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Their latest versions have galvanic isolation, which reputedly improves that.  It will be interesting to see if the V2 of the Geek Out does as well, as it was also vastly improved with a better PSU. The trouble they have, like any regular manufacturer, is that a regular dealer/distributor/marketing sales model can't compete with direct sales that have none of those three things.  Hopefully though I'll get a TT in for review, because irrespective of that, there are people...
If using the USB input directly from a computer I feel there is a tiny bit of this, but with the Wyrd all of that seems to have been removed. To me it doesn't sound digital in the treble at all. If it does, then something like the Geek Out is horrible in comparison.
Just FYI people, non-sponsors can't do loaner tours on Head-Fi. Promotional activities such as those are reserved for sponsors.
The 5692 is a Red Base RCA indeed. Very kick-ass tube indeed. It's my preferred tube for it. It's only because lately I've had some bright cans here and the Hugo as a source that I've wanted to go in a different direction a bit.
 This is my feeling having both here. The HE1000s are more impressive after you put them on and wind up a track with serious bass, but the small issues come through, like the somewhat 2D soundstage (which doesn't seem to have depth). They are a very good imitation of a 'stat though, without the need for the specialist amplification.  I just whipped this up now:   This album annoyed me for...
I've wikified you all! Please edit as required.
 The Brimars arrived today and are as described by Frank below. They bring out the bottom end a bit, so the HE1000s end up with a big beard, not just a regular beard. They are what I was looking for that the Bendix tried, but didn't succeed in doing well, which is make the sound a bit more interesting without overdoing it, similar to how the solid state HEADA manages, but a bit more still. I have the Tungsol 6SN7 in there too at the moment though, which has just a small...
You could have an Ebaen-metaphor drinking game on it -- you down a shot every time he writes a metaphor comparing the sound to something completely unrelated.    I should do a write-up on these, but a few people have done such an outstanding job already I feel like whatever I write would be inadequate.
We Aussies having a saying, "Only in America".   OT: So Steve, when is your amp coming out?
 By cross-referencing the knowledge when I don't know. Other than that, I take it as "Person X claims Y" and no more. Thankfully I don't have to ponder, and nor would I want to, some of the odd stuff in high-end audio. As for how much I know, I don't have a definitive answer for that beyond that I know that there is a hell of a lot I don't know.  
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