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When I connected the AK240 just now, it automatically set the output to 353.8 kHz, which explains a lot. I'm not sure that it can accept that high an input over USB. It shows 352.8 on the AK240 when I send that via Audirvana but I only get hiss as well above 192k. It's a pity as I'd love to try Audirvana's iZotope up-sampling at maximum output.
It's the 1990s all over again. We only need Sony to bring out the R10 successor to complete the picture. 
Dinner definitely. I haven't planned or asked about anything before that yet.
Someone must have done a deal to get a batch lot for cheap.
The Hugo isn't that cheap in Japan by a long shot.
I owned the MA9 for a while and I didn't think it was that special.
 What tubes do you have in your Studio Six? I've set mine up to be very slightly warm of neutral for the HE1000s.
I bought these brand new in Japan, but they don't get a lot of listening time.    They have been sitting on a headphone stand under a cloth most of the time and are excellent condition. I adjusted the arcs slightly to make them better fit my average-sized head. I can either leave them as they are, or adjust them back to the original shape. If you have a normal or smaller head, you'll want them as they are. If you have a large head, as they were might be better.   I...
How quickly diminishing returns kick in.
I wrote an article that may help you in the future:    http://www.head-fi.org/a/audio-connections-between-components-digital-and-analogue
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