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A regular, single-ended amp has an amplifier circuit on the positive part of the connection to your headphones, and the negative just returns the signal to ground.   A "balanced" amp (technically not a great description) has amplification on both the positive and the signal return. If you used the singled-ended socket in one of the Audio-gd amps, you'll indeed not be using half the circuit.
Memory wire is the harder wire attached inside a tube close to the plug, so that you can keep it in a shape that holds around your ear. 
I bought a set of JVC Spiral Dot tips and I feel they make for quite a jump up in clarity versus the foam tips. Good call whoever suggested them.
I use Audirvana with Tidal. While the exclusive or other modes are all bit perfect, these programs, by accessing the USB connection direct, supposedly eliminate all the USB negotiation, throttling and other things that go on apart from sending audio. Since the USB receiver on the other end, having to do less processing, generates and injects less electrical noise into the DAC, the sound quality is supposed to improve. 
 The SpinFits, while very gentle on the ears, change the frequency response significantly, sometimes for the worse. I wish they'd make a wide-nozzle version, as that would solve the problem here.
 I'm not so sure about that. I'm pretty happy with the iUSB 3/F-1 combo. It slightly bested a good streamer I've been using.
 I think the transport sensitivity is the real issue and explains why some people were less than impressed with the Hugo at first.  I use mine with a Schiit Wyrd and I find that there is a significant improvement in sound quality.  Here's the thing: using the same, high-quality S/PDIF transport with multiple outputs, I A/B'ed the Hugo against the Yggdrasil (singled-ended, to its significant disadvantage) with both feeding the Studio Six and I could get the Hugo pretty...
Didn't Audeze just update the EL-8s?   Either way, you've found our unofficial motto: "Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about your wallet." 
If you need a DAC too, the Mojo works great with high impedance headphones. It, and the iFi series (which I don't have sufficient experience with) are both very popular here.    Ideally you want something targeted at full-sized headphone use. A lot of portable amps were targeted at IEMs and didn't have the voltage swing required for best results.
If there were, they'd be tagged as "Member of the Trade: LMUE", "MOT: LMUE" or "Sponsor: LMUE" (if they were a sponsor, which I don't ever recall them being). 
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