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We'll all be floating around the venue. I try and wear a Head-Fi t-shirt of some description. I encourage people to say hi and introduce themselves if they see me.  Other than that, we often meet before and after the show for coffee and dinner respectively. 
I think it was a poor attempt at humor. *cough* 
 Neutrik make an adaptor which has the necessary transformer built in. I rather regret selling the ones I had -- I never thought I'd need them again.   I wondered if you were crazy when I saw your latest ratings for the Audiophilleo, but it looks like USB electronics have caught up enough that expensive converters aren't necessary any longer.  I was with a Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu, but it wont output audio over USB lately and I don't know why. I tend to get excellent...
 Emotional satisfaction?
 Try through a USB hub. I gather the odd Mac has USB hardware that doesn't agree with some audio gear.
Open up Audio MIDI Set-up and make sure the output is set to 24 bit. If you don't set this, sometimes high-res wont work with programs such as Amarra. ​It did cross my mind to replace the jack, but for a direct connection as I intend to use, I either wont bother or I'll put a BNC socket on.
Ok, I don't know what happened before, but the piercing treble has settled down a bit after another 24 hours of continuous playback and the magic is back. I mostly listen to well-recorded stuff so I'll probably have a good experience regardless.    I have no idea what the state of play is with <$100 IEMs, let alone $50 IEMs, so comparisons will be up to people who have experience with those.  Still, I'm surprised that I've been sitting enjoying listening with $50 IEMs...
Yes, I have a DI-U8. It is good, but not as good as I had hoped. Maybe rebuilding the DI-U8 around the F-1 would be an idea. I don't know if it has I2S output on the board anywhere though. I also can't help wondering what the output of the Gen 3 USB is in the Yggy. It'd be nice to have an F-1 in there instead. Much neater, that's for sure. I'm using the power supply for the Aurorasound USB power supply with the iFi as their one isn't available here. It's the same voltage,...
 I was lucky to find one here that looks to be a perfect fit once holes are drilled: http://www.amazon.co.jp/Superbat-DIYアルミ製ボックス-サイズ:4-33-2-08-0-98/dp/B00F87U9HE​
My F-1 just arrived. I'm running it out of the iUSB 3.0 and directly via adaptors into the Yggy. Fantastic, liquid sound out of the box, whereas the Gen 3 USB sounded rather hard initially. I'll compare it to my benchmark, which is the Soundaware D100PRO, which I'm attempting to eliminate. The closest I've achieved is the iUSB 3.0 feeding an Audiophilleo 1 with Pure Power. The D100PRO can get the Yggdrasil to deliver piano notes down to the subtle harmonics of individual...
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