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SOLD! It was actually sold a couple days after listed. Sorry for the delayed update, I've been horribly sick with the Flu. Thank you for all your interest.
If anyones interested in this great affordable amp please feel free to give me a email at --------------------- Just a some info on it: -The amp works flawlessly, and is in great condition. -Input: Gold Plated RCA -Output 1/4" Stereo plug -Steel case (thick) Allen head bolts, and sliding top. On/Off switch in back. -Dimensions are 9"x6"x2" -Electro-Harmonix 12AU7 I'll also include a couple different brand/model tubes so you can test them...
Sold. Thanks for looking.
To the top.
Quote: Originally Posted by RockCity Wow, this is getting ridiculous. It's a superb DAC and how often does it come on sale? Thanks, me and my buddy always say a lot of times you can tell how good a amp or dac is by how often you see them come up for sale. While thats probably not the best way of telling it stands pretty true. Anyways I still have this, had an interested buyer but he ended up buying something else. DAC's still $400.
Price lowered to $400 usd +shipping (which should run around $10). First come first serve. Thanks for looking. BTW please email me with any offers or interest at you can PM me but replys may take longer.
Price lowered to $450 shipped obo.
SOLD Hey everyone, I'm selling my Oritek desktop DAC so I can upgrade my home audio system. If you don't know what these are check out Oriteks site with full info and reviews here on head-fi: Oritek Audio - OMZ DAC Information Page The DAC works great and I've considered it to be one of the best DACs I've ever listened to. If you have any questions or want to purchase it you can email me at and or PM me (I can respond to emails...
Thanks for the review Victor always appreciate some light shed here on head-fi. Hopefully I can clear some things up, sorry I didn't spot this sooner, always glad to answer questions on these. @ xnothingpoetic I've done just under 50 pairs now and always use the heat method, it doesn't take more then 30 seconds of heat and you actually don't need to apply heat to the driver only on the sides (plastic) of the driver. I've never had a pair defect after using this method,...
Wow, this is going around again. I think it's had 5 owners here now, maybe six. Anyways I actually owned this amp about 2-3 owners back, and it was in great shape. -SD
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