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 Cute! She looks a bit "you want to shoot me again?".  Reminds me I need a light box. 
I merged the threads. The servers are run by Huddler. The active admins have nothing to do with either the back-end (nor the management of sponsors btw.) so we can't answer that because we don't know.    However, while I have no doubt that Huddler are well aware of security issues, since large sites are often the target of intrusions where databases are stolen, I would follow the advice of numerous security professionals and simply NOT use the same password on any two...
The guy's email address is from a university and is verified, so I don't think it's a scam (unless it is asking for detailed personal info, which I didn't see). Occasionally we get people coming here doing research for their classes into something or other to do with headphones.
If the buyer sends the money using Paypal without trying to cheat on the fees by using the gift/personal method and the seller then ships via a signed, preferably trackable method, everything should be fine. Since I put those two basic things in HUGE red letters in the classifieds, until that UAE identity thief, the number of complaints dropped right down.
No pointless threads please.   And Dischorddubstep: You are being VERY annoying. 
  Just because it looked great in the morning light.
 Definitely! I am going to wait until I had the Audeze cans back and the new cables for them and the HD-800s before using the Duet as an amp in a comparison. I've been thinking of using the Phoenix instead though, but ideally I need another adaptor to get balanced output from the HM-901 and AK240. 
 Nope. If I do ever do a blind test, I'll post as much. It'd be hard to set up a better than single-blind test though. Regardless, I could also set things up with headphones and music in a way that I'm confident I would fail it or pass it depending on what I chose for both, eg: Sony XBA-3s listening to Van Halen = FAIL. UERMs listening to recent DECCA high-res recordings = I could pick the X5 and AK240 apart easily. Instead, I think the previous question about value is...
Ok, since I'm at home today doing work preparation, I have time to play around more, so next up is the HD-800s single-ended. They have extra damping and an ALO Reference 16 cable.   Music: Amber Rubarth -- A Kiss to Build a Dream On (binaural). Players were volume matched to -0db pink noise at 115.7dB (equivalent to a much quieter listening volume with regular, uncompressed music).   X5:   While very pleasant to listen with, the soundstage seems smaller than with the...
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