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 A friend of mine used to love drawing cartoons. She ended up working for Disney and it completely ruined her appreciation of anime. She could watch their old hand-drawn cartoons (such as The Lion King) and tell you who drew what parts. I tend to find two ways to appreciate music: In the car when I just want to appreciate listening, and with high-end headphones (or speakers) where I'll listen to well-recorded acoustic music and can appreciate the subtleties of how the...
Guys, as I pointed out in another thread, has anyone lost anything? If you haven't lost anything, there is nothing to be upset about.  
Guys, something to ponder: Have any of you that can't enter (including myself and all my friends over here in Japan) lost anything by not being able to enter the competition? There's a crapload of great stuff I can't get from the US (or only get if I am willing to pay huge shipping costs) but I don't lose sleep over it because I haven't lost anything. If I hadn't known about it, then it wouldn't bother me. Something to consider! 
I've been using Vox when I want to drag-and-drop files. 
Off topic, but just to let you know: I did a bit of spelling correction in your posts. You might want to make note of the correct spelling of the word I fixed. 
I got hold of one of these a while back but I've been slack writing about it. Currently it is 28,000 yen + 5,000 yen for the case, but if you're brave or crazy enough to do SMD soldering, I think as a kit it can be picked up for a lot less. The board is 2,000 yen for example and the schematics are available online.    It has something of a smooth presentation and is pleasant with IEMs. Funnily enough, it is really nice with HD-800s! I don't think it would have enough...
Especially with the updated firmware, the GO 1000 at least is excellent value. I have been scratching my head about swapping for a GO 450 to use when travelling, as the lower noise floor and lower power usage would be great on airplanes with my MB Air.
 Don't go down that road. I say what I say and I mean what I say. 
 I didn't say that.
 If those impressions are "It did nothing for me so I sent it back", then all well and good. As for the lack of explanations -- I think they are damned if they do and damned if they don't, given that they are a cable company and people will judge them purely because of that, before anything else. I'm simply not going to judge something I haven't tried, though I am skeptical as everyone else is.  I don't have any care about advertisers on here. They don't affect me as I'm...
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