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I listen with the active monitors on my desk about half the time. I often recommend to people getting headphone amps that can double as pre-amps to hook up to active monitors as there are so many good ones out there that don't cost a fortune.
 For the MBP, any regular USB to micro-USB cable will do. Connect it to the micro-USB port next to the power switch. That is both high-res and the default input on the Hugo.  To change the output of the MBP easily, go to your Sound preferences and click on "Show volume in the menu bar".  Turn on the Hugo, then hold down the "option" key when clicking on the volume in the menu bar and choose "Hugo" from the list of options. If you have any high-res music, you might want to...
 The specifications wont tell you how they sound.
People who have been established a long time don't like dealing with change.   It reminds me a lot of a common kind of car accident -- the rear-ender. The car in front stops suddenly and the person behind, in instant panic about hitting the car in front....hits the car in front as they slam on the brakes. The experienced, fearless driver will swerve neatly around the car.   But overall, people drive towards their fears. The more you focus on something, the more you...
 Glad you're enjoying it! I hunted down better BNC/RCA converters as the one that comes with the Audiophilleo is crap and wouldn't maintain a connection. I can certainly say that beyond headphone considerations I don't feel any need to upgrade any more. Too much chasing the audio dragon. 
Check that the email hasn't ended up in your spam folder on GMail as the system says it sent you two subscription emails today.
Guys, FYI I deleted some of the discussion about speakers. Please try and keep the discussion on topic. 
A 2.1 system is stereo. A 5.1 system is surround sound, so you'll have to put speakers behind you. The real question is: Do you want just a set of stereo speakers or a set of surround sound speakers?
 Amazon affiliate links have "tag=something_20" in them, so no.
@fire2368 Have you tried any other headphones? Putting an amp between the Hugo and your headphones just to tune the sound is a bad idea IMO.
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