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 Now I'm wondering how many pairs of CIEMs Woz has...
 millwick2, I'm pretty pro-active around here about making sure there is nothing inappropriate going on (shilling or astroturfing) and I have zero tolerance for it. I've banned two famous companies from the forums after I discovered one slandering a competitor through a shill account and another for astroturfing. Both were sponsors previously.  To give you an idea how pro-active I am and how comprehensive the tools I have, would you like to explain why you have two...
Wow, that system is huge news.    I'm totally envious that you meet Steve Wozniak! 
I've had 6 or so Sabre-based DACs through here and I think I have a fairly good handle on why some of them tend to sound "bland". You may have come across the idea that the DAC chip doesn't matter, but everything else about the design of the DAC does. To a large degree this is true, but in my experience it also affects how the DAC chip itself performs. When different DAC chips are performing poorly they tend to have certain characteristics and in the case of the ES9018 it...
 When I started the thread, it was long after I'd sold my DX100. I remember it having a distinct hint of Sabre flavour, so I'd put it behind the Calyx M. The UI, of course, was a disaster which took forever to start up and drain the battery even not playing music. If they fixed all of that though, it would have been a good player.
So where are we at with this now? We have a few pictures of amps and power supplies ready to ship but they aren't being shipped because LHLabs don't have any boxes? 
 There are some very good 117V transformers available here, thankfully. 
I feel the Hugo is more detailed and more realistic with instruments, but the Flow is more enjoyable to listen directly with. The Hugo is nice with a slightly warm, but high-end amp IMO.
If the cost includes the cost of having them shipped to Canada originally, and shipping them inside Canada, then that's fair enough. Otherwise, the price should probably be adjusted appropriately.    However, as you appear to have made 15 junk posts to get classified access to begin with, I'm closing this up.
Were your HD800 earpads falling apart? I bought a new set for my pair. They are annoyingly fiddly to install but I'd agree the materials on the HD800s are somewhat poor.
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