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It's best to let your own ears--rather than someone else's--be the judges.No build/quality issues with my pair.  I got my foot tangled in the cable and yanked the K812 onto the floor the other day.  No problem.
Right.Looks like "quote over-sprawl" from Justin_Time.
M500s?You still listening to those things?
[Yes.  Admittedly, I am a treble-head.  But I still really like the PM-1 for their delicately nuanced HF presentation.]   To the top for TEAM MARTIN LOGAN!!!   Nearly a year in my line-up, and the Mikros 90 are still at/near the top of my shortlist for TOTL--you heard right, Folks--cans!
The "resolution/details" being identified as a weakness with the PM-1 just has me scratching my head.  (((scratch-scratch-scratch)))
Had a grand listen to the Mikros 90 [Stock Pair #3 followed by the Spacey/Bassy modded pair] with Teds UPOCC copper litz cable.     These are consistently stellar performers.  I took off the PM-1 after about a half hour and had the Mikros 90 on for the next two: stunningly clear, vibrant and brilliantly balanced.   Had me pining--again--for Martin Logan's return to the market with a full-sized TOTL offering.
Thank you and congratulations! Sounds like a nice, well-implemented silver cable doing everything silver should do to improve the sonics. Right now, I am trying to get a LEMO-to-1/8" Female adapter made for the K812.  That way I can use either a 1/8"-to-1/8" UPOCC silver or copper cable [already on hand] with the AKGs. All other things being equal, I have ALWAYS preferred silver to copper cable.
Well??? What's the verdict?
Aficionado or not: the $400 MSRP difference is substantial for those audiophiles with a modicum of budget consciousness, given that the PM-1 and PM-2 sound essentially the same [based only on pad configuration].     That $400 could be put to better use elsewhere to further improve the upstream audio gear chain.
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