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My review is in: http://www.head-fi.org/products/wooaudio-wa8-eclipse/reviews/16620   I hadn't realised that Jack lent a unit to both myself an Anakchan. I was sitting here thinking that this might be more suitable for him to review since he is interested in serious portable gear, more so than I am. 
Mine just arrived. I don't know if they need any amount of use before they sound their best, but so far so good with some classical music. 
When you simply can't wait for the company to make an accessory:  
I'm wondering if an OPA627-based module wouldn't be good for people who like a warm and mellow sound signature.
Something I've noticed is that the way we perceive soundstage can result in more precise headphones and up-stream gear seeming to have a smaller soundstage than is actually the case. Because our brains rely on, among other things, frequency response to determine the size of a 3D space, a lower mid-range, such as in the TH900s, is interpreted by our brain as a larger soundstage.   When I upgraded to an amp that was faster overall, at first I thought that the soundstage was...
 I just got a hold of some of the Sviatoslav Richter recordings. Listening to him playing Chopin's Etudes for the first time has been rather like the first time I listened to Martha Argerich play Scherzo No. 3.  Reading about him has been interesting to say the least. 
I don't think anyone can answer that until people get hold of them. More than likely the differences will be very subtle. What headphones or IEMs do you want to use the X7 with?
 It's hard to know how good it can get without experiencing it.  The brief listen to the HE1 system I had instantly convinced me that it was vastly superior to everything else I'd auditioned up until that moment. What would be interesting is now to compare the Utopias out of a DAVE to that system. One point I made in my DAVE review was that when I joined Head-Fi, the most expensive HP out there was the very dodgy $14k SinglePower Extreme. That amp turned out to have a...
Someone needs to let me know who is supposed to be compensating me for the $thousands I paid to go to the SF meet and the painful task of listening to these headphones and writing about them. 
I only listen to lossless music. APTx I tested with my computer.
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