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I have my 10ft Cardas with 1/4'' plug up for sale, it is a nice little upgrade for somebody looking to get a bit extra out of their HD6x0 for relatively little money.   Reason for selling: since getting my Beyerdynamic T1 I haven't been using my HD600 for listening to my main rig. I only use it for casual listening from an iPod or with my Playstatoin Vita and these require a 1/8 plug. So I'm only using the standard cable with the HD600.   Price is firm at €100 + shipping
Number 8875 reporting in, just got them 3 days ago.    I also have a HD600, but I have to say, the T1's really are miles ahead. The T1 is just so fast and detailed, instrument separation is also a lot better. While the HD600 sounds great in its own right, in comparison to the T1 they come up short just about every department. However, if you would prefer a more mellow, smooth sound, you could look into the HD600.
I happen to have the same watch in black on right now (a genuine one though).   Oke lets see: 1: The date is too small. 2. The pip on the bezel is touching the edges of the black triangle, the real one has a tiny bit of space between the edges (this is usually the best way to tell a fake Planet Ocean). 3. The x5 minute indicators on the bezel seem very short. 4. There is too little space between the printed 12, 9 and 6  and their indices. And the 12, 9 and 6 seem...
I hope that you are aware that the watch is fake... A pretty good fake, but still a fake.
I get it in my right ear if I use my IEM's for two or more days in a row in the bus, and I always listen at low volume levels. My Ety's now stay in a drawer since I'm a bit paranoid about it and I don't want to hurt my hearing, I don't want it to affect my listening pleasure with my main headphone setup. So I don't listen to music on the bus anymore.   I can listen to a headphone for days on end without feeling anything, I also listen to low volume levels with my...
Does anybody know at which serial number the new headband was introduced? I'm also looking into buying a T1, however I would prefer one with the new headband.
Hello everybody,   I'm looking to sell my Meier Audio Cantate Amplifier with built in DAC.    I am the first owner and it still works and looks great.   Willing to ship anywhere.   For questions leave a post or PM me.   (The AKG K701 are also for sale.)    SOLD LOCALLY
I'm kind of on the fence about buying a T1. It is a quite a lot of money.   To which extent would the T1 be an improvement in my rig: Computer -> Corda Cantate DAC/Amp -> Sennheiser HD 600 w. Cardas.   I'm just afraid the T1 might be more a side-grade instead of an upgrade. For that kind of money I really need it to be an improvement on pretty much every aspect sound quality wise against the HD600.
I'm quite interested in this debate.   From what I've read in this thread most people cant tell the difference between FLAC and mp3 320kbps. Is it possible to tell the difference between 320kbps and 256kbps? Or 256kbps and 224kbps? Or 224kbps and 192kbps? Or 192kbps and 160kbps? Or 160kbps and 128kbps? Probably not, since the differences are so small.   I think everybody will agree they can hear a difference between FLAC and 128kbps, but according to...
You have a unique way of expressing yourself, you do make a point, albeit with a very strange metaphor.
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