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Guys, please don't link to fake versions of production headphones or IEMs. If this thread is going to be used in a way that promotes fake products, I'll have to close it.
Guys, this is the FiiO X5 2nd gen discussion thread. Please keep to that topic. If you wish to discuss media players, please start a separate thread for it.   Thanks.
I suggest if replying to a comment that is veering off-topic, if not done by PM...,  [[SPOILER]]
No mystery. XDAC was Zardak returned. 
MacPilot can remove these files. After transferring music, have MacPilot delete hidden Mac files on the SD card. That will fix any issues they cause.
The Betas didn't appear to have had any long-term run-in as their sound changed with use. The final version sounded like the beta version after a hundred or more hours of use, with less boomy bass and more refined overall.
I wish I could get the chance to hear a pair of Magnums with TLM's cups and compare them to my aluminium models.
@ubjuris    No, that is an incredibly stupid idea. There are plenty of fake goods on eBay. If the price is crazy low, then it is most certainly fake.
A reminder: This contest is only open to members who registered before the competition was posted. 
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