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Is this like a shallow Hal thing?......Errrm maybe I need to take off me Beer Goggles.......
Seems to me the maker of the DQSM really is influenced by LZ...It even looks like the LZ A2....To me that is what the newer LZA3 should have looked like. 
Hi Kerouac, is your SG cable the reason for the lacking treble? I hear plenty of treble energy on my 1plus2, yes that is a fact. The SW22 is a very good synergy indeed with 1plus2.
Hi mate, good to hear from ya...been a while....Um on that question, I am extremely satisfied with the SW22 cable & even though It was quite a while ago that I heard the cable, I know that the SP I had did not cut it, as the 1Plus2 is rather big on the  treble energy. What the SW22 bought in was that bass hit a bigger & Deeper,soundstage was also bigger & don't worry all those details were certainly not lost either, sparkly as ever. If anything I would say it is probably...
Looking forward to it also Paul....
I have never heard Norne cables....All I know is the Toxic cables I have tried I have been happy with them. I have had SP, SW, Virus, & SW22. I currently have the SW22 paired with my Tralucent 1plus2. Dont forget there is burn in time on any cable also....I know some out there might not agree but for me its a must....
Yes It does mate.
SP is Silver & SW Silver & percentage of Gold. SW ups the anti & takes the level higher. Hear more of everything. SW22 raises it again.
Glad at least someone else is liking them....I never heard the gr07 personally. Funny enough never use EQ with any IEM's I have. I like to hear what they can do, although I do like to give them a good long cooking & then tip roll until i find the one for me.
Makes sense mate....Ive been eyeing these for a while now....Just so many bills to pay atm...Alas they will be here one day.
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