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 Good questions. I've already asked Just Ear about expansion and there weren't any plans at the time, as their system requires their main engineer to do part of the work. It isn't just a case of someone taking moulds, for example. I shot some video about it, but didn't get around to editing it. I'll try and edit it and put it up.  The interesting thing about listening with the Z1Rs was how the mid-range was forward when it needed to be. The headphones, despite the dark...
@Spareribs  I think you need your own, dedicated diary thread, rather than starting dozens of threads. What do you reckon?
 This is the correct forum. The main forums are not for questions. 
I've only tried the 100-ABN with LDAC and couldn't find any improvement over APT-X personally. If they have better noise cancelling than those, but at least as good sound, then they'll be excellent. The 100-ABN were good enough if you put them on someone's head with fake wires plugged in they wouldn't know they were listening to wireless NC headphones at all.  I will see if they are at the local Sony store next time I'm in the city.
For those who may have missed it, my Andromeda review, including unboxing and review videos, is here:    http://www.head-fi.org/products/campfire-audio-andromeda/reviews/16913
IIRC they based the sound of the Z7, and subsequently the Z1R, on Duntech studio speakers, which explains the darker tonality.   I was in the city today so I went and had another listen. I took along a FiiO X7 and coaxial cable so I could use my own music with their amp. The amp up-samples everything to 11x DSD or somesuch, giving the music a typical DSD-like smooth tint, which I'm not sure is completely agreeable with the headphones. The treble wasn't strong enough for...
Guys, single and only formal warning: This is a forum for discussing products and topics associated with them, not discussing people. Anything along the lines of a personal attack (eg: "You ...") from here on will result in a permanent thread lockout for the poster.
Neither unfortunately. If ever I do, I'll write about them. 
I have a stock demo model. I haven't sat down and compared the CU for long enough to form an opinion.  My focus at the moment is on the FiiO X7. I shot part of the review video for it, decided what I'd done sucked, and have to start it again.
New Posts  All Forums: