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Proper science requires experiments performed by qualified scientists that are submitted for peer review. I've never seen that done here.  This I unfortunately see all the time. On topic though: The conjecture is that cable materials and construction can smear signals in the time domain, which requires very expensive equipment to measure.
This is a forum about science, not mocking people, products or companies.
I finally got around to getting the Sigma 35mm f1.4 for my D800. I wish I'd bought it sooner now. It feels almost like I bought a whole new camera.   I don't want to know about the D810, though I'd love no-noise ISO6400 shooting...
Sennheiser will make and sell their cables for a certain price to the dealers, who then will sell it for double.   The small guys will make and sell their cables direct.
 She is not wrong in her feeling. As I said though, woman don't express their feelings the way men do. Even if the way she dealt with the problem was ultimately bad, the underlying expectation was that she should have dealt with it as a man would have. 
 No, she is not wrong for being angry. For a woman, family is family. If the husband isn't focussed on the family, a wife will be angry. You cannot tell a woman not to be a woman (nor a man not to be man). A husband should treat his wife like a princess. Otherwise, why are they married? 
 Her family outing was hijacked as an excuse for her husband to hang out with his mate, not spending time with the family. She wasn't wrong for being angry! Women don't just say bluntly what they think like men do. If you don't treat your wife like a princess then you're doing it wrong! When you're doing it right you'll get all the love given back to you. A (female) friend of mine used to joke how she'd put out for a good meal cooked for her. 
 I think your friend wasn't thinking of his wife, he was thinking of himself, which caused the problem. His wife would likely have wanted it to be all family time, not "hanging out with a mate" time.
Modern jazz or old recordings? The older stuff might work well.
 Whenever someone wants to create one. 
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