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 Not quite the same thing, but a friend in chemistry told of the time that he had a large bottle of nitric acid (at least that is what I recall it was, maybe a different acid, but un-diluted or at the highest concentration all the same) in a bath or sink of water, when he discovered that the bottle had a large crack and it was slowly leaking out into the water. He was holding it together because he knew what was going to happen once the crack gave way... He shouted to...
 I managed to get one for $300, which I still consider crazy. Ken reckons the regular re-issue one he sells is good, and that is only $40! I think the OB2s have more of an effect on the sound, even though they shouldn't.
Please, whatever you do, don't make useless posts to get classified access.
My WA7 isn't getting any use lately and as much as I like it I don't have the space to keep around unused gear.   This is the original model with USB input and RCA input/output.   It also has the now unavailable smoked glass option. There may be some small imperfections in the glass, I think partly due to issues with the smoke colouring. I will take detailed photos as required.    The original box and tubes are included, as well as the upgrade EH Gold Pin...
 Now if they could fit Audio-gd's USB32 inside, that would be legendary, if unnecessary for the Hugo.
I'm closing this for a day, at least, so people can chill out of over the DSD arguments, which are derailing this thread. I (or another mod) might open it again once we've had time to ponder what to do with it. Another thread has been started about the Hugo if people want to talk about it.
That explains much! I got around that by memorising how many presses I needed for each input, because I was A/Bing between inputs using two computers or DAPs.   I did this at a cafe too. Not being a city cafe, but out in the sticks, I had to consciously avoid people's stares, in this case not just because I was an obvious foreigner, but because of the electronics sitting on the table.
Definitely a good question. Before the XBA series, I went and tried every pair of expensive IEMs I could in-store, and they were terrible in one way or another. The XBA series were the first that didn't sound awful to me.   The question about it being "worth it" is one we ask ourselves all the time. For some people it simply isn't. I remember back in high school the first time I heard the pop music I liked through my father's high-end stereo system and felt the same way:...
 Ok, gotcha. Seems I was confused as well. So a DAC basically for your tablet?
 Do you mean in the iTunes Library? I know that Bitperfect can create special files that can reside in iTunes that contain DSD. I haven't tested to see if this works with Audirvana Plus though.  Yes, I did, after emailing in a request for a discount code. So far so good, though it refused to work with my Geek Out and the music pauses when you add files to the playlist, which I consider crazy.
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