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I don't need two pairs of FitEar IEMs, so my Parterres are up for sale.    They are in excellent condition (they were always in a pouch or case when I was going anywhere) and come with the Pelican case and all accesssories in excellent condition.    Price includes EMS shipping anywhere that accepts it (except South American countries which are more expensive) and Paypal fees. Both of those add up to about $50.
The FitEar has a bit more bass and more forward mids than the Parterre, which was more light-sounding. They seem to respond to usage a bit. I am not 100% sure they wont change a bit more after some more use. 
Nuttz: You can post images now. 
 Likewise. The Theta DACs are going for $8k on the 'gon, so if they can do the same or better for $2k, then that's a huge win.
I remember I think it was computerparts who came to the same conclusion and bought an Audio Note DAC in the end.    Let me know if I should lock this thread or keep it open.
 That's a good description of what I was talking about in my review.
I heard Dan's rig in Tokyo of the Auralic Vega, Liquid Crimson and Alpha Primes with Nordost cables. That was definitely a nice match.
 That's a comparison I'm working on. I'm not sure how much usage affects the drivers FitEar use, so I'm going to give them some use first.
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