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 I'd love to come and meet everyone, especially as I've never been to New York, but I can't afford to do so. If I can in the future, I certainly will. 
Back in 2010, just prior to the switch to the Huddler forum system, Jude asked me if I’d like to be a moderator. Sucker for punishment that I am, I said yes.    With most of the old moderators departing, I focussed on doing a number of things: Removing spam (it’s now at, effectively, zero), promote good reviews and discussion, and make people feel comfortable posting their opinions on the site.   I’d like to think that a lot of the negative and nonsense was removed and...
@inanevoyage  That was unnecessary.   It's easy for someone like myself, who has visited and talked with Jason and Mike, to see things clearly, but the average customer, who has never done these things, and likely not even read much, if any of what Jason has written here, would have a lot more concern. 
Sona, I'm going to lock this thread. If you can't have a discussion with other members without being insulting towards them, then you wont be allowed to have discussions at all. http://head-fi.org/a/posting-guidelines
It depends on the device. Once they are paired, they stay paired. Going by the reviews, that BT transmitter may not be so reliable with multiple devices.  When you switch a BT headphone on, it pairs up automatically within a few seconds as long as the transmitter (computer, phone, or whatever) is also powered on.
If you want a more resolving equivalent to the AKG K700 series the next step up is a Sennheiser HD800 in my opinion. 
The Ausdom M05 is basically OK. If it is just for TV viewing they will be fine. I've never tried any kind of Bluetooth adaptor but it looks like it will work. With all these things, I read the reviews, starting with the negative ones first to see what problems may arise.
Allow me to clarify things. Originally when the deals threads were running, we had various people come in and put in their Amazon referrer IDs to get a profit from the threads. This was, of course, not acceptable.  An Amazon referral ID looks like "tag=something_20".  The rest of the Amazon stuff after the product ID (shown in the quoted post) is just information about where the person came from when they were viewing that particular page. In the above the person had...
Split this to a new thread. @ads1107 Please do not hijack threads with off-topic questions. Thanks. 
I reckon that other than that it could do with the paragraphs being broken up a bit, your review was very pleasantly straight-forward. 
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