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Did you push the plug all the way in? Sometimes it is possible for a huge bass drop-off to be the result of a bad connection.
I reckon it was good of them to come out with an entire kit. That is how it is presented in the stores. We're still going to nit-pick though! It's what we do! 
At the start they can get pretty long. The buying queue gets VERY long if either anything interesting is released and due to the numerous show specials for which they only have limited stock.
 They are standard 3.5mm plugs, but the cable has loose sleeve which is threaded so they can be screwed onto the cups.  I think the scale of that graph makes it look worse than it would if it were on Tyll's usual scale I think. Most dynamics that measure fairly flat right down to 20 Hz end up having rising distortion though, so I don't think it is that big a deal. However, the mid-bass is very fast and tight. Totally opposite of most closed non-planar dynamics that have a...
After lunch on Friday (whenever or wherever that ends up being) I will probably go to e-earphone.   Saturday and Sunday: We go to the show just before opening and we are there all day usually. When the show closes we try and decide what we're going to do for dinner.  Anyone is welcome to join.
Twinkle: I recommend, more so than computer-based re-sampling, buying an old PCM63 or AD1865-based DAC and using that with your CDs. No need for anything fancy, but you'll get the good sound you were looking for.  
What is awful about them? Impedance and phase are flat, decay is very fast where it matters. FR is a bit of a head-scratcher -- I wish that slight dip at 400-500 Hz was further back in the mid-bass for preference, as then it might sound a bit more like the LCD-XCs, which are about spot-on tonality wise for me.
The issue with the mids i'm going to speculate have to do with reflections behind the pads, given how successful my sponge experiment has been so far.   Before I forget: Cable pinouts:   For the plugs that go into the cups: Tip = positive; Ring = negative. Sleeve = not connected (or possibly only to the shield on one end). The balanced cables are exactly the same on both ends (ignoring where any shield might be connected). has graphs up:  
 Dry, yes, airy, less so. More bass, less treble, though you could plug the ports to reduce it somewhat. I am a scary man....NOT.  I like them, despite that immediately prior to my owning them I was listening with the LCD-X and HD-800s. I think if you were coming from a cheaper pair of cans, they're likely to sound impressive, but from more expensive ones any flaws are more obvious. I'm going to second Jude's thought about them being a peer to the TH900s. They are...
Guys.... IT'S A PAIR OF IEMs! Not the second coming! Don't take it so seriously.    If you wonder why people have such varied opinions, it is because different people listen different music at different volumes. Different music + different volume = different impressions. Then when you add different degrees of experience with IEMs, you can end up thinking a pair of IEMs or headphones are anything from great to awful.   I'm closing the thread for a few hours so you can...
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