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I guess my take-away after reading all 38 pages is that end-game should mean "where are you content enough to leave well enough alone and just buy music" or when you aren't constantly asking "but what if..." or "if I added..." or "if I changed..." etc and just leave things as they are. Or put another way, when everytime you sit down to listen you want to play the "how does this sound..." game, or when new music is just as exciting as new gear used to be (even after months,...
This is unfortunately where I'm coming from too - no idea how they stack up to the 240, but he 701 are really superb for large ensemble pieces.
Ewww, velour. Ewww. I prefer fabric seats over most leather interiors though, true.
AKG K701 (or whatever variant) - good choice (and I'd really rather not have the non-stop argument about the lineup). The Sennheiser aren't a bad choice either, but they're not as spacious or enveloping for large ensemble pieces - I'd go with the AKGs. I don't think you can get the K501 easily anymore (I don't know much about them though).
Even still - I just don't think "high end" headphones are worth the purchase price solely for gaming. The W1000X shouldn't disappoint you though - they're very competent performers, and will probably provide a very good experience for you. Don't expect to hear "even more" though, is basically all I'm saying.
What if it was a copy of every Robin Williams movie ever made; would you still want the vehicle after it had been touched by that? *sigh*I also don't really dig the "all gloss all the time because gloss so you know it's wood because gloss" appearance. Grado and AT did it right the first time.
The W1000X do a fine job with games (they can absolutely handle everything, and will provide a very fun experience), but I think spending more than around $200 for headphones *just* for gaming is kind of a waste.
+1 to this.
I've only briefly demo'd the A900X, but I can say the W1000X are quite comfortable for gaming, and that they're (imho) a reasonable improvement over the A900X. That said, when it comes to gaming audio there's very much a "break point" where spending more does not improve performance that much - in terms of accurate positioning and hearing various cues, I'd honestly say that the Bose AE2 are no worse than my electrostats or the W1000X.
No, it's not that you're asking for too much, it's that you're basically asking for a headphone that has no flaws whatsoever. There are plenty of fantastic headphones at the $500-$600 pricepoint, but even at double or triple that point you're not going to get "flawless." I still think the K1000 would be a better candidate if the K550 were "almost there" - the Sennheiser will have a somewhat rolled-off top-end by comparison. I haven't heard the HE-400 to comment on them.
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