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The link on the previous page explained it better. It is not the power as much as it is the ability to handle the largest dynamic peaks in the music.   Anyhow, I'm curious to read more impressions of the Fulla 2. 
This is absolutely NOT the case with the headphone manufacturers I have talked to and/or whose factories I have visited.
 Long time no see! There has been a lot of progress at the low end of the IEM market. 5 years ago, $50 only got you utter rubbish. Now there are fantastic models out there.
 Thanks for finding the link. The question was about getting static while touching the pot, not the pot itself. I would imagine that as the whole device itself is a new design that it wouldn't have the same issues as the previous one, but it's worth checking with Schiit as they'd know for sure.  It might depend on whether the volume knob is metal or plastic.
Mods to the V1 headphones to effect similar changes to what were made structurally to the V2.
If I may flog my own particular pet horse to death on this, I put a lot of it down to what music people listen to and how loud they listen. There is some scientific backing to this. I think though that the sheer number of factors involved make a lot of it difficult to nail down far beyond individual sensitivity. 
 I saw this from a few days ago and just wanted to remind people of something important: Volume position and level is NOT the same as power. How much sound you get at a particular volume position is related to the gain setting of the amp.    As far as I know, they are completely different designs (see Jason's latest long post in the "Schiit Happened" thread) so I'd be very surprised if this was at all an issue. The best thing is to email Schiit Audio and ask though.
My V2 pads aren't that radically different in size. It's hard to see clearly, as neither are perfectly even. I'd actually say that, accounting for everything, they V2 pads are only slightly bigger. I'd consider cutting out a piece of foam to fit over the green ring and block off the entire gap between it and the outer-most black ring before anything. If you got the right kind of acoustic foam you'd probably get a bit more bass as a result too.    
New Posts  All Forums: