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What Frank said. We turned up at MrSpeakers while Jude's video was uploading. That was the first time for all of us to listen to them. We've borrowed a couple of pairs and hopefully will get out more impressions in the next few days before Canjam.
You'll be glad to know that they are quite light then. Dan did some clever work with the arcs and finding that alloy. 
IMPRESSIONS ONLY. Please use the other thread for general discussion.
 I think having two threads is best in the long run -- one for general discussion and one purely for impressions. That way people who only want to read impressions can do so. 
It's 100% unique. Impressions to come shortly, but suffice to say, initial impressions are very positive for detail and imaging.
Neutral, detailed and almost 'stat-like in their presentation. Very revealing of upstream gear quality and precise imaging. More coming shortly!                         Note: Pre-production pair. The cups wont fold flat in final production.
I feel sorry for the people with schedule conflicts. I scheduled this in many months ago so I could tell people "Sorry, I'm booked up already."
Fernando: Just FYI, we don't allow group buys on Head-Fi any longer.
I just have to add, numbers and percentages in impressions are nonsense. I think a number of factors are at work when it comes to differing degrees of difference between products that we pick up, or don't, which is why it gets so confusing. As soon as you take away a couple of factors, eg: Using easy-to-drive IEMs instead of full-sized headphones and listening to music that isn't recorded so well, then the differences disappear. IMO anyway.    A huge one though is...
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