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Cheers clearing up my confusion LarsHP. I did the mod with stiff felt and double sided adhesive one driver at a time to compare the differences. I'm not quite sure how to explain the changes, but wow, it's probably the most obvious improvement out of all the mods I've tried so far. A slight ringing or reverb in the treble region has disappeared. It leaves the highs sounding cleaner and more detailed. I feel it brings a tiny bit more focus to the mids and lower end. Thanks...
It seems to be tricky get a hold of stiffened adhesive felt in Australia. Would 1mm non-stiffened adhesive felt work? Or does that run the risk of absorbing rather than guiding waves? I also have a bunch of normal stiff felt and silverstone acoustic foam from T50RP modding. Otherwise I may use the sound dampening foam method that SoundDragon used.
 I tried something similar on a pair of Denons sanded back to the metal frame with various cans topcoat and automotive clearcoat, but never got great results. They looked great immediately after but chipped and peeled over a few months. I imagine you may get similar problems with these cups unfortunately.
Cheers Casper. It looks so good i may have to redo mine. What sort of paint did you use?
Wow, I already have a pair of D5000s, otherwise i would be on top of this. They look amazing! How durable is the plastidip? would it chip off if accidentally hit or bumped? Also what was your process for painting the frame? I sanded mine down to the magnesium and applied 3 coats of automotive clearcoat which looked great but they chipped eventually and the magnesium started oxidising. Haha sorry for the questions mate, just very impressed.
I have read through dozens of pages of this He400i thread and the He-500 thread and am no closer in figuring out which headphone is superior for my needs. There aren't many reviews with direct comparisons but the ones I have read are 50/50. When it comes to looks, comfort, and ease of driving, the 400i comes out ahead. However, sonically, I'm hearing a lot of conflicting info. Some stores who have auditioned both have mentioned that clarity, soundstage and bass are better...
I am in Wollongong NSW. The price includes shipping and tracking and from experience it should take 2-3 days to reach you.
I'll can check the actual opamps in the kit for you as soon as i get home. I have no experience with the yulong, but it appears to be a desktop dac/amp only, and must be plugged into a power socket. The D10 is a smaller portable amp and is the perfect size for plugging into a laptop on the go. It also has more input options (optical and coaxial) and a gain switch, which may help drive a larger range of headphones. Not sure how the sound quality compares but i find the D10...
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