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 Basically, yes. It is something I came to understand about my own experiences through unexpected means. I'll write about it some day.
Welcome everyone. Those of you who posted in the last couple of pages should now be able to fill in your profiles.
 It was a somewhat troll-ish comment though.  The Hugo has something of a lively presentation, combined with something of a unique 2048x over-sampling smoothness that is addictive and a headphone amp that is adequate enough with easy-to-drive cans that it becomes addictive on first listen. We are used to "lively" being partner to some degree of harshness (think Grado), so a digital component that can be both smooth and lively-sounding at the same time is quite unique....
I don't think the battery can't be replaced, simply that it isn't a user replaceable part. Modern batteries are pretty good though so you should be fine for many years with it.
 You can add the Moon Audio Silver Dragon to that list.
 Did you turn the gain up high? It seems fine with my Audeze cans but I don't know what the sensitivity of the 560s are. The balanced output is connected to a balanced circuit, where both the positive and negative have amplifiers driving them. A normal amplifier only has drive on one side, ie: the positive. Some full-size amps have 4-pin XLR sockets for convenience for people who have headphones that are already terminated that way, even if they aren't a balanced design...
 I was talking about the M8, but I did play around with the Hugo using different inputs and I do find it excellent with the Onkyo HD Player from my iPhone as well.
 Not quite the same thing, but a friend in chemistry told of the time that he had a large bottle of nitric acid (at least that is what I recall it was, maybe a different acid, but un-diluted or at the highest concentration all the same) in a bath or sink of water, when he discovered that the bottle had a large crack and it was slowly leaking out into the water. He was holding it together because he knew what was going to happen once the crack gave way... He shouted to...
 I managed to get one for $300, which I still consider crazy. Ken reckons the regular re-issue one he sells is good, and that is only $40! I think the OB2s have more of an effect on the sound, even though they shouldn't.
Please, whatever you do, don't make useless posts to get classified access.
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