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Marshall's website just leaked their plans to release an audiophile smartphone running on android, looks pretty interesting. From what I've managed to find out it is likely to launch somewhere in August for about $600.    It's specs are pretty mid-tier for a smartphone, 4.7-inch, 720p display, 2GB of RAM, a 2500 mAh (removable) battery, and a Snapdragon 410 processor*.   It will have a couple of "audiophile" features, such as two headphone-outs on the top of the...
 Yes thanks that is it. I actually found the live version of the song from him on youtube and it sounded so different that I thought it wasn't the right song and dismissed it during the rest of my search.But it's the right song. Don't like the song as much now that I hear it again though. Thanks anyway!
I have a been puzzled by finding a song I heard on the radio, I just can't seem to find it anywhere no matter how much I google for it. It is about a breakup and the only line I can remember is: "It's not that easy for me as it is for you" or something along those lines. It was sang by a soulful artist, he sounded similar to John Legend. Any of you guys know the song by any chance?
hello readers of head-fi!   I hardly ever read, but I would love to read more. The big problem is that I have no idea what to read or even what I might enjoy reading. So I need to try some stuff out to see what tickles my fancy.    I remember having to do a lot of book reports in high school and it was an absolute drag. And more recently I tried to start reading, bought the Lord of the Rings trilogy, managed to finish the first book 2,5 times, and got halfway through...
I tried to look, but I couldn't quite make it out. He had his source in a jacket pocket.It was really busy and noisy, so I couldn't hear anything. Don't think he could have heard that much either:PI also saw a guy in the subway with some Beyer Custom One Pro's. They looked really good, but they are a bit large.
What are your reasons for wanting to go with the iPod touch instead?
Saw a guy wearing a K701 on the subway in Berlin while I was heading to university. It was a pretty funny sight.
Maybe it would be of help if you could explain a bit more more about what you liked/disliked about the previous earphones you've tried.
I have been using the Ety ER4P for years now as my only IEM, but I have been having some comfort issues with them. So, I set out to find a nice alternate for the Ety's when I don't require heavy isolation. Bought a pair of IE80's a few days ago (€209 in Gemany). Spent a good number of hours listening to them today and yesterday. Some initial impressions compared to my trusty Ety's: Holy mother of bass! I have been using the ER4Ps (known for having tight bass, but with...
I have owned the HD600 and the K701. I preferred the HD600, though not by much. Just out of curiosity, where do you live?
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