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 I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work fine.  With music, matching your headphones with the music is most important. After that, any DAP you buy more needs to be functionally suitable for your needs than anything.
 It'd be interesting to see measurements with headphones, rather than with resistors, which might reveal the source of these impressions. 
So far I've gained more enjoyment from the tube amps -- but ones that are very resolving, not just "warm". I forgot to mention the WA8, which was a lovely pairing, if not as detailed as my main system. That amp is exactly the right kind of "warm" and is simply highly enjoyable to listen with.  For whomever asked, I have a Black Dragon. I'd forgotten about it. When I last visited Drew he asked what I had and he handed me a bunch of cables to try.  The times I've tried the...
Back in 2012, I bought a Metrum Octave and I thought I'd see for myself how a non-oversampling DAC performs.  These are only sine waves at various frequencies through the Reference 7 and Metrum, They are quite interesting. Note that the scale is not always exactly the same.   Reference 7, 1 kHz 44.1/16 (Distortion is probably noise in the scope)   Metrum Octave, 1 kHz 44.1/16     Reference 7, 5 khz 44.1/16   Metrum Octave, 5 kHz 44.1/16   Reference 7,...
The only time to care about the difference is if you're using a device that can only read one, not the other. Some Chinese players can only read hi-res files if they are in FLAC format.
I have quite a bit of DSD the quality of which I don't find to be that good. A lot of it would have started as PCM in the first place anyway, and if that wasn't well recorded and mastered, then there is no possible benefit IMO.
My review is here. I'm fine with the stock cable as far as sound goes. 
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