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Seriously, the only people who can answer this question properly are those that are both qualified and well-experienced in the manufacture of audio equipment.  Unless one of those people (likely from a manufacturer) is willing to explain, I don't think this thread is going to be very useful to anyone.
Unfortunately, he can't create his own classified with which feedback can be left, so no, there isn't a way.
Dr. Moulton left Heir Audio last year and then founded Noble Audio.   We don't discuss bans or moderating decisions publicly.
Maybe it was just me, but I wasn't blown away by most of the top rigs at the LA meet in March. The only one that really nailed it was from the E.A.R distributor which was other-worldly, likely helped by his careful selection of music.
I'd get the NAD personally, because the HA-1 is best if used just as a single unit, not just a DAC or just an amp. For those purposes a dedicated unit would be better.
I've found the Hugo can be a bit of a chameleon with its sound. It can sound a bit too bright with some IEMs or rigs. I just realised the treble from it doesn't sound as good when I sat down to listen first thing after switching it on. I wonder if it, like my Master 7, sounds best after it warms up.   I think I might have to add the Centrance M8 and Geek Out to the devices to compare as I've been enjoying both of them lately or start a portable DAC-off thread.
Drew also has a Black Dragon version of the USB cable, which he gave me to try when visited earlier this month, but he said wasn't listed on the site yet. I'm scratching my head about buying the Silver Dragon version as it is far more flexible and convenient than the stiff Oyaide d+ Neo cable I use most of the time.   I'm thinking about comparing optical to USB from various things but I'm loath to disassemble my rig to do it!
 I left the M7 on for over 4 hours before comparing it to the Hugo, and the latter had better detail retrieval while still maintaining a "natural" presentation of voices and instruments.   The Chord units do definitely have something of a weird presentation. I think it has to do with the output. Sometimes it can sound dark, sometimes bright, depending what is plugged in. "Flat and boring" to me are the bad Sabre implementations and definitely not the Hugo and especially...
The deals threads were originally started for posting deals on new items, so I'd say classifieds don't count. Everyone knows where to find used items there I reckon.
Posts outside of the classified forums about things you have for sale are generally considered rude. If you wish to share info about things you have for sale, edit your signature where there are three menus that you can use to add your classifieds and/or reviews as you wish.
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