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On that note: I've seen a couple of people try and "sell" their as-yet undelivered Geek Pulse in the classifieds. I'm not comfortable with the idea of people doing that for a whole host of reasons so I'm not going to allow the sale of anything but units that are physically in peoples' hands.
Sorry, closing this. Please only sell items which you have in your possession.
 Why don't you start an impressions thread, if there isn't already one?
I got a Nikon/Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home free for buying the D750. It is probably worth about half of what I paid to trade in my D800 for the D750 so I'm not complaining! Crazy thing is, it will fit the Bigma! If I do use it for that though, I wont be carrying it far.  
Guys, Jason doesn't do comparisons with competitors, so can I suggest that this discussion would be better suited for elsewhere?
Many of these arguments would be resolved if people posted the kind of music they were listening to and roughly how loud when posting impressions. Then it'd become pretty clear what is going on.   There was a guy on another thread annoying the heck out of everyone because he was listening with a pair of HD-800s out of an iPhone (or something along those lines). People were falling over themselves telling him he needed better gear, not surprisingly. When he later compared...
 From the Terms of Service:  If a second (or subsequent) profile is from a member who was banned previously for being repeatedly rude and insulting, it becomes "will" rather than "may". 
 Mac owner here, since the '80s. The best I can do is speak in a high-pitched voice, sorry.  True story: I used to run a Mac-related IRC channel, among the membership of which were a number of friends who indeed had had a male to female sex change. They owned Macs before that though.   Re: Ubuntu: If the install screws up, how do you recover it?  
 I was talking to someone in the industry last time I was in LA about that album. The gist of what I was told was in effect that Beck uses gear to generate the sound effects on his albums that isn't high res, but because it makes the sound he wants in the music. It was definitely a poor choice of an album to advertise as high res. Definitely not Beck's fault in this, he just made the music he wanted to make.  I guess the industry is just going to keep shooting itself in...
Guys, just a reminder about the topic of this thread. If you want to discuss audio mastering (which is a very interesting topic) then please either start a thread or I can split the discussion off into a new one.
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