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CI Audio VHP is a fine amp to consider as well.
Look at banana holders/banana hooks.
I have an A-9050 an it's a very competent amp, but I admittedly haven't spent much time with it for headphones. I'd imagine the 9010 to do very well too. Personally I always liked my Senns better from a receiver/integrated with higher output impedance, which is another "win" for something like the 9010. If you need something more compact, however, you may consider a dedicated headphone amp or something of that sort.
Does the DG provide a headphone amplifier? (I'm not at all familiar with the Asus cards) It may simply be that you need better amplification, not a matter of the DAC/DSP features being inadequate. Something like the Fiio E9 should drive most headphones with no fuss.
Just as a question (I really don't have any further information): Are we certain that Violectric isn't having the amp OEM'd elsewhere (e.g. Violectric is just stamping their name on a product), and that this isn't just the Chinese company deciding to go "direct" on their own? I'm thinking of the Oppo/Lexicon "scandal" of a few years ago as an example of this in the recent past.
First of all, I really do hope you aren't using headphones (let alone an ANC headphone) while operating a motor vehicle - that's illegal in many jurisdictions, and for good reason: it's very dangerous. That said, the QC15 have more than one microphone, and it has also been my experience that they don't do a great job with wind/a lot of air blowing at them (e.g. stand in front of a fan). As far as I know it is due to the ANC circuitry not a lack of physical isolation - you...
It's been quite a while since I've heard an AKG monitor headphone, but from what I remember they will be significantly different than the HD 580/6x0 series headphones. I think the Sennheisers are a great headphone, especially as a "starting off point" - they still represent a good value, still offer fantastic performance, are very comfortable, etc. They really don't do anything "wrong" as a headphone goes, but you may find that you like how something else sounds better if...
I agree with cel4145 that Grados are easily driven - depending on what you have as a source you may be able to just plug straight into that without problems (e.g. a CD player with a headphone jack, a computer with a headphone jack, etc). As far as inexpensive stand-alone amps, I haven't heard either of the models you've listed, but really like my Musical Fidelity V-series; I have V-CAN-II but they're onto the third generation (V90HPA if I'm not mistaken) which is supposed...
Agree with comfort, I'd also worry about isolation to an extent (IME spoken word tends not to "block" as much noise as music may). Bose AE2 come to mind - they're light, comfy, forgiving of not-so-flawless encoding, easy to drive, provide decent isolation, and have clean mids. Might also consider nicer Sennheisers, as has already been suggested.
Easiest plug'n'play I can imagine would be some USB device that will work with OS X - it'd give you the same audio features/performance on both machines. If both have TOSlink you could go that route easily too. Analog I'm not as sure - if they have clean outs and so forth you could just get an amp, but they may not have clean outs or may lack some feature you want or whatever. Just food for thought.
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