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To be honest I'm not sure Heidfeld would have made the corner on that line; Prost might have been able to keep a cool head and re-pass him afterwards, depending on how close the finish line was (I don't remember). But yeah, not quite right to blame Heidfeld there.   (obligatory Senna/Prost argument) ... Unlike in Suzuka 1989, where Senna was to blame.
 They might be the best, but I still believe Mercedes built a good enough Chassis to compete this year even if the engines were equal. Frankly, I'm not sure how much I believe Red Bull about how far behind they are in power anymore either. As for the team radio, isn't this what a lot of people were requesting all along? Less of engineers telling drivers what to do, more of drivers having to think for themselves? I'm more or less in favor of it myself, although we'll see...
 I got my personal favorite, le Professeur. I'm not going to take it enough times to figure out how it's weighted, but I think the car is important. I tried to avoid guessing the answer outcomes
 You're probably right, and I admit I don't see what point was being served by any supposed lesson. If Lewis had been racing dirty or trying to crowd him off track I could see it, but unless he's still really bent about Bahrain he's got nothing to complain about. I think either he did it by accident, or he did it on purpose to seal his championship; probably the former, as I don't really think he has it in him. But then I didn't think so at Monaco either, and and you know...
 It may be that he sees his choice as either a) Nico is willing to hit Lewis to make a point, or b) Nico is incompetent and hit Lewis by accident, and prefers the former. That said, every reliable source I've seen has only confirmed that Nico admitted that 'he could have avoided the incident but did not', which while shocking enough is not the same as saying he hit Lewis on purpose in any premeditated way ala Senna 1990. In modern F1 if he really admitted that he hit his...
What a race!! This is Formula One, *****!   [[SPOILER]]  So is this now a 1-horse race, or a 3-horse race in earnest?
I think basically  [[SPOILER]]
Fascinating qualifying, as one expects from a wet qualy in Spa!  [[SPOILER]]  Really looking forward to an exciting race tomorrow!
 No doubt; to say I don't rate Ericsson highly is an understatement. I doubt Lotterer could match Kobayashi so closely on his first F1 drive.
 You don't say? FP1LOT: 1:57.886ERI: 1:57.977 FP2ERI 1:54.050LOT: 1:54.093 Pretty short seconds so far. Maybe once Markus really turns up his blistering pace for qualy he'll show that old German a thing or two!  
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