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 It sounds good, but stupid things such as switching back to iTunes mode being buggy and the music pausing if tracks are added or removed from the playlist.
 Hans described it about right. It was based on another or an older model DAC without the DSP and a bit of tweaking to get the PCM1704s working well in NOS mode. If you didn't know it was NOS, you wouldn't guess it IMO. It is a touch more smooth or more forgiving than the M7, which seemed with the USB32 to have a small touch of -- I don't know... hardness? -- but at the expense of soundstage. It does a good job of sounding smooth and reasonably detailed whether it is fed...
 I have my Hugo plugged into active speakers and the Studio Six at the same time via an RCA splitter and the sound with my UERMs plugged in as well is the same as it is without the other things plugged in as far as I can tell. 
 Indeed, after the disappointment that was Amarra 3, I'm looking forward to this.
Guys, chill out. Some BA drivers will change with use. Some will not. Our brain will adapt to different sound signatures too. There is no universal truth that applies to all headphones and all IEMs due to the incredibly wide variety of transducers in use.   I reckon: Give your impressions, but importantly list the type of music you were listening to, and how loud you listen. Those things have the biggest effect above all. 
Replied! Forgot to put that the PSVANE is a "Classic", thanks.
I've added the link to the first post, but I consolidated all the headphone festival albums into one here:
This is mkubota1 "in the Happy Place" as he likes to call it at one of the electronics stores:     Here is Jude with his mind completely blown the first time he visited e-earphone in 2011:  
Build from diyaudio group buys some time ago, it is fully functional and completely stock. In the picture the front panel screws are in a snaplock bag taped to the top of the unit to save repeated insertion and removal. I'll include the stock charger as well, but no batteries.    Shipping will be $11 to Asia, $15 to ConUS and $18 to Europe for EMS with tracking. Add 4% for Paypal. 
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