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So 12's got more Bass than 13's?
No problems..No debating...Im glad we have different opinions on here. Happy to read your thoughts & I gave you mine. Cheers Pal. 
You dont need Burn in time? Errm ....For me at least im hearing differences as Im continuing the Burn in process. I take a listen every other night & find they are opening up ever more... Maybe they sent you a pair already cooked? 
TK -13's Louder & Fuller Bass than TK-12's?...Hmm.. Im sure happy to read this Twin.   Ive a ways to go yet reaching 350 hours. Positive news for me so far approaching somewhere near 150 - 200hrs? Ive lost count to be honest... Changes im noticing...   The bass is certainly starting to come more prominent in the mix (fermenting slowly) This is good news after sounding quite thin & downright ordinary for a while there, it has become more smoother.  Also I changed...
You gotta just love the way this cable looks..... Toxic Frank Flash Is A Gas  Gas Gas.....
Thanks Twin, I will let these cook some, as I have seen To make this King Sing....350 hours being mentioned.   AC DC...Ye, loved em with Bon Scott back in the day. They was nasty Live...  Not much of a fan of the new bloke though.    In the meantime I shall patiently continue to cook, cook & then cook some more....I shall become the new Hisenberg....:) 
Ok ,I have Spiral dots, use them on my LZ-A2's. I will be putting those on in due time.
Well, as was mentioned the jury is still out on these as to their sound signature due to insufficient burn time, still haven't lost hope. I was like WoWme out of the box....Wich aint gonna happen.
Yes I thought as much lurk, still early days but just my initial thoughts. So what tips you using? 
So far I have put in around 20 or so hours on the TK13's, & to be honest after a quick listen nothing really special so far no WoW factor.. Maybe I was expecting too much? Either that ... Or most probably still early days, need to rack up 300 hours? Man thats a long ways off.
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