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Great write-up. Visiting Schiit Audio is always one of the highlights of my trips to SoCal. 
@Beztis    Please answer your PMs as to why you have 3 user accounts and address posts of yours (now deleted) where you have attacked others. Until you can address your rule violations (read your PMs) your ability to post has been suspended.
I did. The Indian restaurant was good though, even though I try and avoid Indian food when I travel as where I live almost all the vegetarian-friendly restaurants are Indian.     I went to the bridge for the first time too, and bearFNF kindly tagged along and we froze our rear-ends off. The mist lifted just enough for this shot. A few days later I was on the other side of the country where it hit 101.
 This answer wont satisfy you, because I can't provide one with enough detail, but the gist of it is that where the focus has been on correctly reconstructing the analog waveforms with the timing information correct, which regular Sigma Delta DACs don't do by default, people feel that the music sounds better. It's not the regular "I can hear more detail" kind of reproduction, but is something underlying that our brain perceives.  You could use a non-SD filter with a...
 It's difficult if you don't understand anything about digital filters or even digital-to-analog conversion. What's worse is that it is argued about even by experts.  For the Mojo (and other Chord DACs) you want to have it receive bit perfect data. That is, you do not want any re- or up-sampling done by your computer before it sends the data to the Mojo. If you are playing a CD-quality (44.1 kHz 16-bit) file, you want the computer set to send out CD-quality data. If you...
What wasn't shown was @moedawg140 walking around the streets charging his phone using a cable with xmas lights on it. We're trying to find a restaurant that can take 6 people and moe has a dozen lights dangling from his pocket.  I don't know why I didn't think to take a picture. 
If AT had made a closed-back planar, it would sound like the LCD XC. Imagine a typical mid-focussed AT sound signature (AD900, W5000, W1000X) but with a warmer tilt towards the bass.
Have you heard of the Equal Loudness Contours? Your ears perceive different frequencies to differently increasing degrees as you turn up the volume, so in essence when you change the volume, there is some EQ'ing going on inside your ears. That might partly explain why you prefer a particular volume level.
Yes, that'll work. I have the Vali 2 and there is now a Modi Multibit (officially as of this morning). The Vali 2 just needs a tube upgrade for preference. It had no trouble with HE1000s, let alone the Ethers. It doesn't offer the most control -- it sounds a bit loose, but in a nice way.
Jason: I keep being reminded of the Newport show, so how about an advert along the lines of "We could put a fancy case on and add a couple of zeros, but we wanted to go back to the old days when you didn't have to add a second mortgage to your house just to enjoy music with high-end gear."
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