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Just picked up the H-03 [again], but this time with the M-20 amplifier.
Most disappointing: Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium 250 ohm (aka "2005 version"). Next-to-the-most disappointing: Sennheiser HD700.
The Mikros 90 come to mind.
I have experienced hard treble response with the MT220, which tends to be recording-dependent.  On deficient recordings, it can be painful. I also observe that the Yamahas are not as extended in the upper frequencies as my Martin Logan Mikros 90. Not sure about break-in time with these, but they do seem to be settling down over time, i.e. apparently not as harsh as before with the same recordings.
Thank you, Kevin!
Can the KingSound M-20 amplifier drive the Stax SR-407/507?
After reading a few more reviews, it might be the case that I did not wait long enough (~100 hours) for any sonic bugs to desist from the H-03/M-10. As an aside, can the Stax SR-005 be driven by the KingSound M-20? 
Just picked up the H-03 and the M-20. They should ship next week. Hopefully, this set will prove its worth without attendant quality issues as before. Have been auditioning the Stax SR-507, but miss--and would much prefer--the KingSound.
I am not overly-sensitive to high frequencies; in fact, I have always tended to enjoy traditionally "bright" headphones, and always with silver recable.   The Mikros 90 are not rolled off in the HF IMHO.  [Now the LCD 2.2 ARE hopelessly rolled off in the treble.] The HE-6 have an unnatural--not intolerably bright-- treble to my ears.
LOL, too!!
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