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 Wait....  I'm with what I said before: It's not about what the Hugo "needs" -- you need to try different headphones, not amps IMO.
 It's pretty normal -- many of us tinker endlessly. But more so, you'll get one person say "I didn't like product X" and another say "I thought product X is great" and we might find out that the difference in their impressions had to do with something they hooked up, the headphones they were using, what they are used to using or some other factor, so in playing around with these things we can learn quite a bit about what causes certain impressions. Other than that, we are...
S/PDIF is going to depend a lot on the quality of the transport. Less so with the Hugo, more so with other DACs IMO. It is not a consistent thing. For example, the Audiophilleo 1 and 2 had jitter so low that it was below 1ps (measured independently) but still had a weird issue where it sounded better when used with a better power supply. The Pure Power fixed that issue, so jitter isn't everything.   Optical supposedly has a high amount of jitter, but no noise (unless...
 Unfortunately there are IEMs out there with either a ridiculously high sensitivity and/or ridiculously low impedance which are highly impractical to use with anything other than IEM-dedicated amps. It is rather like how you used to be able to buy some speakers with a 1 Ohm impedance that could blow up a power amp, except in this case nothing blows up -- you just end up with hiss or distortion respectively.
 The issue that has come up with the Hugo is that "line out" mode is 3V, which is higher than what some amps are set up to handle, usually ones that don't have volume on the input, but after a gain stage.  The trick then is to use them with the Hugo set at a lower volume, eg: the default "green". I was thinking of trying the same with a Raspberry Pi and one of the third party S/PDIF digital boards, but 192k tracks aren't playing well on mine well enough ATM to be bothered....
That's right. NEVER cross the signal returns of a balanced amp to make it SE. You will likely wreck the amp.
Topic guys. Feel free to start a thread about diet and health though in the Members' Lounge. 
 I got this one with my Hugo. It allows my AK240 to sit just to the side of the Hugo on a desk, as well as on top.
 I'd be surprised if it wasn't present actually. 
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