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like a hooker
Does anybody else think Vettel looks oddly natural in Ferrari red?  
Rosberg now mathematically needs misfortune on Hamilton's side of the garage to take the title. He cannot win on merit alone.   ... as if he was going to anyway
 The current structure only hurts the small teams. Audi ain't one of those. With revenue of 10 times what Red Bull has at their disposal (and about 7 times the profit) they could easily afford the same level of investment RBR has backing it - and that's been shown to be plenty. If Audi joined F1, they wouldn't be joining to get a bit of exposure and make up the numbers - they'd be joining to dominate F1 like they have Les Mans and, perhaps just as importantly, show up...
 It was 9 years ago, believe it or not... And no, nothing will ever be that bad again  I'll miss Marussia; they really seemed a team on the rise, upsetting Caterham with their massive budget difference. Although really, Bianchi was my favorite thing about the team; Marussia with Chilton and pay-driver-of-the-week doesn't elicit the same excitement from me. I won't miss Caterham. PS: I'm still expecting Alonso to McLaren, and all this speculation being just the usual smoke...
Tech Guru. Which is fair, I suppose.   There needs to be a 'no answer' for the Social Media question, though. I'm not on any form of Social Media.
It's not just us, either...     I weigh a heck of a lot more than 20 pounds over what I did in 1990, but that's not very surprising considering my age.
 Nope. But I did think in my mind 'he has P2 safely in hand' just before the last corner
I think it's serious. The whole thing has a feeling eerily similar to Imola 1994. Nobody is saying anything, but pictures of the car (so I hear - I've avoided looking at them) suggest part or all may have gone under the digger. Really hoping he's okay - I'd hope the same for anyone, but I've always looked on Jules as a really nice, talented driver and a star of the future.
So it looks like the race might be happening either earlier or not at all...   Bad news for the championship if true. Increased chance of the title being decided purely based on Abu Dhabi, fewer good tracks left on the calendar, fewer chances for any positional changes, etc. Fingers crossed that it all blows over
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