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I got my ZxR today. I'm pretty happy with it so far. Installation was smooth for both hardware and software. Software is a bit clunky, with redundant options. So far the sound quality is very good, way better than on-board sound. It's clean, transparent and soundstage a bit wider. It's an analytical sound.   I only tried listening with my headphones and got mixed results. K701 sounded really thin, distant and very cold overall. Bass was anemic. Even if I got more...
  They didn't even send us a notification email, for those of us who subscribed to it. :D
ZxR in Europe went out of stock in a day.
ZxR available in Europe:   Ordered mine
Creative is recalling ZxR cards?:
Here in Switzerland, there's a site that says 5-10 days:   Hope this is true...
Newegg even released a video interview with Ryan from Creative. The guy got confused with all the technical components. It's quite funny listening to him not knowing what he was talking about:
  It should work with headphone out too. DAC comes after sound processing and shares the same I/V stage for both headphones and line out.
How's music quality of the Z compared to the STX?
  Can't wait to hear your conclusions.
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