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I've had a pair of Vegan pads for the last month and just got a pair of Focus Pad A's in today. After some quick comparisons, you can't really go wrong with either of them. Comfort wise both are great. I had no issues with the focus pad fit on my ears that some people have mentioned. The Audeze pads are even more comfortable and are like pillows on your head. Either is great for long term listening.   Sound wise the Audeze pads have incredibly natural and lush mids, They...
Thanks to everyone in this community for all the brilliant modding ideas. I can finally say that after a combination of the Fuzzor, grill, full jergpad and the headband mods I've created the perfect franken-headphone.    
Thanks mrscotchguy, just completed this mod step by step without any issues. I ended up not removing the connectors and just sealing the drivers in sandwich bags.The comfort difference is night and day. Gonna settle down for a long listening sesh with a glass of Lagavulin.    
 I just bought a pair of these tubes from the same seller a few days ago. They're shipping from the US to Aus as we speak so it may be a while before I can give you any impressions. It was my first tube purchase but the Joes tube lore page identifies them as Orange Globes which have a Warm, vibrant, lively, grainless, transparent Amperex sound. The codes indicate they were manufactured on the 3rd Week of November 1969 in Holland. Don't quote me though, I'm new to this and...
 It's not exactly $499 but If you're in Aus you can get the He-500 from Addictedtoaudio for ~525USD delivered. Headphones.com.au will pricematch as well.
Hi Nilov, based on ebay description and pics I believe I just won this via ebay auction?
 I also don't have anywhere locally where I can try before I buy and tend to rely heavily on Headfi feedback. The thing to remember is that everyone's opinions here are relative and subjective. A huge improvement for someone might seem miniscule for someone else. The headphone is  by far the most important link in the chain, but an amp plays an important part in that last 15%, especially in these harder to drive headphones. I've had a few amps over the years, mostly on the...
 I'm running this exact combo. To my ears it sounds amazing but based on this thread, I may be moving in Lyr territory soon.
I am looking to buy a Schiit Lyr original or Lyr 2 with a 230v power supply. Preferably located in Australia or happy to ship to Australia.   I'm also looking at comparable price/performance amps as long as they are capable of driving powerful orthos. Please shoot me a PM with any offers. Thanks.
I'd say it's worth trying it yourself as it is fully reversible and only requires $2 in supplies. Its not hard by any means, it just takes a couple of hours. Gives you a chance to listen to some of those other neglected headphones.
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