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The Norne Vorpal.
Don't forget that Jude's measurements are uncompensated so the mids/upper mids are showing on the graphs much stronger than we'd perceive them. What we'd perceive is quite a bit flatter. To get an idea of the differences, look at one of Tyll's graphs that shows the uncompensated plot below the compensated one.
 Oh dear.
I have a couple of aftermarket cables for them, one which brings out the treble more. I agree about the stock cables. 
If they have them in Tokyo this weekend, I'll give them a try.
 That's interesting, because I find that the Laylas (universal) are far better than my JH-13FPs. The treble quality is vastly better for a start. However, the heavier sound of the Laylas I like best when I have music that benefits from it. If the Laylas are too dark, I feel that the ALO Audio Rx brightens them up, as does a Hugo. I'm not sure why this is, as it was designed to be dead neutral. I'm working on finding out whether or not it has to do with the source input....
We don't get a lot of pro DACs through here. Maybe we should try a few. I had a Metric Halo at one point and it was quite good.  Given how poorly recorded or mastered a lot of music seems to be I do wonder about the priorities of a lot of professionals. I guess that is as varied as the priorities of enthusiasts like us.
Yup, I didn't link to it here because I didn't want to seem like I'm spamming, but it's here:   It includes both my video reviews.
Check the last couple of pages of the impressions thread:
The SQ of DACs went downhill enough with the mass move to SD chips, along with the trend towards a more "hi-fi" sound that when they came out with their flagship it sounded better, unless it was implemented poorly then it sounded like rubbish.
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