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 Could be worse -- I have the original prototype DUM cables. That had a very hard plastic sheath around the cable which I spent something like an hour carefully removing -- twice!  I've been tweaking my system (I rolled a tube into my Studio Six via an adaptor that I'd been using on the Vali 2) and now I'm getting crazy amounts of detail out of some tracks. With the Ether Flow listening to Goodbye Pork Pie Hat I can now clearly hear the spittle vibrating inside one of the...
 None of which matters. The key to the design is the performance with regular CD quality music which is widely available.  I found that modding and re-cabling the HD800s was cheaper and better value than buying an expensive tube amp to compensate for what I don't like about their presentation. Now I do have an expensive tube amp though! 
 It only needs 10 minutes warm-up before listening I've found. 
 I'd thought about covering these areas. I remember an early post where someone put Audeze pads on their pair which gave them more impact. They would have covered the same areas I think. 
If your phone can't transmit using APTx I'd imagine they'd sound quite horrible. Older versions of Bluetooth Audio were not good at all, with very distorted high-frequency transmission.
It's been a while since I've either posted here or rolled tubes, but I did come across an interesting tube that I replaced the 6SN7 with to have excellent results.    The story behind it is that Mike Moffat recommended a discovery of his, the Western Electric 2C51/6750 for the Vali 2, which is electrically compatible but has a different pinout to the 6922 and equivalents. These are all compatible with the 6SN7 and there are adaptors for all these on eBay. Since I wanted...
Modding discussion moved to this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/818070/sennheiser-hd650-mods-thread
Been a while, so...  
I've removed a few off-topic posts. If you want to argue about things that are not relevant to the modi multibit, please start a separate thread.
Yup, more than sufficient.
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