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Not sure if this have been posted. I also have a fit issue with my IM02. I cut out from unused eartip a "spacer" to compensate the shorter nozzle on IM02. Works great, using JVC spiral dot btw.
I like my ESI nEar05 eXperience, i think it is one of the "warmer" sounding speakers which have very nice mid as compared to KRK RP5G2 that i audition b4 i choose to purchase this (i listen to vocal more). The minor drawback for these speaker will be the highs that is less detail and sparkle to me. But overall, these speakers are GREAT, especially if you like mid or you listen to vocal.  
My current humble rig:     Source: iMac, Marantz 5003 DAC: Audinst hud-mx1, styleaudio peridot, muse mini dac TDA1543x4 NOS Head Amp: Travagan's white (DAC spoil) Volume control: behringer xenyx 502 mixer Speaker: ESI nEar05 eXperience, KRK10S, Creative T40ii   additional pic, cooling for my DAC using usb fan... :p     To many wires and power plugs in my rig...>.<...haha...that's all...
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