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Yes and yes. And once again, I'm not going to go into the details on a public forum beyond what I've already posted.
FWIW: I don't know if it was because it was one of the very first ones, but Dan said that my SF-meet pair do need some hours on them before they will sound their best. I don't know if Dan ever posted how many test hours he puts on the headphones before sending them to customers. If there were any changes since the meet in my pair, they weren't dramatic.
I'm guessing that this "factory" is in China and they will be much cheaper than the $449 retail? In other words: Fake.
@spw1880 As it would involve breaking confidences, the matter wont be discussed further here. At some point I might move the whole thing to a separate thread.
Back on topic please.
At the SF meet, the Ether Flow's treble sounded a bit dull to me, but with the same pair here now I don't feel that at all. That makes it either meet impression weirdness or that they needed more hours on them. However, my impressions out of the Mojo at the SF were similar to what other people have written above -- I felt the Flows needed more power, but they were louder at the same volume from the Studio Six. That possibly makes it a gear synergy thing I reckon.
Various people reported posts here, so I decided to investigate what was going on. I wont go into full detail of everything I did or discovered, but here are the main points:   I asked compicat for the manufacturer of the wire he uses for the Celestine cable, which his site describes as "Highest purity, 4 strands of 25.5AWG, Triple cryoed 7N, Silver & Gold(up to %4), Litz with PE insulation.". I contacted that manufacturer who verified that he'd never done business with...
Shamelessly crossposting this pic:   This was surprisingly good-sounding, with a cohesive (bass, mids and treble all coherent without any imbalance) sound. The bass is fantastic (as to be expected from a dynamic driver). The treble is rather sparkly I find, sitting on the edge between being airy with some music and showing up recording flaws with others. The upper-mids are a bit too forward for taste with the stock tips.    Edit: I just switched to SpinFits. A...
Do you have a USB hub you can try with the Mac? My iMac will not recognise the Yggy's USB from a USB 3.0 port, so I use a USB 2.0 hub.
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