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Oh well... Just got my SCL4's replaced due to split cables at the ear loops. These new ones seem to have much more rubbery, flexible cable though time will tell if they get stiffer. As soon as I got them I wrapped the area that loops around the ear in electrical tape as a preventative measure. I wonder if there is some kind of plastic tubing that could be used instead of tape.
Sorry for being OT Quote: Silicone oil plays a useful role in gas powered airsoft guns where it is used to lubricate the rubber gas seals in gas blowback guns without degrading them as carbon-based oils would, as well as lubricating the moving parts of the guns. This is from wikipedia. Maybe silicone based oil should be used rather than olive oil?
I'm pretty sure it is a BAD idea to use olive oil, or any organic oil for that matter, on cables. Won't it damage them more?
Did the cable crack at the place where it loops over your ear? I was thinking if the cable did crack because of oils from the skin you could try wrapping that area in tape or shrinkwrap in future? I thought of this because I notice that the UE's have a plastic sheath around the cable where it loops around your ear and it seems that they don't have the same problems. You'd have to be carefull not to damage the cable in the process though.
Doesn't the use of earbuds and IEM negate this theory since the sound is injected right into your ear canal rather than channeled by your auricle.
I had a similar problem with my shure E4's and I changed the filters which solved the problem. I don't know whether they are replaceable on Ultimate Ears' phones though.
Most likely the filters are clogged with wax. Try to clean them out as best you can (be careful not to damage them in the process).
I have replaced the fliters in my shure E4's with etymotic ones. The Etymotic fliters are exactly the same size though i didn't need to use the etymotic removal tool since the nozzle on the E4 is removable so i could push it out from the other end with a pin.
Hehe, I haven't had my hair cut in nearly 3 years.
Quote: Originally Posted by ricthaman well, I'm not a great photographer but I shoot some pics every now and then. [IMG]snip[/IMG] This one was shot a few km from my town in Belgium on a field. Let me know what you think. greetz I like it, kinda dreamy.
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