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I think there may be some validity in the idea of making profiles of common ADCs used to record music and using that to better shape the digital playback, but the rest I consider at best unnecessary and at worst a format lock-in.
@mbwilson111  @Dino2000 You are both good to go. 
 V5 IIRC. I have V4 drivers floating around somewhere.
V7 Shapeways build with the headband taken from the wood V4 pair I have. An older, original pair of Magnums is in the background. I think I'll upgrade those to V7 drivers at some point too.
I'd say too: Post your honest opinion.    When I go onto Amazon to check out a product, the first thing I'll do is read the negative reviews. Ignoring the usual "it was broken on arrival" stuff, I'm looking specifically for the product's flaws, to find out if they are something that will affect me or not. I recently bought a BT keyboard and found, on arrival, that it was bent and that the quality was shockingly bad, despite it getting glowing reviews on various tech...
What music are you listening to? A lot of music is either compressed or less than ideally mastered.
 No. It is only really suitable with high-impedance headphones, which these are not.  A Vali 2 + a tube upgrade on the other hand is a great bargain option.
I've read everything I could find about MQA, and what killed it completely for me was two things. Firstly, the MQA tracks that wowed people were very likely modified as part of the MQA processing. Secondly, any magic they can do could easily be accomplished with PCM. I reckon that the technology is an outstanding bit of engineering, but the encoding is as completely unnecessary as DSD is.
I have a pair in for review now. So far the initial connection with my iPhone 6+ was a bit flakey, but after it settled I could play music without problems.  iOS 10 is known to have bluetooth issues so I'll also be using them with my computer. The only problem with that is that I can't get more than a moderate level from my Mac (running macOS Sierra).    Sound quality so far seems to be in line with recent, good $50 single-dynamic-driver IEMs, which is very good. The...
For me, the X7 is convenient to use with the Mojo as I can use it with TIDAL. What I need to test, as I progress slowly with my X7 review, is how it compares as a transport vs. my iPhone.
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