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 Sensitivity is how loud a pair of headphones will get per mW of output. It's really only a problem with low sensitivity planar headphones, such as the Audeze LCD-2, LCD-3 and Hifiman HE-6. Most others will be fine with most equipment (technically, anyway). Impedance: Lower impedance headphones require more current (mA).  In practical terms, because the numbers don't tell you everything, low impedance headphones with a weaker amp (this is probably bad terminology, but I...
I have the XBA-3s and I actually like them best straight out of my iPhone, but that is mostly because it reduces the bass a bit and Apple's devices tend to be pretty decent with IEMs. There was a problem, funnily enough, with the XBA series not being compatible with Sony phones! So I think you should be fine with them with what you have -- you are more likely to have issue with a pair of headphones or IEMs because of their overall tonal balance vs. the music you like.
Ahoy back! Seen a few people returning from hi-fi but into head-fi instead, so welcome!
Hi Yan,   You might want to try the HD-800s then if you are happy with them otherwise.    I've upgraded your account so you can add an avatar etc. We had to lock down new accounts as spammers were sticking links in anywhere they possibly could.
Which tips do everyone prefer? I've got the blue (narrowest nozzle) on at the moment.
@rudi0504 I'm long overdue to write a review or post a video. 
 For the UERMs I'm going to do the same, but have the cable terminated in a 2.5mm TRRS for the AK240 and have adaptors for everything else. For a better comparison though what I need to do is, IMO: AK240 vs. Hugo. and AK120 vs. the others.
 And doubt you should! I sure did. I'd say it's an all-or-nothing thing: Everything has to be excellent, including the music. It's for people who are willing to spend the money and listen to music where that last bit of clarity is everything, yet you want it to fit in your pocket. It's for people whom what it is, is exactly what they are after.  What you describe though in your point is what I feel the AK240 is. But again: TNSTAAFL -- It's $2500. Maybe Vinnie can mod it to...
@AnakBaru It was from WyWires, along with the headphone cable. Given the Audeze cans and the WA7 are more warm-sounding, the AK240 neutral/clear and the cables open/clear the rig had good synergy IMO.
While we are on power adaptors, someone damaged their AK240 charging it from an airplane's seat USB ports. Mine became rather warm charging from an audiophile USB power supply (which is unregulated). Given a similar caution from FiiO about the X5 and charging I'd caution people to use only regulated chargers such as the iPad one. I'm getting about 20% charge per hour from mine. 
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