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I can't remember posting my impressions from the SF meet in this thread, so I'll write them here again.   Starting with the Elear, it had a wonderfully pleasant presentation with acoustic music that on the rigs I tried it, made me forget the gear and just want to listen. That I remember more than any specifics. I wasn't feeling that it offered anything specifically better or worse than any other headphones in the $1-2k range while I was listening. That's something I'd...
I went to Schiit Audio yesterday and had a wonderful chat with Jason and Mike, who was in good spirits despite having had holes punched in him by doctors.  
I've fixed my post about the Zana Deux. Apologies for that.   I can't believe I forgot to try the DIY 'stats. I saw them and thought I should come back and listen then forgot.
This was my first time to SF and I had a great time and quite a few WTF experiences on the streets of downtown.    First I'd like to thank HuddlerSteph, Warren, Ethan and Luis who helped me out with suggestions about where to stay and how to get here. Also thanks to velvetx who brought a huge tub of Isotrip Lites and extension cords for people to use and very kindly lent me a power board after I'd forgotten to bring (or get) one.    Thanks also to everyone who came to...
I still recommend running the Hugo through a Schiit Wyrd if you're using it as a desktop DAC (and amp). I have been using mine this way from an iPad with a CCK.
I don't think people realise how much work is involved in developing a product, then getting it manufactured (with consistent quality!) and produced, then marketed, customers serviced and issues dealt with. I believe there are now DIY kits or parts for people who don't want to pay more than the cost of the parts, tweezers, glue and a soldering iron. 
What is happening is that the amp you have XLR connected to is shorting the XLR input when it is switched off or not selected. This is commonly done with amps to prevent sound from other sources leaking in when not in use. Unfortunately the Yggy doesn't like it. 
My approximate gear list, dependant on suitcase space: Edit: Turns out I didn't have suitcase space.   HD800s with adaptor cable system to plug into anything. Symphones Magnums (original aluminium version with latest drivers) ALO Andromedas Shozy Zeros Sony Z7s with tape mod (if i have room to fit them).   FiiO X7 with AM3 Calyx M Soundaware M1 Analog Chord Mojo Chord Hugo + Schiit Wyrd (or my F-1 board USB set-up if it'll fit) AK380 Schiit Vali 2 with...
I'm trying to decide what DAPs to bring. So far probably the AK380, X7 and Soundaware M1 Analog.  I could also bring the Calyx M, X5II and L&P L3 if there is interest.   It's definitely a good idea to bring your own micro SD card with FLAC files on it of music you like.  DSD as well if you're a fan of that.
 The latest binaural albums from Chesky seem to be quite bass-strong, so end up being a good match.  Maybe Ken could offer a version of the cable without memory wire for people who don't like it. 
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