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Ah Thanks AmberOzL, Now they got the looks to go with the Sound,,,,
Hey Im loving the new colours on these IEM's. The Reds & Blues look amazing..... When did this start happening?
Mill Park, Melbourne........3rd time lucky. hope I got this right finally :)
******** I live in Melbourne and would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour
Oh wow...Haven't been on here much lately, just noticed this tour. I have always wanted to hear Piotr's work of Customart's. Can I please be included also?  Melbourne Australia.
I just bought myself a pair of these SHE-3590 at $10 AUD. It seems to have a great synergy with my ipod. Amazing value for these. Don't know how long they will last as the cable feels a tad flimsy. Sound wise they produce deep sub bass mids are not sucked in & treble is sparkly.....What more do you want? Soundstage perhaps could be better but hey these are winners.
Ive got the Virus currently paired with my UM Miracle, compliments it well. If you want more bass slam then Silver Widow.
That cable screams Quality..Congratulations Paulo. Thanks for your insight into its sound & workmanship. Very enjoyable reading your comments,  Seems like Frank is really pushing the boundries with his TOTL cables....
Wow Brooke, don't worry I completely understand mate. But I'm sure one day you will find another TH 900.    It only goes to show just what that cable can do to an already great system like yours. I did warn you though Sezai's cables in particular the Rumi , once you had heard it, was going to be hard to get out of your head.   Without it....well it all ....just seems so ... I don't know how to describe it? Once its back though...There's that magic that happens and it...
Wow Shini, Its bloody awesome specs mate.... 12 drivers.......Now hanging for you to not only get it but letting us know how this beast sounds......Congrats also to piotr for putting this together......Its the  TIGER TANK of IEM's.
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