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It's a pretty awesome comparison, and comparisons can be evil to a degree. I did note the comment about the K10 being a great all-rounder versus a pair of IEMs that are detail-oriented. It is worth noting jelt2359's preferences in this regard. I have quite a few headphones (and I've encountered the odd amp) that is more entertaining than resolving. The most resolving headphones I've owned weren't the best all-rounders.  I'm the kind of person who'd be inclined to get a...
I found an interesting article with samples of what is removed by MP3 compression of a song. http://theghostinthemp3.com/theghostinthemp3.html  What are your thoughts?
I just lent my HD800s to Anakchan, just as I discovered the right combo which would probably suit them.  What music are you listening to?
I'm using active speakers in my living room, spaced quite a bit apart with other electronics around, so there's benefit to me using the NFB1AMP as a pre-amp.
There wont be any player that can improve Bluetooth transmission, unless both the player and headset use APTX and what you're using now doesn't.
I moved your question to a dedicated thread.   Try contacting Oliver via PM:   http://www.head-fi.org/u/277285/epiphany-oliver
I'm liking the HE1000 pairing with the slightly warmer Brimar 6V6GTs. I'm getting a lot of that surreal bass that feels like you have a subwoofer connected.
I hadn't done exhibitors and sponsors when I posted, only the list of people third_eye posted on the first page. Tracking every account of every exhibitor will take forever.   So far with the badges: They'll stay in your signature for about a month before and a couple of weeks after the meet, then reside only in your profile, so as not to clutter things up.
With what headphones? And music? And how loud are you listening? For example, there was a member on here not too long ago who was using TOTL headphones out of his iPhone, much to everyone's offence. However, he strictly only ever listens to music not above 70dBs! So amping the iPhone ended up being completely pointless for him, as at that volume there was no discernable benefit. Back to the actual question, given Kingwa's focus on making balanced amps, with TOTL headphones...
Regarding balanced amps: Deciding to make a differential amp is a circuit design choice, just like deciding to use a tube gain stage, negative feedback, opamps, all discrete circuits, or use any particular topology as opposed to any other. It becomes a significant choice for us because it affects the cabling of our headphones. Extensive analysis of the merits or otherwise of a design wont change how it performs, only our individual biases based on other peoples' arguments....
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