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I wonder if this issue has been why a few people weren't impressed with the sound from the Mojo. 
Correct about what OSX does. You do NOT want it to do this. OSX up-sampling is of far inferior quality to what the Mojo is capable of. Many of us use products such as Audirvana Plus, Amarra, Vox and others that automatically changes the output to match the track being played. You also do not want system sounds being played through the same output as the music, as that will degrade the sound.
 I'm working out how an Yggdrasil and Studio Six will fold, but it looks to be quite difficult.  I guess a bunch of IEMs and DAPs will be the go this time. 
 For ethernet transmission and to act as a USB host, you basically need a computer. The Spartan 6 is basically a CPU in which code can be embedded, so are basically necessary for one end to act as a USB host, as the manufacturer will have had to code up a basic OS to run the unit.   Since it only has to run Ethernet and USB, it probably dumps less noise into the USB bus than a computer does. There's no way to be sure though without measuring the output. 
 If you aren't getting good sound, very likely the software is up-sampling. Be careful that if you aren't using software that is setting the sample rate to match the music that this isn't happening. You can check the rate the Mojo is receiving by the color of the power button. If you're listening to a 44.1k file and the Mojo isn't showing a red light, then your computer or phone is up-sampling.  By default OSX will send at the highest rate that the DAC can take through the...
It can't have anything to do with the amps, so that can be eliminated. Does the Yggy show up in Audio Midi Set-up when you plug it into the Mac? It should appear in the list of devices in the left of the window a couple of seconds after being plugged in.  If that doesn't work, does it work if you use a USB hub?
Is the Gustard connected to anything else via the SE output?
 Some amps short the inputs that aren't being used, either when switched off or another input is selected while switched on. The purpose is to stop the input interfering with the signals while a different input is selected. I found this out the hard way with an Audio-gd amp which I had to remove internal jumpers on to prevent the same thing happening with my Yggdrasil. 
I snapped this picture while listening to the Andromedas in Tokyo a week ago. I was impressed with the sound, especially the treble, which is where IEMs seem to have the most trouble. 
The main thing is low-light ability, or a good flash, or both, and the D750 is best at that, followed by Fuji. Some of the rooms are very poorly lit, as the venue is mainly for wedding parties. What I wish I had was a mirrorless D750, so I took a chance on the X-T1. 
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