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The Monk+, IMHO, benefit from a 50-100 hour break-in.
BTW, the Monk+ w/Original Monk red doughnut rings sound superb when amped with the SinglePower MPX3. Outstanding openness, clarity and resolution from these babies. . . . but, alas, certainly not the last word in bass slam/extension . . . 
The Reds definitely introduce "colorations" to the Monk+ sound.Whereas the Darths should sound completely neutral, since black represents the absence of all color(ation)!YMMV!
Haircutt 100, "Love Plus One", with the Monk+. Oh, so fresh, vibrant and open-sounding these $5 wonder-buds!
Just hooked up the Pro-Ject USB Box S+.  Hi-Res Bach organ music. Wow!  The Monk+ sound exceptional. . . . then I strapped on the Martin Logan Mikros 90 . . .  . . . still wearing the MLs . . .  The Mikros 90 still RULE!
The Monk+ have broken in nicely after 50-ish hours or so.  Fuller, airier and less bright sound [thinking back to the very first few hours].  Midrange has gotten very open and clear as well. Really sounding  nice with AQ jitterbug and Dragonfly , FLAC files, straight out of the laptop. : )
I own almost as many Monks as I do Martin Logan Mikros 90s!
Monk+, thin blue foamies, laptop USB out with AQ Jitterbug in series with Dragonfly 1.2, Guess Who "Heartbroken Bopper" on FLAC file [Spotify/last.fm]. NICE!
Just did some more a/b-ing, and I agree with your perception of the Originals sounding more "organic".  The originals convey more ambient realism to my ears, as well.  Although I do like them both.  It can be a matter of my particular mood at the time.  Have the Monk+ going most of the time at my desk.  Late night listening . . . nice with the Originals.
My Originals aren't going anywhere.
New Posts  All Forums: