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 It will depend on what amp you use, but I found that the detail retrieval, at least with the HD800, was enough to distinguish the capability of those headphones versus the HE1000 quite clearly. 
Is there any music in DSD128? I thought there was only a handful, and it takes up a HUGE amount of storage space.
It was a while ago (and how many pages before) but I bought an AK100 to use as a transport for the Mojo, but in the end using Onkyo HF Player on my phone sounded vastly better. The AK100 for some reason simply isn't a good transport, even with a good optical cable. I have no idea why to be honest.
Contact your credit card issuer and fill out a chargeback form. 
 Neither. I'm using HD800s from the headphone socket.
  Loaner. Only took one minute of listening with HD800s before I started looking around and adding up how much of my gear I could sell to buy one. I think I'd have to sell my car.   Of course, now I have to find a way to describe the experience. I might have paraphrase a Clarkson Top Gear quote when was driving a Lotus track car that was too much for him: I've heard DACs with this much detail before, and I've heard DACs that sounded this natural before, and I've...
What model of USB isolator?
Not surprised at all. I've had a few Sabre-based DACs and numerous DAPs that all sounded better when, at least, iZotope up-sampling was used with them.  The stock DAC filters used in a lot of gear are clearly inferior to other options.
I figured out how to use the HQPlayer network demon. I started it in terminal and it showed up in Roon straight away. I'm not sure I'll bother with it though. Someone who, say, bought one of the new Audio-gd NOS DACs that take 768k input over USB might find benefit from it, as one could choose a filter to taste and run audio through it that way.
I've been listening a bit through my iPhone to the Andromedas. Personally, I find the best tonal balance comes with sources, such as the iPhone and Soundaware M1, that cause a slight reduction in mid-bass, though listening to Trombone Shorty just now I can't say I at all mind the bass kick. I could clearly make out the difference in clarity between my iPhone 6+ and a Mojo with them. While I did get a bit of electrical noise when the music wasn't playing, I didn't get any...
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