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@bmichels I'm not sure I get you, as a Hugo costs about as much as an AK240.
 The AK240 is definitely a noticeable step up from the Sony. Music from the Sony sounds a bit forced, whereas from the AK240 sounds effortless and the more subtle textures of notes are apparent on excellent recordings.  It came on high gain by default, so yes. Good question! 
 I wont have the LCD-XCs back for a few days at least. Have you tried the balanced output of the AK240? Using an AK240 as a digital transport is a heck of a waste IMO.
 Yes. I need to figure this out as well. If I buy something from HDTracks the album art copies across fine, but I'm sure I have music that has album art that doesn't show on players. I never bothered to try and figure this out but it is starting to bother me a bit now, so I'll see if I can't work out what is going on.  I might if i owned it and I don't doubt that you are right. I just noticed though the FiiO dock is $12.
Given the price, I like the X5. I don't care about DSD so much so in my mind it is playlist support away from being something I'd recommend.
While they are interesting questions, you might want to start a new thread about them. For now, back to the PM-1 please. 
Music sync works fine for me, however I did have to remove the "Notes" plug-in to get the software to work, even though it isn't selected to sync.   I might email the developer and ask about when they plan to update the software.
 Markspace The Missing Sync works for me. The problem is that the AK240 uses MTP to connect, so to browse what is on it you need Android File Transfer.
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