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They had three tunings there, but generally spacious and detailed from my brief listen. I'm going to assume anything less than stellar with the sound (eg: slight weirdness in the FR) was because it was a universal version of a custom.    I'll ask about prices, but I don't think these are final release yet as they were asking for feedback and there isn't, as far as I know, a web site up yet. 
Sony today announced a new brand: Just ear, a manufacture of custom IEMs. I had a quick listen and chat with their lead engineer.              
 Just an hour or so ago Nao Tsunoda of Sony showed these to me.  We had a chat about the Z7 tuning too and tried the Z5 IEMs, which were nice (and tuned more towards what I like, though still with significant bass). Back soon with more about all of that.
Caption this photo with Jude, Kenzo and Sean (Anakchan).     Brannan "The Glove" Mason with Haru from Wagnus.  
Ordinary people will confuse it between the iDevice standard though. Remember that ordinary consumers are quite often lazy and don't expect to have to think about how to use stuff.EMS is reliable. Don't sweat it. As for cancellation, once they have bought it, they would have made a loss if they allowed cancellations, so of course they will say "no".
It's in the video at the end from the 13 minute mark. Just remove the screws under the pads. The pads come off similar to how Denon/Fostex pads come off, but you have to remove a small screw at the bottom under the pads first.
The reason people are upset is because it was supposed to be a $399 product, and now it is a $3500 product with 21 (IIRC) variations that have resulted in extensive delays. It really boils down to that.
 There's usually a whole room of uber-expensive brands at the show, which I mentioned in my last report. However, only a couple have taken any interest in international sales (Aurorasound being the main one, and aside from that group, Elekit is the one of the few others). If you're after a $2000-10,000 amp or DAC from one of these unknown companies, let me know and I'll find out more about them.  Other than that, the problem with the show is that it is simply overwhelming....
The drop at 500 Hz (low mids) causes them to sound somewhat thin. Combine that with the booming mid-base and you end up with a sound where the base and mids sound distinctly separate, but somewhat at odds with each other. I think if the bass is going to be strong, it should have impact. I actually like them better out of the Bakoon because the impedance curve results in stronger bass. The sound seems like they were trying to find a middle ground in everything.
I'm sure someone will comment that the RX8 doesn't look as bad as I think it does.
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