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Amazon Basics cables have worked just fine for me in the past. Belkin is also good.
Did a bit of looking, didn't find that, but they are at least listed on ResellerRatings, with no reviews. You guys who've had problems might want to fill in a bit, maybe save some people in the future.http://resellerratings.com/store/FixheadphonesAs far as their location, they're located at:286 South 600 East, Ste. AProvo, UT 84606Accrording to their website.Going backwards from there and they are also apparently doing business as "Fix Beats" too. From that, Bizapedia...
I don't see why it wouldn't work unless it's defective - it should be standard wiring underneath the fabric. As far as "unless it's defective" - I've had very hit and miss luck with no-name Chinese mfgrs and their "premium" products (like the stuff you've linked); I'm not trying to rail against Chinese manufacturing or anything, this has just been my experience. For a few bucks I'd say give it a shot though.
+1. Mine are a few years old and haven't developed problems (except the pad thing I mentioned some posts ago). It's certainly not an "all 950s have this problem" thing.As far as E/90 vs other amps, there's a thread somewhere that compared all of the current ESP amps (not just STAX and Koss) and their innards; the E/90 is designed especially for the 950, so it's probably reasonable to assume Koss did their homework and built the "right" amplifier. As far as spec-out vs the...
It may also depend on the material. For example I have some really "basic" acoustic solos that V0 VBR encoding will spit out an average of
Weird - I hit quote and your entire post vanished. Anyways, I had wanted to respond and ask a question of my own:- I've never actually seen, or even heard of, a transformer based "passive preamp" before. Got an example? (I'm curious now)- There are in-line volume controls that can work with headphones; Sennheiser and Koss make a few examples, and the Creative ACM that comes with some of their newer soundcards also functions as such (its just a pot between an amplifier and...
If memory serves, the MX-HPA also can do balanced out, which you should be able to do with the HD 800. If you're swapping cables, might be worth it to look at.
That'll work.That'd work too.
+1. If leakage is a problem, Beyer makes some very good isolating/containing closed cans - the T70 is a fantastic example of that. Audio-Technica has some excellent closed cans as well, like ATH-A900X. Another thing to consider, which would be "tons more bass" would be the Ultrasone PRO900.
I don't own either of the Marantz units, but if I remember right the HD-DAC1 can do something like 700-1000mW output for headphones, whereas a lot of the older Marantz network DACs and CD players can only do something like 5-10mW out. So it should be able to drive the AKGs. I'm kind of surprised the KI Pearl can't drive the AKGs though. If the X-Cans works, I'd probably just stick with that unless something is wrong with it.
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