough that things like the editor don't work properly. If it is still a problem, there's a setting to use the basic editor instead. 
I reckon the amount we discuss the matter should be in proportion to how much we personally consider it to matter to our own listening. 
Impressions thread now here:
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