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To use or to resell at a profit?
Yoyoma and imaniak, you are both good to go filling in your profile etc. 
 I have a pair of ADAM ARTist 3s. The USB input is pretty basic though. ADAM have a professional range as well, but I don't think they have USB input. 
So are you going to post details of your electrostatic circlotron in the DIY forum here once it is ready?
I think the only amps that are around $200 are cheap Class D amps, eg: T-amps and the like. I heard the X300As and thought they were pretty good. The other option is various active speakers from ADAM, Emotiva or one of the other pro brands which have RCA and XLR inputs. They can be used directly from any DAC that has a volume control. The built-in amps in most of those are Class AB and are going to be better overall IMO.  Where they tend to be limited is the same place...
 It certainly would be interesting to try the Hugo with a Schiit Wyrd in the chain versus not.
Those of you who posted in the last couple of pages, I've upgraded your accounts so you can now change your avatar, add a signature and fill in your profile. 
I think what you're after is the KEF X300A speakers which plug in to your computer via USB.
Try Chrome. The new Firefox builds have been a bit dicey with me. 
They look to be all-digital, including the power amps. That should definitely be interesting. 
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