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That kind of sarcasm doesn't work on forums, especially without a smiley. 
Good point about the Sony. I haven't even played with one yet.    OT about the Stax: Years ago I bought a pair of Lambda Nova Signatures for $220 on Yahoo Auctions. I stupidly sold them on. I sometimes regret not simply sticking with that set-up and enjoying it. Likewise it would have saved me a lot of mucking about. 
 Eke, I agree with you about the SQ, BUT, that isn't the reason people buy expensive DAPs. I've said it before and I'll say it again, unless you want to use most of the features of, say, an AK240, it isn't worth it.  I have the FiiO X5II here and SQ wise it isn't a long way behind the AK240 with IEMs, until you start plugging in full-sized headphones, then it is a different matter. Add a polished Android-based UI and all the other features and the greater price of the...
I bought parts available from Mouser, not including the transistors and a few others, for two KGSSHVs. If you're interested in making an offer, go head. 
None AFAIK. The Beta versions didn't appear to have been burned in, as the sound changed with use. I didn't notice that with my production model.
Ultrasone Edition M? http://www.ultrasone-headphones.com/en/products/editions/edition-m
Temporarily closing this while I sort out some issues with abuse (Like the previously banned member who signed up half a dozen accounts to enter the comp).   Edit: Opening it again. I've talked to Brannan and the competition will be limited to people who were already registered as members before the competition was posted here (September 9). Entries posted through accounts registered after the competition started have been removed.
Sponsors are, unlike regular Members of the Trade (see the Terms of Service), less restricted on where and what they can post. However, they suffer any negative consequences to their reputation if they annoy members. If a company is overdoing it with the posts, or posting inappropriately (e.g.: in threads about competitors' products) we don't allow that. We do have high expectations of how they behave. Some companies (and their representatives) are new to this, and so are...
Though they are irreplaceable, as Rhydon no longer makes the drivers or modifies the headphones, I've decided to sell both my pairs of Symphones Magnums.    Both pairs have V5 drivers. I have one or two pairs of V4 drivers also available. I have a pair of V2 drivers available. SOLD   The first have the latest version of the modification and have a ~8 ft Norne (Norse) Audio Skuld cable attached, un-sleeved. It is terminated in a 4-pin mini-XLR male for use with a cable...
Someone alerted me and I moved this to the Portable Headphone Amps forum. 
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