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@AlexMills  I thought you had cut the cables? Why are they still attached in the pictures of them being smashed?
 In Japan you can now try on pretty much every model. They have wipes available to clean them before and afterwards. 
I thought I had my 2006 MacBook Pro running 10.7.5.... I don't know if 10.6.8 will read the cards. Usually they'll appear on the desktop automatically. However, for best results, they need to be re-formatted as FAT first. Android DAPs will read ALAC. iTunes files are just stored in a folder, by default. You don't need to open iTunes at all.
The easy way would be to upgrade the OS on the MacBook as far as it will go, then just copy all the music (from /Users/yourusername/Music/iTunes) onto a micro SD card to go in whatever DAP you choose.    However, you'll need to re-format the micro SD card to "FAT" format in Disk Utility first, as some DAPs don't read ExFAT drives, which most micro SD cards come formatted as nowadays.
Talk about a necro thread bump! These are the answer: http://www.neutrik.com/en/accessories/aes-ebu-impedance-transformers/ You only need to find the particular one you need (ie: plug and socket polarity) and search for the model number on Amazon or similar.
No, that's the end of discussion of that brand here.
 People who have bought an item can also send it around to forum friends to give impressions as well. I find the best friends to have on a forum are ones who have different impressions of products. It really helps figure out what might might have overlooked in a product.  At least here, I think that puts a distorted perspective on things. While there is quite a bit of hype, if you've read any of the threads for any seriously expensive pair of headphones here before...
 MacPilot might possibly have a setting for the system that prevents those files being written to FAT-formatted drives or somesuch. 
 MacPilot can do that.  If you know how to use the terminal, this works as well, if you change NAMEOFDRIVE to the one that appears on the desktop when the card is mounted. Don't screw up this command though, as it deletes things. 
 Something to note is that even well-known brands have had issues with manufacturing consistency. It can be hard to figure out what is going on if something is getting mixed reviews. I have always strongly recommended adding the type of music being listened to and the general listening volume (quiet, moderate or loud) when posting impressions. Both those things have a significant effect on one's perception, the former due to different music having a different balance of...
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