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I know you do with the Toxic Silver Widow.....
Congratulations on your new Harmony 8 & Music One portnoy, Im sure you gonna be very happy chappy. Are you going to use them with Sezai's cables?
X2 ...olddude. Im of the same opinion. Ofcourse you cannot please everyone...They are certainly worth every dollar I spent for me. 
Well as all things IEM's, again I urge people to tip roll. Once found, the right tips will be bring out just how enjoyable these things are.
It sure looks identical in those pics. Even have them in Silver too.. Very good find.
Wow, if that is the case, then simply amazing product. These will be the finishing touch to anyones top tier Custom IEM's.
As we all know, tips are very important as eveyones ear shapes are different. Some like me will love the stock others like you digirato may need to do a bit of tip rolling to find out what best suits their needs. But, once you find your correct seal.....Sheer Bliss.   X2 about H20 & others for making us aware of these amazing IEM's.  
I have never tried Sezai's IEM cables, but I can assure you if its anything like his interconnects wow you in for a treat...... I found it improved with further Burn in, silver cables need this.....This is only my opinion, some may not believe in it.
AmberOzL, you will be blown away by these cables." Secret Diamonds" a great analogy my friend...That they truly are...
These are amazing....I cant get enough of them. I am using the stock ear tips they work a treat....No sibilance issues at all, while the treble extends & that subbass is amazing not fabby, tight & fast. I love these things.
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