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 One with a detachable cable for a start! Other than that, I'd choose an IEM depending on the music you like. The AK240 is of most benefit when listening to, say, high-quality jazz or classical recordings. The stuff I listened to when I was 16 wouldn't have been worth an AK240 IMO (and sounded downright odd played through my father's hi-fi system) so you might want consider things from the perspective of the music you like primarily and especially if you already have an...
 Yeah, indeed. It seems to depend on the IEMs used, but sometimes I find the mod too much. I was listening with the X5 and my UERMs and then the RWAK240, which made me feel that way. I think the mod would most benefit someone who wants to use the AK240 with full-sized headphones as much as IEMs. 
Tyll did some measurements later on (see and found out that it reduces the FR at 2 kHz. That brings down the mid-range a bit and something of the Grado's "forward" sound signature.
 The hope is that the Yggy will give you a Super DAC without the Super PRICE.
Guys, I've deleted a bunch of posts. You all need to read the Posting Guidelines again.
How about flying to Melbourne, if you aren't there already? It doesn't have to be international.   The rig may not be dramatically better, no. It's hard to say not being familiar with the music you like (and not having owned that amp myself, nor your DAC). 
 I use bowls, but have flats, however I don't like the loss of soundstage that comes with using them. 
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