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I have been using my Head-Direct RE-0 for three years now and I like their detailed and clear sound, but I have grown tired of their flat soundstage. Moreover, the RE-0's housing keeps breaking. To find a replacement, I auditioned the sennheiser IE8 and I instantly fell in love with the headphone-like soundstage they produce. I ended up not buying them, because they had too much overshadowing mid-bass for my taste. According to the reviews I have read, the JVC "Victor"...
Yeah, I was also surprised. It looks small compared to the iriver h120. 
I also translated it to Danish to have a better idea of what it said. But yes the translation sucks :b
My interpretation of a part of the review translated with google:   "AK100 has a better clarity compared to the DX100, but the overall expression of music is better with the DX100. This may be due to the amplifier of DX100 or the ES9018 chip." 
Check out the link again - Its updated with a small animation and some more ;)
Where did you find the release date? 
To me, it makes no difference whether its a FiiO or an iriver or whatever... If the iriver's sq really is comparable to the other high-end daps, I see no reason to wait over half year for a FiiO that may not even hit the market. I will not be able to resist the combo of the relatively small size, storage capacity and sq, even at a high pricetag. And i'm a student, poor wallet  
Why all this FiiO love? I had a good ol' iRiver H120. It was a superb dap. Maybe iriver is going in the right direction again ;)  
  Its the black one in the above image. Looks very sneak :D
Looks very interesting. I'm excited with all the new high-end daps 
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