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So far with IEMs, mainly the Andromedas, there is a pleasant warmth, but some tracks with a brighter treble come across as a bit unpleasant.
Since I was having a couple of connectivity issues with a 75 Ohm cable and the 50 Ohm connector in my Yggy which I can't be arsed replacing I thought I'd switch things around a bit and swapped my Singxer F-1 with my older WaveIO board, powered from the iUSB 3.0, and the WaveIO resulted in a better sound, for me at least. I hadn't tried that particular combo, but I'm glad I did now.
Things have become a bit more interesting -- @Hawaiibadboy  send me the OPUS 3 (and I sent the Calyx to him).   Initial impressions with the Andromedas/Ref 8 are of pleasant warmth, but unpleasant sibilance with some of my favourite Patricia Barber. The side buttons don't work for me too. Supposedly there is a way to put TIDAL on it, but as there isn't a full Android UI, I'll have to search.  
Sounds good so far. DSD is smoother, as was to be expected.  I wish it had TIDAL though.
I had to send the M1 PRO back, as it was only a loaner. I reckon that, given the level of detail the KSE1500 is capable of, you can do better than the M1PRO. I'd like to try it with the Hugo 2.
My review is up (both video and written):
 Someone else wrote about this. I can't help wondering why. From a logical point of view, the louder level means more bits there to encode the music itself, but it makes comparisons much harder, and might be seen by someone as MQA trying to fool people into thinking their version sounds better because it is louder.
That's a long way of saying that, much of the time, it isn't lossless. 3 bits of the 16-bit encoded file are not lossless -- it's in the patent.   Anyhow: INXS. I went and had a listen to the HIFI vs. Master of Never Tear Us Apart and the MQA has a major change in pitch.  This seems to be the major confusion: People are hearing a difference, but are confusing a fundamental change in the actual recording with the fact that it is encoded as MQA.  They could re-master it...
With the usual risk of having people end up beating up each other over it, I'm going to share an interesting experience I had that i didn't write up in my review of the Utopias.    Up to now, I've owned a bunch of interconnects and would sometimes switch them around between the Yggy and Studio Six. There was almost nothing in the difference so I didn't pay any attention to which pair I used. Until I was listening with the Utopia. Then, sadly, it was very apparent which...
I think what you mean is the headphone's impedance. If that is flat, then indeed you wont get a change in frequency response with a high output impedance. It really only affects weird amps like the current output Bakoon models. Most high-output impedance amps are OTL tube amps which aren't designed for low-impedance headphones to begin with.
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