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I've re-named the thread to something that isn't misleading. 
Short answer: Amazon. People will go to the store, try all the headphones, then buy the same model online cheaper and the store gets nothing, because competing with the online retailers isn't worth their time unless the store is huge (like you have with the electronics stores in Japan, which have a points system and still a large number of internet-shy, cash-preferring customers).   Have a read of this...
Guys, please stay on topic. If you wish to discuss Schiit's products, please do so in the appropriate thread for them.   Thanks.
Another one I found: Make sure the bit depth is set to 24 bit before trying to set the sample rate. OSX wont allow high sample rates at 16 bit.
What do you mean by "improve my sound" exactly? More detail, better instrument separation and the like? Or more bass kick and things along those lines?
I'd guess @mikemercer has a crapload of Nordost power noise filtering stuff behind his desk still (correct me if I'm wrong). I've had a few components with only basic power supplies that were transformed in their performance by noise filters and regenerators, which did the work the PSU of the devices couldn't. For that reason, whenever I evaluate inexpensive gear, I remove all the extra stuff for the most part, as I want to hear how it will sound if someone who only had a...
 Thanks for that info.  Due to previous major issues with vendors promising and never delivering, I'm very wary of potential issues. Excuse my excessive caution if these issues turn out to be unfounded.
 Sorry to bring this up again, but a dock-workers' strike doesn't affect non-international delivery, only bulk goods delivered by ship. It wouldn't even affect international shipping through FedEx, USPS, UPS or similar, as those services don't use the docks. As well, according to the news services, the workers aren't striking, just deliberately slowing things down, as they have contract re-negotiation approaching. They aren't allowed to strike under contract. If I'm wrong,...
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