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I'm thinking of downgrading my D800 to the D750, mainly because I can't really use 36MP and a lighter camera would be better. I also want the better low-light ISO performance. I managed to find a good write-up from a landscape photographer who wrote up his experiences doing it here:
When I was in Tokyo, the guys from Nakamura gave me an NXT-2AK with the balanced cable to report on. I've given it a go with a few different devices with differing results. Primarily the difference in sound seems to be a darker background with a more precise centre image, though it is hard to say definitively whether or not this is really the soundstage narrowing a bit. Usefully though, the input can be balanced or unbalanced, as well as the output, so plug-and-play with...
 I owned the DAC 24/192 and it had a similar issue: The USB input just wasn't that great. I feel the M is somewhat similar in that the music sounds flatter using it as a DAC. I've experimented using an Oyaide d+ NEO USB cable and a regular cable and noticed varying degrees of improvement with different DAPs. With the AK240 there was a very slight improvement, but only noticeable on the best recorded music. With the M a bit more so. After a lot of discussion on the Hugo...
Some time ago I was visiting a manufacturer and auditioning their DAC when they brought out a phono stage they had in development, or rather "he" as the company is pretty much a single person. After some experimentation with the digital inputs and other comparisons with the $5k DAC, he switched to a not particularly special turntable with his prototype phono stage, which proceeded to blow the DAC out of the water.   I have been resisting going the vinyl root for years...
There is a reason for gross overkill in amp design, it should be noted.    Actually, a Geek Out with the HD-800s is a surprisingly good match if something relatively inexpensive is desired and wasn't designed with vast corners cut to keep it inexpensive. 
 What is your aim? What music do you like? How loud do you listen?  There was a member who bought a pair who only listened at <70dB to avoid hearing damage at all costs, and only used his phone and was perfectly happy.  If you are playing high-quality orchestral works and want to make out the individual violins at higher volumes, then better gear will help with that.
Guys, no problem with posting feedback about a vendor, but posting private correspondence, especially that including non-public email addresses (I don't believe that Craig's direct email is public) I'm going to say is inappropriate, sorry.   Edit: Craig's email is public, but he requests that emails not be posted publicly.
 I am not sure about specifics the non-Truth Edition, but I did bring this up with Danny when I spoke to him in person. I do know the Van Den Hul cable is extremely durable and essentially immune to issues caused by extensive handling, a great part because of the unique metallurgy involved in the wire itself. Danny is a member on here (forgive me if I can't remember his user name offhand) and you could ask him directly.
Nice work Ethan, Warren and Mercer! Since we're at it, mine, with video is here:
Xiaoqi from Lotoo contacted me about reviewing this, so I'll make at least an unboxing video once I receive one, with other DAPs on hand at least for a size comparison.
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