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Though they are irreplaceable, as Rhydon no longer makes the drivers or modifies the headphones, I've decided to sell both my pairs of Symphones Magnums.    Both pairs have V5 drivers. I have one or two pairs of V4 drivers also available.   The first have the latest version of the modification and have a ~8 ft Norne (Norse) Audio Skuld cable attached, un-sleeved. It is terminated in a 4-pin mini-XLR male for use with a cable adaptor system. The adaptors I have...
Someone alerted me and I moved this to the Portable Headphone Amps forum. 
@rudyae86: I've moved this post to its own thread.  
 Meets aren't always particularly good for listening. That being said, when I worked in a large store many years ago, they piped their own 'radio station' through ceiling speakers which cycled through a regular set of what must have been a few hundred tracks. Some of them I grew to like very much, so I went and bought the albums. I was quite disappointed listening to them on much better equipment. Likewise I have a lot of music I prefer listening to in my car, which just...
When I connected the AK240 just now, it automatically set the output to 353.8 kHz, which explains a lot. I'm not sure that it can accept that high an input over USB. It shows 352.8 on the AK240 when I send that via Audirvana but I only get hiss as well above 192k. It's a pity as I'd love to try Audirvana's iZotope up-sampling at maximum output.
It's the 1990s all over again. We only need Sony to bring out the R10 successor to complete the picture. 
Dinner definitely. I haven't planned or asked about anything before that yet.
Someone must have done a deal to get a batch lot for cheap.
The Hugo isn't that cheap in Japan by a long shot.
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