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I've added Eltima player and VLC. The former is interesting as it can be used to view Youtube videos, as well as save them if you buy the pro version.
 I don't find it hard to change the parts, but if you're not confident, you'd want someone to do it for you. RAM = Random Access Memory. When a computer is operating, this is the active memory used when you start up the computer and run programs. It's the equivalent of your work desk. The bigger your desk, the easier and faster it is to get a lot of work done. On a small desk you'd be shifting things on and off all the time which would slow you down. In a computer, if...
At the moment I have the AM3 balanced module on, which has a bit more power. That's the trade-off -- if you want power, you lose battery life. I don't have the IEM module for the X7 here yet, which has the longest battery life. It will be the same no matter what DAP you choose. Other than that, a larger screen will drain more of the battery, though it wont have as much of an effect. A simple OS (X5, QPR1 etc.) will use less battery, especially when idle, though if you like...
 I've always found a drop at 4kHz to be necessary for headphones not to sound "wrong" to me. I haven't watched the whole video and not asked Jude specifically, but we need to consider what compensation curve is being used in the measurement rig as that might be emphasising it. Given the range, I'd be interested on comments on the sound with vocals and instrumental tracks as that drop is in the range they'd be affected by.  Here are screen snaps of the graphs which I've...
That's the challenge when doing a review: Pondering what kind of person wouldn't like the device. 
 FWIW I'm starting to feel that the X7 is as good-sounding as the Calyx. 
 Any external hard drive should be fine. I think most are formatted using ExFAT nowadays by default, but that should work on a Mac.  If you need 10.7, Apple will send you the disk for $20: http://www.apple.com/shop/product/D6106Z/A/os-x-lion Since you like to keep the CD, keeping that old Mac going will be worth considering. Putting in the maximum RAM and an SSD hard drive and it will be reasonably zippy. There is also good playback software available if you have a USB...
Alex: Go to the bottom of your profile page.
I think that's enough of that discussion. Please discuss the headphones, or wait for more impressions. 
 You'd need to install 10.7, not El Capitan, and only if, for whatever reason, 10.6.8 can't read or format the micro SD card.  There will be no problem. If you rip a CD, there is NO DRM added to the files. You'd want to use an external HD, not iCloud. If you rip a CD, the files are stored as files on the hard drive, which can be copied like any other file without issues. This has zero to do with iTunes, or Apple accounts or anything else like that.
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