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I made a video which is more or less about the mods on the first page:  
 I think it would become unnecessarily confusing. If a device is primarily a headphone amp, which the Jotunheim is, then it goes in the amp section. If it is primarily a DAC, then it goes in Dedicated Source Components.
Hold on to it for a while...take notes, try different headphones or IEMs and compare it to other stuff you have occasionally when you have a bit of time. Then please write a review and let us know what you think. Some of the best reviews I've read have been from people who aren't reviewers at all.  What might be important to me when I write (or shoot) a review may be different to what is important to someone else. The more regular owners that write reviews, the more...
 I don't think any of the cables change the frequency response, but other than the Furutech, they seem to make the sound nicer.  I bought tails for various connections, so i don't need adaptors.
 Here's an older thread of mine about HD800 cables. I need to update it with the new Kimber cable.  http://www.head-fi.org/t/729266/hd-800-cable-comparison-alo-audio-wywires-norne-furutech Single-ended vs. balanced has to do with the amp topology and nothing to do with the headphones at all. 
 Multibit is possible: You just buy a multibit DAC instead of buying the DAC card. I think it is easiest if you look at it as a headphone amp/pre-amp that has the option of having a very basic DAC or phono stage included if cost is an issue or only a single box is desirable.  About power: I assume that the values are Class A/B. Being quite high, I wouldn't be surprised if the amp never goes beyond Class A during actual use.  It's actual performance while listening to, say,...
I don't recall exactly what Jason said, but I remember something about it not being possible. The multi-bit DACs are too complex and my understanding is that the Mimby is at the limit of what they can sanely squeeze in a small package.
Then you're back to the original problem of trying to cram a noisy and complex DAC into the box with an amp, which they don't want to do.  They are only doing it (if I recall correctly what Jason said to me a while back) because they figured out how to without it being crap.  Look at it as a kickass value balanced amp/preamp with the option of a DAC or phono stage for people who don't want two-box complexity.  I expect a lot of people will buy one to use with a Bifrost...
Not really. The multibit DACs are far more complex. They aren't going to fit one on a single board that easily.
I don't like the HD800 S, so me neither. I just replaced the removable liner in the cups with the non-slip matting with a hole over the driver. I've been using that mod since 2014 since I saw it at the SoCal meet. 
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