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 The problem we have here is this: In the Terms of Service, we have a strict definition of what a "Member of the Trade" is:   Basically, as soon as a person is making money as a going concern, they are, by definition, a Member of the Trade. "But I am only making a couple of bucks..." or "I'm not doing it as a business" wont cut it, as at what point then, or how do we define what a MOT is if we don't set the point a person is, by definition a MOT? What has this got to do...
I suspect also that bandwidth saving features in Google Chrome on phones may also make it worse.
Mine are growing on me a lot, now I've added a bit of damping. It is hard not to want to listen with them especially given the comfort.
Unboxing!       I've added them to the Head Gear section too:
 I don't know if you can, but I did at the time they sent out the surveys and I realised they didn't even know what we had all ordered, and I got it. This was after receiving advice from friends who had also.
 As far as I understand they are just ESW9s with different drivers and different wood cups. I wouldn't expect anything else to be different, excepting the tuning being affected at least. What was interesting today listening was that as the music was thumping away, the headphones were not, unlike my Z7s. I can't help wondering if that was partially responsible for my positive experiences with them.
 Many of us asked for, and received refunds FYI. 
 Going from observations, as I have no idea what is going on with the backend of the site, Huddler appear to be trying different methods of caching to reduce load. It is possible to cache both static data (such as images) and dynamic data, such as most of what you get when you click on anything on Head-Fi. It seems how they've set it up lately has been overly aggressive.
Check that they aren't being dumped into your spam folder. Other than that, you might want to check your subscriptions and list them by type to see how many threads you should receive info about daily.
 I have a simpler theory: It's because they've asked for money for half-a-dozen new products, yet delivered only one so far. Disclaimer before we go further: The following is just my personal opinion. What worries me is that they keep coming up with more things for backers to spend money on. More deals, more perks, more and more. So people have said this ad infinitum. My point is, this makes me fear that they are doing this because they are running out of money due to a...
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