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 I made my post before I moved the second round of measurement discussion to the main thread and re-opened it. No problem now.  
 Indeed, that will work. I have a lot of tracks that are in multiple playlists, so it's a bad idea for me. Do you have the latest version of the server?
 My point was that some of the discussion about measurements has come without the headphones being on hand, which has gotten out of hand. We've now have a single anomaly in the measurements, that, in the end, turned out to be from the measurement set-up, being called a defect in the headphones. It's not about getting defensive, it's about being sensible. I learned about this long ago in different circumstances. At a party with my friends in high school, one of my good...
 The measurements are useful for people who are used to listening and correlating, but for everyone else, we're getting some comments (I wont point out which ones) which are pre-judging the headphones as a result of mis-interpretation of them. Given that there are only a couple of members here (other than manufacturers) who could be described as qualified to make comments, and the rest of us are talking out of our rear ends (including myself!) I don't really see that we...
Damn you guys, this is total win! Makes the PSVANE sound boring and lacking in dynamics.  
 Might have to ask if I can get one on loan. The DX100 (ignoring my frustration with the UI) is a very good all-in-one unit, so if they have done better with the DX90 sonically, but in a smaller package, that I would be interested in trying.   So do I. I also believe my wallet would take a bottle of sleeping pills, slash its wrists and jump off the building if I had one here. However, I had planned to borrow one for review. Let me follow that up.*  Yup, I was thinking...
The Red Base GE 5692 (6SN7) is in. Didn't expect it to make as much difference as it has but it has taken things up a big notch from the more conservative-sounding PSVANE.   This will do it for now: GE red base (black plates), French 6K6, Military CV1833, Mullard metal base. It doesn't sound like I'm trading off dynamics and smoothness any longer with the HD-800s.  
I've moved your thread instead.    In this price bracket, I'd ignore the "future proof" numbers -- high-res files and DSD aren't going to be a lot of benenfit. However, Herus is reputedly much better with DSD than PCM. I have a friend's Herus on loan which I will get around to trying at some point, but I have heard it already out of my iPhone and I wasn't impressed.
I've moved some (though not all) discussion of measurements to the original thread:   Please keep this thread to impressions and questions for people who have a pair in their possession.
Back open. Some posts about measurements and whatnot have been moved here from the impressions thread.
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