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 If someone took the time to graph the output, you'd probably find the Studio Six has a few harmonics on the plot as a result of the tubes. Depending on the weighting used to gain the distortion figure, that could simply mean there is a single harmonic peak as high as -78db. I'd really love to be able to properly measure the different harmonics with different tubes. That doesn't affect the dynamics, which aren't measurable using regular equipment. I wouldn't be surprised...
 Turn off bypass mode and leave the volume at the default "green". The Hugo can output up to 3V, which is over the standard of about 2V. Some amps wont like this, usually ones where the volume control is not on the input. Ok, now to introduce another annoying factor: I turned on my Hugo this morning and it didn't sound as good as it did last night, but it sounds good now. I think it needs at least 10 minutes to warm up and sounds best after it has been on somewhat (don't...
 Try explaining a box with red-and-white striped hazard-like IEM wire to airport security. 
 I don't recall complaining as such. I observed the same things other people have about the Calyx software, good and bad. Please don't misconstrue the things I say to support your arguments.  Something I've observed is that issues that would prevent me buying a product aren't a problem for many other people (eg: Lack of playlist support on the X5) and likewise things that wouldn't bother me are a showstopper for others (eg: the lack of digital output on the Calyx M). When...
You could post a classified, close it and then use that.
Bigshot: Maybe there was an error in the decoding software they fixed? Maybe they fixed issues in the underlying Android software (if that is being used) that was interfering with the sound output? Maybe it is best to ask the people who wrote the software than speculate?
Seriously, the only people who can answer this question properly are those that are both qualified and well-experienced in the manufacture of audio equipment.  Unless one of those people (likely from a manufacturer) is willing to explain, I don't think this thread is going to be very useful to anyone.
Unfortunately, he can't create his own classified with which feedback can be left, so no, there isn't a way.
Dr. Moulton left Heir Audio last year and then founded Noble Audio.   We don't discuss bans or moderating decisions publicly.
Maybe it was just me, but I wasn't blown away by most of the top rigs at the LA meet in March. The only one that really nailed it was from the E.A.R distributor which was other-worldly, likely helped by his careful selection of music.
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