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Not yet, but I plan to audition the ($4500) MHA 100 within the next few weeks.
+1. . . of all time, even!!!Enjoying my "bass-light"/"treble-heavy" Mikros 90 [Stock Pair #2] with Teds UPOCC copper cable and Putumayo's Women of the World International disc.
Maxx, True. I probably enjoy my office rig the best, which is much less costly than my home rig. Office Rig:  old EVS-modded Oppo 970HD DVD player, Virtue Audio cables, MAC power cords, KMF headphone amp, PowerVar AC conditioner, modded Mikros 90 and Auvio cable.  I probably derive more "pure" enjoyment from this equipment than anything else--including the fully tricked out K812 Pro configuration at home.   Gotta love them Logans, Man!
OK. Thankee!!!
When will beta testers get the PM-1 tuned PM-2 pads?
Maxx,NICE WORK!!!You and Lors merit medals of modding honor.Still primarily using my SPACEY/BASSY mod [enjoying Lionel Ritchie, "Sail On" right now, with the Auvio cable]  or Stock Pair #3.Haven't cracked open my Mikros 90 for months now . . . I am loath to admit.Spending most of my full-size time with the K812 and Oppo PM-1 and ALL of my portable time with the MLs.I am on the brink of selling off all my headphones except the two aforementioned Mikros 90s, and focusing my...
sonike,Welcome aboard!Glad to hear another positive testimonial from a Head-Fier willing to take a chance with the Mikros 90.  I have owned/broken-in seven pairs of the MLs and no two of them have sounded the same.  Among my current three stock pair, one is warm and bassy, another bass-light and more detailed/emphasized in the treble; and the third, which seems to achieve the "golden mean" in virtually every sonic respect.  Modding--ala Lorspeaker-- is the only way to...
I have the K812 and the PM-1 and am open for offers. Both sets of headphones are in excellent condition and come with all original boxes/packaging. Am on the verge of getting rid of all my headphones except the Martin Logan Mikros 90. Unreasonable offers resolutely ignored.
rinki,What is "the right direction" for you?
"Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain" sounds really nice, too.
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