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You're not gonna miss much without a $30 amp in a clip + im716 combo.
De-podded im716 + Sansa clip and run away from head-fi and never look back!
Try cleaning the dock.
I got mine on Monday... hope the delay isn't too bad for you guys. I like the color. It looks more like this but just a tad brighter.
You can get a CF adapter on for $5.30 shipped. has the red 2GB Clip for $30, shipping included. And now, a silver 8GB Fuze for $80.
You should solder the wire on the left to the other side of the cap, like the one on the right (check out the picture on the first post of this thread). The static sound is probably clipping due to the sensitivity of of the laptop's sound card.
Well, best bet would be to check out the click wheel and the cable and go from there. When it turns on after you toggle the hold switch, does it load up normally (to the menu screen)? If it does, the HD is probably fine.
Update: Nevermind.. switching back to DDWRT. Had to manually renew the DCHP lease twice in one day. Never had to with the default Linksys firmware or DDWRT before.
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