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I think that'd be way out of his budget though.    Oh, I forgot: The Geek Out would be excellent too.
 Something from Leckerton might be in your budget. I'm not sure what the exchange rate is, but I liked the ALO Audio PanAm with the Passport battery power supply with them. Other than the Hugo, my favourite at the moment is the Centrance M8 using the balanced output.
 Same! I sold the DX100 purely because of the awful UI and that it would drain its battery to flat doing nothing if left on. I left the Calyx on by accident yesterday and it still had plenty of power many hours later. The champion though is the X5 which can be left on for days not playing with almost no battery drain.
I think the point about I2S is to move all the conversion from USB or S/PDIF to a dedicated, high-quality device. The result, if better, is because of the external device being better than what is in the DAC, not specifically because it is I2S being used for the connection as I understand things.
 Definitely considering its price. The UI is still somewhat laggy, but not enough to bother me too much. 
 Gold! I did the 100+ in an un-conditioned warehouse lifting a few tonnes of stock per day. The worst part was not the heat, it was the adjacent shop that was fully air-conditioned. Going back and forth in and out of it screwed with your body and it was easier just to adapt. In the end I broke the rules and had lunch at my "desk", which was part of the racking where the phone, fax (still needed, despite us using SAP!) and paperwork was. A funny aside though: The hours were...
Ok, today I had a little while so I compared the Calyx M to my iPhone 5 with the same tracks, mostly binaural volume-matched. Listening was done with ca-cabled UERMs. Music through the Calyx M was distinctly more clear than through my iPhone 5 (which isn't bad at all). 
 I'll second this. With my IEMs there is a touch more harshness in the treble of the Calyx M compared to the AK240. Headphone drive, balanced, with the AK240 is considerably better too.  Some interesting things with the new firmware (or maybe I missed them before): The "Impedance matching" setting and the ability to disable the magnetic slider volume.
 Because, surprisingly, most people who write reviews bought the item! As you are soliciting for and collecting money to buy gear to review and support your living expenses, you are now a member of the trade (a paid reviewer), like Tyll, like Chris (ComputerAudiophile), like ljokerl, etc., and there is nothing wrong with that. However, just as we do not allow one manufacturer to have a go at another on our forums, we are not going to let you unceasingly have a go at us,...
I am going to close this thread now, because Lachlan has a competing financial interest in posting (whether he likes it or not). Like we do with people who have a financial interest in an audio-related product (a Member of the Trade) we don't allow them to go on tirades about their competitors, especially when those tirades are cross-posted across different threads, something ALSO discouraged in the Posting Guidelines I wrote.   As always, if anyone has an issue with...
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