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Good idea!
 Yes, IIRC (without hunting for the diagrams which Foxtex showed) part of their design considered the flow of the air through the headphones.  I think they will definitely be a good candidate for modding. Fostex don't seem to consider deep bass drop-off to be an issue, but the problem I had was that if I removed the foam ring in the cups, the "thick" sound (that makes them similar to a typical Audeze in sound) goes away, but then the bass drops off considerably and you end...
 Please go and ask someone in the industry to explain it all to you. I don't recommend getting hung up on graphs though. Go to a meet, audition stuff with your own music and buy what you think you'll enjoy using.
 You'd have to ask the manufacturers for exact details, but they aren't able to reliably measure higher frequencies. I'd have to search, but some of the reasons have been written up in articles on Innerfidelity.
Guys, graphs of headphone and earphone measurements are not at all reliable above 10 kHz, let alone anything higher, so please do NOT take them as any kind of authority. 
 The WA7 has plenty of power. What you were experiencing was a lack of gain. You have to turn the volume control of the WA7 up higher than you expect. 
 You can't. It isn't even privately visible. There are some thumbs-up stats on the front page though if you click on the area that mentions who posted the most today etc.
  D800 + Sigma 35mm f1.4 (at f2)
 Sorry about that. I thought the question was odd, but somehow missed where it came from.  Burn-in doesn't change the sound signature. If he wants more bass, he has the wrong headphones.
 I've never had one here! The Valhalla 2 is the first Schiit product (ahem!) I've had in my possession, ever.
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