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 Short answer: No. Digital source only. If you're already in the analog domain, you don't need a DAC.
 Cheers. I hadn't thought of JVC tips specifically (I have Spinfit, Comply and Monster tips here) but I'll see if I can't easily get a pair.  It's all good, the suggestion was welcome. If all they require is a different pair of tips that will solve a lot. 
Is the pinout Westone or UE?
After another day of use, the bass has loosened up some more and now I feel that they are a bit warmer-sounding, with the bass intruding a bit and the mids a bit distant. However, I feel the treble has gotten worse, not better. Trying different genres I put on some Elbow and the sibilance in The Seldom Seen Kid was rather grating. Similar stories with other albums, even those that don't have mastering issues. That is going to make them a better pairing with acoustical...
 Forgive me if it was mentioned before, but what is the output impedance of the M1? I was noticing that some of my IEMs had a more impact sound out of the Mojo so this might explain what is going on.
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Yup, pretty similar -- nothing radically different at all. 
I used to compare in-store. All the supra-aural ATs I've tried had much the same amount of bass, with a few differences in the mids and treble, obviously a result of the different cup materials. Now they have the 950s out which add another flavour, but not anything radically new. 
I'm looking forward to auditioning the latter, that's for sure!
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