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Wow Brooke, don't worry I completely understand mate. But I'm sure one day you will find another TH 900.    It only goes to show just what that cable can do to an already great system like yours. I did warn you though Sezai's cables in particular the Rumi , once you had heard it, was going to be hard to get out of your head.   Without it....well it all ....just seems so ... I don't know how to describe it? Once its back though...There's that magic that happens and it...
Wow Shini, Its bloody awesome specs mate.... 12 drivers.......Now hanging for you to not only get it but letting us know how this beast sounds......Congrats also to piotr for putting this together......Its the  TIGER TANK of IEM's.
Think I'd have to take out a housing loan to afford something like this.....Way over my budget also.
Well Brooke, will you be getting a Rumi cable? I certainly will. Now, Im even thinking about Sezai's higher rated Isfahan cable as well. Would love to hear what this cable will bring to the hearing senses.
They Look Great Paulo, Looks Like Frank has done it again....Now let the burn in begin...Burn baby burn....naa that's disco....Ok..... All I hear...........Is Buuuuuuurrrrn!!!!! Deep Purple version :)
I even find that the silver cables take longer to cook...Just be patient & there also can be fun  hearing the different stages of the process.
So your'e curious about what The 22AWG can do Extra.....Im not sure for IEM's but a certain Hifirookieman is singing its praises. He Should know cos he has bought some very high quality cables from Frank in the past. You do also realise that cable will be quite thick for an IEM, but in saying that, Many have paired 1p2 with the Uber, which in itself is very thick awkward looking cable... You can always pm Frank & get his take on this also.
No ...3 pairs. I use them while sleeping mostly, so i did not want to put too much strain on the one pair....I got a pair cheap2nd hand. Black new & blue new. They look good also as a bonus. All these sound the same. Horrible when you first get them but after burn in they are very nice indeed. Mind you they wont set the world alight while cranking, but they perform better when not pushed too hard, hence perfect for when i go to bed. I always where these over the ear.
I also am looking forward to more impressions with further burn in Mike....:)
Thanks for the link Apex eight, just like Wokei, Amazon does not ship this product to Australia, however it seems the other sellers that have them at cheaper prices from Japan do offer international shipping. No point in buying a 4th pair though if its only difference is the right angled plug? It seems nobody has tried these orange versions on here so no comparisons are available to my knowledge.
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