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Apologies, but due to a likely serious breach of our rules that came to light which are best explained by a review of this thread, I'm suspending discussion of Burson products on Head-Fi.
 If someone is hyping or trashing a product they don't own, I find that dishonest. I actually made a rule against it. If you find people doing this, please report the posts. Usually it is one or two people, usually kids, who end up overzealous in their efforts to seem knowledgable. Other than that, to repeat something I've said very often: If people posted the kind of music they are listening to and how loud (roughly) they are listening (quietly, moderate volume or loud is...
A friendly reminder that the topic is the X7 DAP. 
Calyx M and ESW9LTD.
 I used to just get a 4-pin XLR termination and then a 1/4" adaptor, but lately there have been so many portable amps and DAPs that can power full-sized headphones it made more sense to use mini-XLRs which are far less bulky. Also if someone comes up with a new connection I only have to order a tail (or make one myself) rather than a whole new cable.   The other thing to do is if the headphones will be used for portables is make the main cable 4-5' and have a short...
The Japanese review is from @Sasaki. Maybe he might be kind enough to share some of his thoughts.    I'll probably be borrowing the same unit as Anakchan later on, so probably sometime in January I'll be able to review it.
Audirvana doesn't like some USB DACs, that is for sure. I suspect the main problem is USB3 ports. 
This amp isn't seeing as much use as I had hoped it would so I'm selling it.   I bought this in the Massdrop sale for $1241.89 ($1194.99 + $46.90 in shipping). I'm selling it for $1250 INCLUDING shipping anywhere (except South American countries) via EMS with tracking. Shipping will cost me $50 alone. The amp sells new for about $1700 normally.    It will be sent with all the original packaging and accessories and it is in excellent condition. 
This was also posted about in another thread, as pages repeatedly refreshing.    It appears that due to a caching issue, presumably to do with methods to save bandwidth, that pages don't update as much as they should. I just loaded my messages on another computer which I hadn't used to browse Head-Fi for a week or two and got my messages page as it looked back then. Since I can't (as far as I know) clear the cache in Chrome on my phone, nor shift-reload pages, it makes...
The problem as I understand it is the very high voltages required. Since a lot of electronics, such as TVs, have moved to much lower-powered solutions, the manufacture of a lot of high-voltage devices has ceased, making it harder to mass-manufacture amps. That means tube and transformer solutions.
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