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 Nothing! Just a bit of humour.  This was a kludge to use an AK240 as a source for an amp. The purpose of the TRS is to get the ground connection, which the balanced out doesn't have. It isn't necessary though as no signal passes through the ground in a balanced connection. It is only used for connecting the shield (or connecting the ground between two devices, but that is another matter altogether).
 I need to put up my HA-1 video, but if you can use Bluetooth with APTX as my iMac can the sound is very good, but a bit behind a physical connection. It is rather like Youtube versus CD quality or better different.  If you don't need the features of the HA-1 the M8 would be fine. The HA-1 is best suited to being the proverbial centrepiece of a home system IMO. 
@Advert Unfortunately I don't have the HM901 here any longer. However, for the UI, the Calyx would win but for sound, that would be closer I reckon.
 You definitely do not need an extra amplifier with the AK240, especially if your headphones or IEMs have been re-cabled for the balanced output. If the AK240 was $2500 but needed an extra amp, that would be crazy IMO.  While we're on the subject of the line out though, I had a flash of inspiration. Whenever I buy full-size headphone cables now I ask for them to be terminated in a 4-pin mini-XLR (or now an AK240 TRRS). Then I get tails, along with the cable, to adapt the...
 Bigger and browner. 
 I think the M8 does very well with my pair of HD-800s. Mine are modded (see Innerfidelity) and re-cabled but I was surprised at how wide the soundstage was with the balanced out (I haven't tried SE). If I didn't have the Hugo, I'd be using the M8 for transportable duties most of the time.
I decided I couldn't wait for the firmware update for the Calyx M which was supposed to be due this month and put some FLAC and DSD on a card.   Good ol' C.C. Colletti on the Calyx M sounds good, but slightly harsh, but the kind of harsh you get from new electronics sometimes. Maybe with use it might change. It might not too. The AK240 was more clear, but not dramatically so. As I've said before this is a top recording and with lesser quality music this difference might...
How about a Centrance M8?   That, or a Geek Out + Valhalla II (I haven't tried the Lyr).   An Oppo HA-1 will work well too.
 This is tricky IMO. My theory at the moment is that some software used to down-sample hi-res PCM to CD quality was not nearly as good as say, iZotope, resulting in less than great CD masters. My second thought is that the idea that above 16-bit is unnecessary is debatable and noise dithering alone may not be as good as having a 20-bit or better file. I'm not sure, given current technology, why 24/48 isn't good enough. I still read about top-end DACs sounding better with...
I talked to Jason about this a bit and the basic story that I recall was that it was an experiment they didn't think would do anything but turned out to have some positive effects on some USB DACs. I don't know exactly what is in it, but it probably does something like reduce RF noise travelling over the USB cable, which reportedly can have a negative effect on DAC electronics. 
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