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For anyone else who ordered the "brown" K3 Pro from the the Aliexpress seller that rhymes with breezy, I've had mine for nearly 2 weeks and they are almost certainly the real deal. The packaging contains the (R) in the brand name, they are the proper gunmetal colour and the sound matches up with the various impressions here.  They are way better than my other IEM's and I prefer them to most of my headphones at the moment.
 You need to turn on supports in your slicer software. It will autogenerate supports where necessary. I used the stock settings of 4mm, 20% infill, 45degree overhand and they turned out really good. 
Links all good now. Thanks, they came in very handy
Hi Wuthoqquan, Im signed into dropbox but I still can't access these files. Getting a 403 error.
Wow, massive thanks to MrSpeakers for releasing these files to the community. This is absolutely amazing. I was planning on designing my own over the Easter break but I guess I will be getting a head start printing instead. 
The K3 Pros that i purchased during the Aliexpress 7th sales arrived today. They were sold under the colour "Brown" but are actually the grey version. Everything seems to be included and they sound great
 I wandered back to Headfi looking for a cheap $10 IEM but you guys have upsold me on the K3 Pro. I also msged NiceHCK and organised the 80$ deal, but it appears that he has run out of his sale stock and the price is now $110.The next best deal appears to be $91 usd after stacking coupons. Also there are also a number of cashback sites that will return 7-10% of that price.
I've had a pair of Vegan pads for the last month and just got a pair of Focus Pad A's in today. After some quick comparisons, you can't really go wrong with either of them. Comfort wise both are great. I had no issues with the focus pad fit on my ears that some people have mentioned. The Audeze pads are even more comfortable and are like pillows on your head. Either is great for long term listening.   Sound wise the Audeze pads have incredibly natural and lush mids, They...
Thanks to everyone in this community for all the brilliant modding ideas. I can finally say that after a combination of the Fuzzor, grill, full jergpad and the headband mods I've created the perfect franken-headphone.    
Thanks mrscotchguy, just completed this mod step by step without any issues. I ended up not removing the connectors and just sealing the drivers in sandwich bags.The comfort difference is night and day. Gonna settle down for a long listening sesh with a glass of Lagavulin.    
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