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No worries, sorry if that came off the wrong way. I recall Jude posting that he would re-do his measurements with both the original and the Flow version once he had his new head in place (the one in his measuring cabinet, not the one on his neck).  
 Just FYI, you cannot overlay graphs from two different measurements systems and get anything meaningful. Different systems will respond differently due to the shape of the "head" and how much the pads seal and compress, how the different measuring microphones perform, the different frequency response of the measuring "ear", the different surrounding "box", and will also be using different compensation curves.  I just wanted to point this out as I'm not sure many people...
That's very good value for silver I reckon. 
 I don't think I'd call $1k headphone "mid-fi". I'd say my Sony Z7s are "mid-fi". The Elear were absolutely wonderful-sounding to me when I tried them at the SF meet. It will be interesting to compare them to $1k-2k headphones in the future as I reckon they might just be very competitive.  Sort-of. Summit-Fi, from memory (as I didn't create it, so I might be slightly wrong here) was created out of demand by long-term members who wanted somewhere apart from the regular...
 No, just a regular filter. But instead of the coffee dripping into a cup, it drips into hot milk or soy milk.
Definitely worth a try. DSD is high-bandwidth and a cheap, slow card might be not be fast enough.
 Is the DSD file on internal memory or an SD card? If an SD card, what speed is the card?
I developed my habit in university, but I limit myself to 2 cups a day, the second one no later than 3pm so that it wont affect my sleep.  I adopted my parents' style, the Indian method (so I'm told) which involves filtering fresh coffee directly into a cup of almost boiled milk. Now I use soy milk after finding a local brand that tastes good.   I've long been thinking of making cold brew coffee, as it entirely avoids the bitterness issue caused by the temperature...
I just received news from the team at Wikia that Soundcloud can be embedded in posts. To do this, go to the Soundcloud page for the track you want to embed and:   1. Click on "Share". 2. Select the "Embed" tab. 3. Copy the iframe code.   Then go to your post and:   1. Click on "Source" (if using the full editor only) 2. Paste the iframe code into the post.   Here's an example (an old podcast with myself and Shigzeo):      
Do you mean skip? I haven't had that experience. What kind of file? Is the firmware the latest version?
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