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I was playing with Frank I's X-T1 and picked the 18-55mm kit up a few days ago. I did my requisite test: Shooting off my balcony at the houses and mountains at 6:30am to see how the colours come out. This is in vivid mode straight off the camera. Funnily enough the mountains look more realistic but the foreground is obviously artistically over-saturated. Still, it looks pretty, and I wanted the camera for taking pretty shots that I could use without editing to put straight...
The Hifiman HM901 (IIRC) in its new metal case looked and felt a heck of a lot better than the old one, even if it was still rather bulky.
@project86 just did a comparo of a few daps over at Innerfidelity, if anyone is interested. I can't remember if he is aware of this thread, but I hope he joins in.
 That's a very good question. Rather than try and answer it, I want to spend some time listening with all three first.   I might have to check that out too!
They look like the Astell&Kern universal version of the JHAudios to me. 
 Only briefly at Canjam for the HE-1000s, but on the same rig I spent more time with the Ethers, that is, the Schiit RYgg. There was less "wow" for me with the HE-1000s over the Ethers than when I first heard the HE-1000s, but that's as far as I'll go. They were more 'stat-like whereas the Ethers come across as an extremely refined planar.  I've had a pair here for a few weeks now with the LCD-X and HD-800s to compare and I agree with Wildcatsare1 so far. I don't listen to...
Sadly I don't have the space to keep a bunch of DACs and amps, so the Flow drew the proverbial short straw.   The condition is pretty much as-new, with box and accessories. The only flaw is that the TRS to RCA adaptor cable may be faulty, I'll double-check. Adaptors are readily available if required. All the same, I've priced this for a quick sale.   Shipping will be via EMS with tracking. I haven't weighed the box yet so PM me for a quote.
This isn't seeing as much use as I thought it would so I'm hoping it will find a good home. The condition is excellent and it comes with the box and all accessories.    It has not seen many battery cycles.   The price includes shipping via EMS with tracking.   No Trades.
 The Wyrd is basically a 1-port USB hub, so you need an extra USB cable.
  Hmm, I think it's as potkettleblack suggests. I met Dan Meinwald of E.A.R. USA at Canjam and Frank I and I were taking him to different TOTL rigs to try and convince him that headphones could be good. He only liked the HD-800/Schiit RYgg, probably because of the headphones primarily. The soundstage does sound amazing with the HD-800s but can be good much of a good thing, or unrealistically large with some recordings. The Ethers are closer to front row in that respect,...
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