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The answer is: The one that gives you the most enjoyment with the music you like.
I didn't feel there was any loss of clarity, but what Vinnie describes in his mod. It isn't overt -- more like the effect of adding the Studio Six after the Hugo -- it changes the dynamics subtly in a way that feels like an improvement, rather like chipping a car for a better acceleration curve.
AL: No, unfortunately not. I still need to write up a Hugo review and/or make a video about it.
The DI wont up-sample (only the old Reference 3 did that) so if you require 192k input, you'll have to have your music player on your computer do the up-sampling, or the Sonos, if it has such a feature.
We're slowly gearing up again for the next Tokyo headphone festival in October, booking flights and hotels.   The usual schedule is:    Friday: Akihabara and Shinjuku audio stores, including e-earphone. This year e-earphone has a new store, so I will be checking that out. Saturday and Sunday: Fujiya Avic show days.    Depending on what's happening, there may be a mini-meet at the hotel or at the show, along with dinner and drinks on all three nights.   Make sure...
I have Anakchan's RWAK240 here now, along with the rest of the collection we have amassed. Initial comparisons have the RWAK240 providing a darker, more bass-extended sound that includes darkening the mids, something that is noticeable on vocal tracks. It isn't a huge difference -- on a lot of music it isn't so noticeable, maybe even barely so on some. Note decay feels longer on the RWAK240, even if it may not really be. It feels like individual notes have more presence,...
It may simply be a CCK which has had the USB socket replaced with a micro USB plug. That would explain the bulge on the micro USB end.
@marcoarment Just a thought: If you have channel imbalance and the sound is bad, it could be that you have a faulty pair. This has happened quite a few times in the past. It'd be worth getting them swapped out for another pair and see if that changes your impressions. 
 There is a coax and optical output labelled "DIAG" on the back next to the HDMI outputs. The coax will require a 75 Ohm cable and the optical a Toslink optical cable.
 I'm going to be very publicly blunt here: The people you mentioned were banned for being repeatedly abusive towards other members, then the moderators. Nothing to do with the headphones. Now I've deleted one of your posts in which you have had a go at another member. Again, other than spammers, people are banned here for being rude and abusive, because people want to be able to participate on the forums without people being rude to them. 
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