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The drop at 500 Hz (low mids) causes them to sound somewhat thin. Combine that with the booming mid-base and you end up with a sound where the base and mids sound distinctly separate, but somewhat at odds with each other. I think if the bass is going to be strong, it should have impact. I actually like them better out of the Bakoon because the impedance curve results in stronger bass. The sound seems like they were trying to find a middle ground in everything.
I'm sure someone will comment that the RX8 doesn't look as bad as I think it does.
Plugs! Cables! Sound! Mods! A unique car comparison analogy. Me ranting incessantly (because I wanted to get this done before going to Tokyo). And one lame joke as usual.  
We don't have our own dedicated space inside the venue this time, sadly. I think though that given the venue, there are plenty of places (such as coffee shops) we can hang out if necessary.   I didn't have time to organise t-shirts this time, but I'll be hanging around wearing one or another from the previous festivals. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to take the big Nikon or just the RX10.
@Creato938 How to Multi-quote:   1. Click on the "Multi" button bottom-right of each post you wish to reply to.  2. Click on "Post a reply" bottom left below the last post on the page. All the quotes will be in the Reply window for you.   Multiple posts in a row, each with a single quote in them is considered spamming.  
 I'll second the other comments: The SigDJ/SigPro (Ultrasone Edition 9 without the fancy metal) has a congested presentation and some harshness which the Z7 doesn't. It sounded to me like a more polite Denon D5000.The ED8s were YMMV depending on the pair you got. Mine sounded awful, even if the deeper pads fixed the congestion of the ED9s, the Z7s are far better in that regard with their angled drivers.  You wont notice it so much IMO. It is further down in the range that...
Did you push the plug all the way in? Sometimes it is possible for a huge bass drop-off to be the result of a bad connection.
I reckon it was good of them to come out with an entire kit. That is how it is presented in the stores. We're still going to nit-pick though! It's what we do! 
At the start they can get pretty long. The buying queue gets VERY long if either anything interesting is released and due to the numerous show specials for which they only have limited stock.
 They are standard 3.5mm plugs, but the cable has loose sleeve which is threaded so they can be screwed onto the cups.  I think the scale of that graph makes it look worse than it would if it were on Tyll's usual scale I think. Most dynamics that measure fairly flat right down to 20 Hz end up having rising distortion though, so I don't think it is that big a deal. However, the mid-bass is very fast and tight. Totally opposite of most closed non-planar dynamics that have a...
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