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Hey people, why everyone so impatient? I & many others have waited for cables, no big deal... Honestly the pleasing result is when you see the quality workmanship then how they give your expensive HP not only sexy looks but also how they make them sound. Good things take time, relax & enjoy your HP's then get prepared to be wowed....You be glad you did.   
Im going to look into these once SINE arrive
Are those the Sony Ear Pads from their site?
Wow you really live up to your name Crafty Clown....Thanks mate, I am not flash at these things....Does this now put me in the running for the new cable? Probably more in there somewhere, how on earth do you find such things.....I gotta get off the moon man....Ground control to major Stan.....
Errm.... how do I place a link for my reviews? I know there somewhere on this runaway monster thread... 608 pages. 
SW 22 is mighty fine cable & now the new Hydra out.....Tough choice indeed. Whichever one you choose, i'm sure its gonna take your Roxanne's to a different level. 
Sorry.......Been on the moon for the past month or so.....Only just found out Frank has released the HYDRA! Now there's a beast if I ever saw one....Comes in 18 for IEM? Whoa! that's some whopping cable indeed... Can not wait for the reviews with full burn in complete.....Those new connectors are also something to behold...  Errm.... Frank's been busy....  When he does a cable ... Maaaan it looks sooo sweet... 
You having problems with the different filters? Hard to put on & take off?
Try using different tips, I use mine with the Sony Hybrids & bass is plenty fine.
You gotta just love the way this cable looks..... Toxic Frank Flash Is A Gas  Gas Gas.....
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