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It isn't, but there are plenty of tubey-sounding tubes out there. I rolled the Tung Sol 6SN7GT back in to take the edge off the HE1000s. I'll probably go back to the red base 5962 at some point.    I suppose the way to describe the Studio Six is that it is purely about performance and nothing else. It just happens to have a bunch of tubes sticking out of the top.
 Whoops, I had it backwards in my post.
It was there, but since it was at CanJam as well, I wanted to spend more time on new or Japanese products.
  I think you have your terminology very, very mixed up. You might want to separate how you talk about the bass, mid-range and treble separately, as people are complaining now that the posts you make are contradictory.
 The VIII is 600,000 yen. I had a quick listen at the show. Very disappointing. Sad, because the Pandora series is so good.
I'm not entirely sure there would be a lot of difference between the Ragnarok and the Studio Six. The Studio Six isn't "tubey" sounding. If anything, the solid-state Aurorasound HEADA sounded more "tubey". You could probably find some more "warm" sounding tubes for it though, eg: Put all RCA/Sylvanias in it. I grabbed a pair of Brimar 6V6s off of eBay out of curiosity to see how they go in changing the sound. 
Because, like any hand-made product, you are paying primarily for the labour costs and, not to mention, for highly qualified engineers to do the work for you after having done considerable R&D work.
It has a whole bunch of home-system integration and other features. If you just want a DAP to use on the train, it's not a product for you.   What would be good is if the thread stuck to discussion of the product and not of its price. Nobody wants to read dozens of pages of complaints that it is too expensive, especially those people who are interested in buying one. 
I tended to find the Hugo lacked dynamics, rather than power, if that makes any sense. Music seems to have more impact using the Studio Six or another top amp with the Hugo.    Today I needed to use a pair of headphones for a Skype call, so I plugged the HE1000s directly into my 2011 MacBook Pro and was listening to music while I waited for the call. I was surprised how pleasant they sounded regardless.
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