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I think some history is in order.  I started the original Deals Thread because people were starting threads about various headphones and IEMs going on sale all the time and I thought it best to consolidate them into a single thread, as we didn't need a new thread every time TF10s and the like were in Amazon's Black Friday sale. I don't think a private classified is a "deal" -- it is someone selling an item privately for sale. 
 Since it defaults to green at power on, I just leave it at that most of the time.  YES! The PM-1s sounded rather dull out of the HA-1, to the point that I was wondering why people were making a big deal of them. Then I tried them out of the Hugo! I've been thinking they are in many respects as good as the LCD-X in detail retrieval, if not overall soundstage due to the drivers being smaller. It was the Hugo that convinced me of that.  If you have M100s, don't bother with a...     I wont post the names of any sites, but I did add a link to that article in the Terms of Service.     Other than linking to sites that are offensive/NSFW, basically there are three types of sites that end up blacklisted:   Sites of banned members. Sites that are basically about denigrating or posting lies about Head-Fi or its members (almost always created by members banned for abusive behaviour). Sites of banned manufacturers...
 Sorry Larry, I beat you to it: When Michael showed me the original box way back, I suggested it should be small and thin.  Actually I came back to this thread as I'd just got out the M8 again and have been surprised how good it sounds. From my iPhone the sound seems to best using upsampling mode from the Onkyo HD player, with the typical feeling of being slightly smoother and more spacious. 
Phillips have always made vastly underrated headphones. What music are you playing through them?
ROFL! You guys are awesome...   On a more relevant note, I've been playing with the Hugo with the Onkyo HD player on my iPhone as well as comparing the Centrance M8 from my iPhone vs. my computer. I think the latter will battle it off with the Geek Out, as it really shines from a computer rather than an iDevice.
MikeMercer gets punked by Radio_Head in the LAu thread: 
What size Pelican case is that out of interest?   I'm hoping to make it next March. 
 I've moved this to the main Hugo thread as it has already been answered a few times here: Rob Watts reckons it would be a waste of time as you'd be adding more circuitry and degrading the sound. I reckon I get better dynamics with the Studio Six than the Hugo alone, but not $4k-worth better and I don't feel the sound has been degraded. 
 Head-Fi is growing. For every regular poster on here, there are 10 who post only a little, and 100 who never post, then a greater number still who only read the forums without registering. I know I've searched and found things I've wanted to buy on forums and sites I've never even read.  If you believe someone is a scammer, please report the post or PM you receive about it, especially if they are responding to a WTB. It is members reporting these things specifically that...
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