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SF,Thank you. pataburd
Not necessarily.  But would someone please direct me to the salient scientific posts, so I don't have to unduly suffer the concursive banter that comprises the bulk of this "objectivist/scientific" thread?
Please link me to the reference, to save me wading through a bunch of heated "objectivist" discussion.
Have all the constituent materials been assayed?Until I see definitive results from a spectral analysis, et al, what is being passed off  as "science" on this flame-throwers' dream thread is little more than the mumbo jumbo it [the thread] claims to be demystifying.
Maybe a bit of both.  But no cheaper than the manifold salvos of cheap-shots already launched.I am surprised that Synegistic Research has not already weighed in on the dispute with a rational defense--or have they already(?)--I haven't read the entire thread yet.I may buy the test model, if the price is right! But I am also on the verge of buying a HOT on trial simply to gain some traction on this thread.
The tin-eared teckies have spoken . . . and spoken . . . and spoken . . . Let us ignorant peons swoon in deference before these self-assured and self-described know-it-alls. After all, the ART of listening is nothing more than "pure" SCIENCE, is it not?  
Am returning H-03 and M-10 for a replacement. There are definitely problems with either the headphones or the amp. But the set-up does sound VERY GOOD when all the stars come into alignment!  
VM, Thank you for the input. I bought my set through a dealer.  They have agreed to handle the return/replacement, thank God. I would like to try the Woo Wee sometime down the road with my Qinpu A-1.0X and the H-03.   pataburd
Kevin, Thank you. Will try to call and have a replacement pair of the H-03 shipped. Will try the headphones and amp out with another source/cables first, though. When the H-03 are good, they are very very good.   pataburd
Thank you, Chris! Unfortunately, I was out of town when the PayPal 60-day window closed.
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