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My theory, based on playing around with a few components over the last few years, is that it has almost entirely to do with heat.  (Edit: I had a saved draft when I originally posted this which shouldn't have been included.)
No rudeness please. 
 I really loved playing with the Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 for similar reasons. It makes objects so much more interesting. Here's an old set from a local temple:           
 YMMV. I've found that with DACs that use the ES9018 and the built-in filters, careful tweaking of the iZotope up-sampling in Audirvana gives noticeably better results sonically, especially if the USB input accepts up to 384 kHz.  Some DACs use a separate DSP or FPGA to produce their own filter algorithms which are better than the stock ones built in to the DAC chip. This is a case where high-quality computer up-sampling isn't worth bothering with IMO.  I think you may...
Sorry to have to do this: We had a member who has been buying up K7XXs and flipping them on Audiogon for a profit, which is an abuse of our community.  If anyone decides to sell theirs, please do let me know if you get a PM from a new member (just report the PM) and I'll double-check if it is them. 
My memory might have been wrong, but here are the measurements of an open-backed pair of D7000s: like the bass doesn't drop off as I would have expected.
There was a guy who made his D7000s open-back with great results. You lose the boomy bass.
Relax guys. A bit of off-topic banter is OK, but not a page or more, since other people will want to read FAD product impressions and whatnot. 
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