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Still enjoying the Mikros 90. Have sold the MT-220 and kept the h/k CL.
Thoroughly enjoying the Mikros 90 today.  STRAIGHT OUT of my computer, they sound exceptional. Have not heard the ESW9LTD, but my prior experience with ATH full sized cans is that they tend to be too midrange-prominentand overly polite. The mids on the Mikros 90 are pristine, detailed and musical enough for me!  
Another plug for the h/k CL. Just a great, musical set of portables.
Maxx!!! I have since sold the PM-3, DT-1350 and MT-220. Have kept the h/k CL, though. The Mikros 90, stock, with small on-ear pads and vise grip, are still my reigning overall favorites     Patrick
Definitely prefer the H-03 to the SR-407/507.  To my ears, the Stax were strident in the upper midrange. Just implemented a OneAC power conditioner and the H-03/M-10 sound better than ever! Listened to the EXCELLENT remastered "Miss Peggy Lee" collection over the past few evenings, and the KingSound do these fine recordings true justice: detailed, refined, tonally proper, spatially believable.
Just picked up the M-10. I prefer the H-03 with the SS M-10.
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Oppo 3 are gone. The Mikros 90 and the CL get most of my headtime.
Gear: SONY BDP-S480 SID disc mat Neotech UP-OCC interconnects KMF ss headphone amplifier APC filter DakiOm Stabilizer   Music:' Choices/Brian Bromberg Water Sign/Jeff Lorber Fusion Greatest Hits/Earl Thomas Conley Thriller/Michael Jackson Greatest Hits/Harry Chapin Tenderly/George Benson   Yamaha MT-220: Verdict: overly lean, sometimes hard/strident in the upper midrange/lower treble for me.  Excellent detail, articulate bass.  Wide and high, but not...
Running the CL with a Marc Tunis SPC cable [Near terminations]. I prefer Brian Bromberg's "Choices" with the CL more than the MT-220, DT-1350 and PM-3.
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