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It's a thread about subjective preferences, which has also turned into a discussion of the why of those preferences. Not a science thread overall.
 Definitely not common. 
I haven't had time to complete a comprehensive review, but the Rx is in the Head-Fi Summer Gift Guide:
Take it to Sound Science guys, if you want to debate this.
I wouldn't worry about whether something is balanced or not. It doesn't give it any magical properties. 
I have been busy and haven't had time to give the PAW 5000 a good amount of testing, but so far with my UERMs using the balanced output it is very good. On sound quality alone with just those IEMs (I haven't tried full-sized headphones where there would be a more obvious difference due to power output) my AK240 has a fuller sound but it is hard to say that there is more resolution -- if so, only a bit.    I have an X5II here too, which I'll compare it with later this...
My production version arrived, no different to the beta version except that it sounded like it has already been burned-in.  As long as I listen at a lower-to-moderate level, I enjoy them a lot. They don't seem to be so nice at louder volumes or where the music is a bit harsh in the treble.
You need to contact Sony, it is more likely a problem with the headphones, not a problem with the OS.
Shipping discussion has been moved to the main thread. 
I don't think this has anything to do with the bit-perfect quality of the stream, but electrical issues. I don't know about over other interfaces, but USB isn't designed for continuous music streaming to a DAC. It is designed to be interrupted, to share the data pipe with other devices of different types and protocols and isn't insulted well for noise by audio equipment standards.    I suspect what is happening that Audirvana Plus and other players sound better is that...
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