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The box arrived and I've been having fun with drills and files. Now I'm going to have to unsubscribe I think, lest I start getting tempted to buy more gear to tweak with!      
I'm going to suggest that the Mojo may not be adequate. I tried the LCD-4s with the Mojo on the weekend and it was a failure, the bass falling apart quite dramatically. I didn't try the LCD-3s, but given the not to dissimilar specs for the latest version of them, it doesn't look hopeful. 
Nice user name. :)   I'm actually interested in the answer to this as well. I suspect that given my poor experiences with cheap shotgun mics picking up way too much noise, that the answer is going to be a professional model in the hundreds of dollars.
Erm, no they don't. We get a great many people signing up asking for information, as well as a great many regular members doing the same. If people decide to take on a bias after that, for whatever reason, then that's their prerogative.  What I'm more concerned with, when it comes to the things jcx talks about, is useful information that can help people when they make choices.  This is going off-topic though. If you want to discuss it further, PM me (and include jcx if he...
jcx: Instead of ranting on about people why don't you post some constructive examples of science that can help us relate to our enjoyment when listening? When people come to these forums, they come interested in how they can improve their enjoyment of listening to music. They don't come to be told rude things about themselves. So I'd suggest that if you want things to be better in some way here, you lead by constructive example, because at the moment, you're making science...
I'm planning to be there too. Will be my first ever time to SF.
 MrSpeakers Ether or Ether C. That was my favourite combo at meets.
No. Onkyo HF Player.
Ahh...my fun tease has been ruined! Dang party poopers!    It's a lovely, smooth-sounding device. Uses quite a bit of my iPhone 6's battery though.
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