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 Yes thanks that is it. I actually found the live version of the song from him on youtube and it sounded so different that I thought it wasn't the right song and dismissed it during the rest of my search.But it's the right song. Don't like the song as much now that I hear it again though. Thanks anyway!
I have a been puzzled by finding a song I heard on the radio, I just can't seem to find it anywhere no matter how much I google for it. It is about a breakup and the only line I can remember is: "It's not that easy for me as it is for you" or something along those lines. It was sang by a soulful artist, he sounded similar to John Legend. Any of you guys know the song by any chance?
hello readers of head-fi!   I hardly ever read, but I would love to read more. The big problem is that I have no idea what to read or even what I might enjoy reading. So I need to try some stuff out to see what tickles my fancy.    I remember having to do a lot of book reports in high school and it was an absolute drag. And more recently I tried to start reading, bought the Lord of the Rings trilogy, managed to finish the first book 2,5 times, and got halfway through...
I tried to look, but I couldn't quite make it out. He had his source in a jacket pocket.It was really busy and noisy, so I couldn't hear anything. Don't think he could have heard that much either:PI also saw a guy in the subway with some Beyer Custom One Pro's. They looked really good, but they are a bit large.
What are your reasons for wanting to go with the iPod touch instead?
Saw a guy wearing a K701 on the subway in Berlin while I was heading to university. It was a pretty funny sight.
Maybe it would be of help if you could explain a bit more more about what you liked/disliked about the previous earphones you've tried.
I have been using the Ety ER4P for years now as my only IEM, but I have been having some comfort issues with them. So, I set out to find a nice alternate for the Ety's when I don't require heavy isolation. Bought a pair of IE80's a few days ago (€209 in Gemany). Spent a good number of hours listening to them today and yesterday. Some initial impressions compared to my trusty Ety's: Holy mother of bass! I have been using the ER4Ps (known for having tight bass, but with...
I have owned the HD600 and the K701. I preferred the HD600, though not by much. Just out of curiosity, where do you live?
Quick question guys, it has probably been asked a couple of times, but couldn't find it after quickly going through a few dozen pages of the thread. (Good thread btw) For rather easy to drive IEM's (like IE80 or ER4P), would the DX50 provide a significant upgrade in sq as compared to an iPod Touch or just a different sound signiature? I don't really need to replace my source, but the Head-Fi itch is coming up again! Damn the DX50 looks cool...
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