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I was in the city today and dropped by the new Sony store where they'd put the new high-end Sony headphone rig....next to a bunch of Bluetooth players, all playing music. Stupid. I went and turned them all off. The new Walkman had a few tracks, none of which I knew, but which included some close-mic'ed cello music. I borrowed a set of stock Z7 cables and used the Z1Rs with my Mojo, which I'd brought along, but it wasn't as good by a long shot as Sony's big rig. I'll have...
I've done some musical chairs with posts. If you're posting impressions, please post them in the impressions thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/811273/focal-utopia-a-little-elear-impressions-and-discussion   That makes it a lot easier for people who don't care for the other discussion and just want to read impressions.
Guys, I've done musical chairs with some posts.    This is an impressions thread, which means you should post your experiences with the headphones. All other discussion about them should go in the main thread here:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/811270/focal-elear-and-utopia-review-preview-with-measurements-head-fi-tv/
Back on topic please.
I can guess why they decided to sell it at that price: To make it impractical for Chinese companies to make knock-offs. Why? Because people tend to blame the phone manufacturer rather than the accessory maker if something goes wrong. 
 Not out of character at all. The Lightning to 30-pin adaptor, which has been around for years now, has a DAC in it. 
I think you have it backwards. An example of a current-driven output would be the Bakoon amps. The Audio-gd amps are voltage-output. I owned a Bakoon and it definitely affected the frequency response of HD800s, which have a non-flat impedance curve.
The ZX2 sounded very "dry" to me when I used it. Some people seem to really like it though.
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