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The BSA/BCL sounds alot more detailed, transparent and 3-dimensional. Just made an offer on a Burr Brown OPA627AP. Am looking forward to trying this Op Amp in the BCL.
 Notes from Big Sky Audio:"This spectacular Class A headphone amplifier utilizes no global feedback for the highest fidelity. It has been comprehensively upgraded with Nichicon KG Gold Tune II, Panasonic FC (low-ESR), and Wima polypropylene capacitors along with PRP non-magnetic audio grade resistors in all signal paths for the best sound quality possible."Your amp has also been upgraded to the superior Op Amp, the Burr Brown OPA2604, which is my absolute favorite for...
Enjoying Tracy Chapman's New Beginnings. The MT220 continue to improve over a lengthy break-in period (100+ hours in my estimation). Great match with the newly arrived Big Sky Audio upgraded Lehmann BCL, set to 0db gain.  The mids have come forward a touch with much fuller detail.   Denon DVD-1940CI>Neotech NEI-3001 interconnect>Big Sky/Lehmann BCL>IeGo power cords>DakiOm F-273 Feedback Stabilizer>MT220
Teds UP-OCC silver cable gets the Blue Ribbon. ABBA Gold sounds very good. The CL definitely have a bass excess, but they are also very energetic and engaging--jumpin'!
The CL sound very good with Teds UP-OCC cable. The MT220 cannot match the richness and fullness of brass rendered by the CL.
Yes. The steel band can be very noisy if you're on the move. Not an issue for me since practically all my listening is at home.
The Teds UP-OCC copper cable is the best so far, although both the Pipeline and the Auvio were improvements over the stock cable.  Brass sounds wonderful!  Massed strings sound rich and well-differentiated.  Bass is very well sorted out between electric bass, tubas and bass drum.   . . . Teds UP-OCC silver will be the "Last Horizon".
Bought a 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm adapter for the CL, and am currently listening with the Pipeline ET-4. Bigger, cleaner, more detailed and balanced presentation overall with the Pipeline IMHO. It's a great advantage to have a detachable cable with the harman kardons.  The lack of a detachable is the MT220's foil. The bass weight and impact with the kick drum is pretty remarkable [Henri Mancini/RPO Pops/Denon: Mancini Rocks the Pops:  Track #2: "In the Air Tonight"]. The...
Have not heard the takstars.
Got the QVS 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm adapter today. Am trying the Pipeline ET-4 cable right now.  More detail and transparency with improved bass balance/articulation. Nice sense of space and 3-D placement as well! Brass is even more rich and enjoyable now. I have the stock Mikros 90 cable, an Auvio [from the now defunct Radio Shack], a Teds UP-OCC copper and UP-OCC silver at-the-ready, too. The detachable cable is a desirable option to have with the harman kardon CL, giving...
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