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 Why? Seriously, that's BS.
Fair enough. I've noticed a few people have moved towards warmer-sounding IEMs and headphones. 
 The NFB1AMP has more than enough power for Audeze headphones. Since the LCD-X comes with a 4-pin XLR cable then you don't have to worry about the connection to the amp.  Basically with Audio-gd, the bigger the power supply, the better the clarity. I think either amp would be fine. 
 You must own quite a few bright-sounding pairs of IEMs.  
Quite interesting I reckon.   http://www.e-earphone.jp/html/page90.html - Earphones http://www.e-earphone.jp/html/page98.html - Headphones http://www.e-earphone.jp/html/page99.html - Portable amps http://www.e-earphone.jp/html/page121.html - Amps http://www.e-earphone.jp/html/page228.html - Players (DAPs) http://www.e-earphone.jp/html/page229.html - Wireless http://www.e-earphone.jp/html/page230.html - Custom IEM
 Amarra Plus can do both kinds of DSD transmission -- native or DoP. The latter should use effectively no processing, as it is just a PCM-like container with the DSD data inside, necessary for passing it through equipment that needs to see PCM packet headers and the like. If you're seeing a lot of CPU in something like the Roon player, then it is due to re-sampling as someone pointed out.  I'm borrowing a DAVE next month. I'll try it with DSD and see how things go. 
The old Mac (and/or the new one) aren't up-sampling before sending on the audio are they? The old Mac could be very electrically noisy though.
Yeah, I should have clarified that, unlike the Ethers, there doesn't appear to be a drop-off in the sub-bass. I mainly wanted to given an approximate idea of the FR I perceive from them. I'm using the silicon tips too.
Andromeda boxing here -- not my best effort. What it really needs to say about the cable is that it is ergonomically like a regular IEM cable but using higher quality wire.   I left them for about a day running pink noise and they are every bit as impressive with acoustic music as they were when I first tried them in Tokyo. They are tonally very like the open-backed MrSpeakers' Ether with sparkling highs and a fair bit of mid-bass in my ears.    I'm presently running...
You could use Audirvana, which now has TIDAL streaming. It has a high-quality digital volume control. 
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