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All you guys arguing about burgers! I'm just happy to be able to visit even Whole Foods! 
You beat me to posting my own video! 
I'm going to borrow Warren's pair and compare them later. I'm uploading the video I made of Dan talking about them ATM. I'm not sure the hotel wireless will support doing that though!
Since someone asked about the HD-800s, I can A/B them on the spot with the Hugo. The HD-800s (my slightly modified version anyway) are more spacious, and the Ether more intimate with the extremely varied acoustic music I listen to. They both have a sense of effortlessness to the sound. I feel that the HD-800s might be describable as more precise but "sterile"-sounding.  The music with the HD-800s seems further away in a sense, whereas with the Ethers is seems closer and...
 No, no, no and no. And some more no for good measure.   You may ask nicely and I'll see what I can do when I have time. 
What Frank said. We turned up at MrSpeakers while Jude's video was uploading. That was the first time for all of us to listen to them. We've borrowed a couple of pairs and hopefully will get out more impressions in the next few days before Canjam.
You'll be glad to know that they are quite light then. Dan did some clever work with the arcs and finding that alloy. 
IMPRESSIONS ONLY. Please use the other thread for general discussion.
 I think having two threads is best in the long run -- one for general discussion and one purely for impressions. That way people who only want to read impressions can do so. 
It's 100% unique. Impressions to come shortly, but suffice to say, initial impressions are very positive for detail and imaging.
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