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 I have the GO1000 and it is definitely incredible value and even better out of the Schiit Wyrd than direct out of my computer. I didn't think it was good as my Master 7 or Chord Hugo though, as it sounds a bit flatter and less resolving as a DAC anyway. I'm very glad that they aren't crowdsourcing the new version. When they are readily available I'm definitely going to buy the new model. 
My theory, based on playing around with a few components over the last few years, is that it has almost entirely to do with heat.  (Edit: I had a saved draft when I originally posted this which shouldn't have been included.)
No rudeness please. 
 I really loved playing with the Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 for similar reasons. It makes objects so much more interesting. Here's an old set from a local temple:           
 YMMV. I've found that with DACs that use the ES9018 and the built-in filters, careful tweaking of the iZotope up-sampling in Audirvana gives noticeably better results sonically, especially if the USB input accepts up to 384 kHz.  Some DACs use a separate DSP or FPGA to produce their own filter algorithms which are better than the stock ones built in to the DAC chip. This is a case where high-quality computer up-sampling isn't worth bothering with IMO.  I think you may...
Sorry to have to do this: We had a member who has been buying up K7XXs and flipping them on Audiogon for a profit, which is an abuse of our community.  If anyone decides to sell theirs, please do let me know if you get a PM from a new member (just report the PM) and I'll double-check if it is them. 
My memory might have been wrong, but here are the measurements of an open-backed pair of D7000s: like the bass doesn't drop off as I would have expected.
There was a guy who made his D7000s open-back with great results. You lose the boomy bass.
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