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This what I thought was the case. Thanks for clarifying that. I can't help feeling that it is rather like a rail company going to a station to see if people are waiting at 3pm to decide whether or not to start a service at 3pm. Well, maybe not quite, but Oppo and Sony are building a market at this price point.
I think that the angle of the headband has already been bent in so that it doesn't have the problem that I had with Audio Technicas where the arc needs adjusting to get the pads to sit flat. Hold tight, Youtube is processing my unboxing video where I talk about the headband.   The bass though -- the headphones seem a bit over-damped, so while the bass is strong, it isn't visceral like you get with, say, V-MODAs. The description that comes to mind is analytical bass. It...
Ha!   Anyhow, having been spoilt by planars and the HD-800s, I'm not such a fan of the mids in the Z7s. I think part of it is the tonal balance (frequency response) in the treble and being used to the "planar magic". However, at some point I'll get around to a re-cable, which may or may not improve things.
 I think modification is the wrong word then, given how much is different.
Well, so far so good. They are somewhat on the thick and dark side of things, but this works well with modern recordings. Older stuff ... not so great. Mind you, the last pair of headphones I used were LCD-Xs and HD-800s before that, so I have to let my brain adapt to quite a bit more bass. Covering the bottom vents with my thumbs seems to drop the bass a bit.    Holy heck they are light and comfortable though. The headband has a nice arc to it that suits heads like...
I'll try the 880s on Tokyo next weekend if I remember.
I went to the city with my son, had a nice play, some lunch, and grabbed a pair at Bic Camera. I think it might be a good idea if ppl post what music they were listening to and how loud when commenting on headphones. For example, the HD700s are wonderful with old jazz and classical but are unpleasant with modern pop.
As well as use an existing headphone frame. 
I put some Herbies feet under the Studio Six and there seemed to be a bit of an improvement.  I've ordered a Tung Sol round plate 6SN7 too. It will be interesting to compare it to the 5692.
They are not T50RP drivers, but a new driver, albeit the same size as the T50RP driver IIRC. I was at Fostex with Jude and saw various prototype drivers.  A lot of work was done on optimising the set-up of the headphones to work well. The ones I have here sound very nice, given their limitations. I think that a lack of removable cables and insensitive drivers need to be overcome in the future though.
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