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It is usually the other way around: Lower impedance headphones require more current to drive. Higher impedance headphones require better voltage swing. That being said, with the HD800s the AM3 sounds noticeably better.  With IEMs I've noticed more difference in portable amps with dynamic driver models and less so with BA-only models.
I'm due to try the foam tips again to see if that balances them better for that kind of music. It's rather funny, because before I was trying to get them to be less bass strong. This is why I tend to be slow writing (or recording) IEM reviews.
I'm finding primarily that the Andromeda is going to be my "go to" IEMs for acoustic music. For "club" music I'm thinking i'd like more low-end for best results. I'm going to do another round of switching tips though to see if I can make it an effective all-rounder for me.
 30+ guys?!? What are you all planning to do? If someone can organise a mini-meet far enough in advance I could make a 1-day trip over there. 
I seem to have come full circle with the Andromedas. When I first auditioned them, it was with the binaural Alexis Cole album which has plenty of bass in the tracks. That worked out nicely with the Andromedas and their coherent presentation without excessive treble, as has jazz and classical. As I listened to more acoustic music and decided that the foam tips were too dark, I settled on the JVC Spiral Dot tips with their wide bore providing plenty of treble. Now I've...
Yeah, see if Youtube doesn't have any sufficiently long free music from their library available to use instead of MJ, which will be auto-filtered out by Youtube.
Onkyo HF Player.
It'd be interesting to compare the sound using my iPhone as a transport for the Mojo. After trying a number of DAPs, I've stuck with my iPhone as the sound is, subjectively for me, the best (excepting the AK380, which I haven't tried).
That's a shame. I was considering trying Loop with my library, which is pretty huge (but then I'm on 2 megabit fibre). In the end I stuck with TIDAL.
If you want to save money on the drive, but have more storage, the Seagate hybrid (part SSD, mostly spinning) drives are great value and give you most of the SSD speed. That might be better if storage space is more important. 
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