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So far so good. Glad that it can load iTunes playlists as that makes management a heck of a lot easier.
With my UERMs arguably very slightly bright aftermarket cable, now I feel things are reversed and I like the RWAK240 better. The stock unit sounds too mid-forward, even with music that can be a bit bass-strong. I think this is going to end up being a mod that very much depends on what it is used with as to whether or not it is worth it.
A couple of random thoughts:    Comparing the number of components between components is meaningless, especially if one uses primarily SMD parts and one uses full-size parts. Also, the Pulse board doesn't include the PSU, which is separate.    It wouldn't surprise me if this didn't end up a year late. As much as I agree about LHLabs having bitten off more than they can chew, more than anything I'd not want to be them right now. They have to live with their reputation....
I have a stock AK240. Anakchan has an RWAK240. I'm borrowing his to compare them, then I'm going to send mine over to him so he can do the same.
We're going to have people that end up with case-envy here. 
 No. I was thinking of yours. That makes it easy then. I'll have another go with the UERMs since I have a balanced cable for them.
 Found the info. Looks like they will be open on the Friday and Saturday. I think I might have found what I want on their web shop though, including what of the many optional extras they have for their bags. 
 It might not. I'll try and set it up to play for a few days and then have another listen. Thanks.
 I don't know. Are they not open ever day?
@Hawaiibadboy Go for it. I've decided I'm going to e-earphone and the Van Nuys bag shop in Shibuya on Friday if you want to come along.
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