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High-frequency noise can pass through a USB (or any other digital signal). What is more, the processing done for USB, which is vastly more complex than that of S/PDIF, causes the chips themselves to produce more noise, which can pass through to the other circuits of a component. I suggest reading posts by some of the leading engineers from manufacturers here who have discussed this in detail, including discussion of USB cables. 
Noise is known to get through, though that's more a problem with the electronics, a cheap cable that pics up noise, which wouldn't affect regular data transfers, can affect analogue circuits. There have been measurements taken that show this. How much that is audible is, not surprisingly, up for debate. 
 I've been asking since 2011. I'm pretty sure this is it.   I'm scratching my head what I might listen to next time I'm in the city, but being on the warm side of things, modern brighter-mastered music is going to be a better match with them IMO.  I guess Shpongle is up next! 
11 threads by one person on the first page of the Members' Lounge I feel is a bit much, especially when most only might have one or two replies.
Can you post an example of what you've found so far that looks like it is along the lines of what you want to buy?
Great! Look forward to seeing you there.  
I thought of merging a bunch of your created threads. That would make the earliest thread the first. Where do you reckon I might start?
 Good questions. I've already asked Just Ear about expansion and there weren't any plans at the time, as their system requires their main engineer to do part of the work. It isn't just a case of someone taking moulds, for example. I shot some video about it, but didn't get around to editing it. I'll try and edit it and put it up.  The interesting thing about listening with the Z1Rs was how the mid-range was forward when it needed to be. The headphones, despite the dark...
@Spareribs  I think you need your own, dedicated diary thread, rather than starting dozens of threads. What do you reckon?
 This is the correct forum. The main forums are not for questions. 
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