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Far more people are reading these threads than posting in them.  Just to remind people: The trouble starts when people begin posting about each other, instead of about products. 
You've posted in a he correct section. Questions go in this forum. The 3.5 mini to mini cable won't work. Sony DAPs don't have coax digital output as far as I know. Indeed you'll probably need that special cable.
 How do you think your comment comes off as?   Don't answer that, just stick to talking about headphones please. 
I'm using it on an expensive DAC. If you have a cheap DAC, whether or not it would be better than simply buying a better DAC is debatable. 
 I wouldn't bother. The noise issues that the F-1 solves are eliminated by using optical in the first place. I'd simply compare using the F-1 with Schiit Wyrd, iUSB 3.0 or whatever with using optical and see which you feel sounds better.  Unless that metal sheet is grounded, it might not do much.  There's a local guy here in Japan who mods them. Heard a full pre/monoblock set-up with Avantgarde horns which was incredible. If you can't afford Shindo, then you get...
I wonder if this issue has been why a few people weren't impressed with the sound from the Mojo. 
Correct about what OSX does. You do NOT want it to do this. OSX up-sampling is of far inferior quality to what the Mojo is capable of. Many of us use products such as Audirvana Plus, Amarra, Vox and others that automatically changes the output to match the track being played. You also do not want system sounds being played through the same output as the music, as that will degrade the sound.
 I'm working out how an Yggdrasil and Studio Six will fold, but it looks to be quite difficult.  I guess a bunch of IEMs and DAPs will be the go this time. 
 For ethernet transmission and to act as a USB host, you basically need a computer. The Spartan 6 is basically a CPU in which code can be embedded, so are basically necessary for one end to act as a USB host, as the manufacturer will have had to code up a basic OS to run the unit.   Since it only has to run Ethernet and USB, it probably dumps less noise into the USB bus than a computer does. There's no way to be sure though without measuring the output. 
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