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With my UERMs, there is a tiny bit of hiss, but only really noticeable when I switch the Hugo off or on with them in. I wouldn't have noticed it if it hadn't been pointed out.   I tried plugging it into my iMac and changing the sample rates, but didn't notice any difference. If anything, it seemed lower from my MacBook Air using the Black Dragon cable -- low enough that I could hear the blood moving through my head more loudly than the hiss!
It's funny that I never thought to do this comparison before as I kind-of knew what the result was going to be, but I compared listening to Shelby Lynn from the AK240 (single-ended otherwise I'd have to change cables) and then from the Hugo via the AK240. In the technical sense, it is hard to say that Hugo has more detail with my UERMs, but the Hugo delivers what I could best describe as music with an organic and natural flow a step above the AK240.  I think it might be...
 This wont be the result of bit depth, it is the result of some IEMs being extremely sensitive.  Denon changed them mid-production. The original ones sounded awful, but the current D7100s are OK IMO. Unfortunately after everyone trashed them here they've been pretty much ignored.  Unobtanium. Time for an email suggesting they do a limited run though at least.
Try deleting your Head-Fi cookies and clearing your cache. That should fix it.
 First, try the other USB port on your MB Air. If that doesn't work, try Audirvana instead. Amarra is notoriously buggy.
 One with a detachable cable for a start! Other than that, I'd choose an IEM depending on the music you like. The AK240 is of most benefit when listening to, say, high-quality jazz or classical recordings. The stuff I listened to when I was 16 wouldn't have been worth an AK240 IMO (and sounded downright odd played through my father's hi-fi system) so you might want consider things from the perspective of the music you like primarily and especially if you already have an...
 Yeah, indeed. It seems to depend on the IEMs used, but sometimes I find the mod too much. I was listening with the X5 and my UERMs and then the RWAK240, which made me feel that way. I think the mod would most benefit someone who wants to use the AK240 with full-sized headphones as much as IEMs. 
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