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So what's the cheapest 16/48 solution that requires a laptop?  I'm looking for like a USB dongle with a coax spdif input.
Anyone have an REW measurement response file for the HD25 they could send me?  I want to do a parametric eq on it.
Still looking for this.
I can't imagine myself ever paying for MP3s, per track or a subscription service.
Cheaper the better.   My mad scientist DJing stuff.
I need a cheap, effective means of adding delay to a headphone jack.  This must be either built into a headphone amp or something I can put between a headphone amp and source jack.  And again, the cheaper, the better... but it must work and not sound horrible.  I'm not looking for echo, by the way. This will be purely a wet signal.  The amount of delay should also be adjustable.
Or do I need a class A or AB amp to run those?
David Clark-style aviation headsets and the HN-7506 use gel pads with an outer rim, as many headphones use, but those are much smaller cups and pads.  The Peltor ear protectors use an inner plastic ring that their gel earpads just pop on and off from.  Anyone seen any gel pads similar in attachment style to the former (smaller rim like the HN-7506, actually), but sized like the latter that would work with the Koss headphones?  The foam & air ones that you can get as...
Sometimes I think the 990 was voiced to sound good on mediocre headphone jacks, like those on a laptop.  I find it sounds tonally less accurate from something like an O2, though it benefits in a lot of other ways.
So it sounds like there's little to no possible improvement to running an amp prior to a NC headphone and the only possible consequences are either inconsequential or adverse if I do so. Since either way is equally convenient for me, I'll just run it straight into the line input until I hear otherwise when I have the opportunity. Thanks.
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