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Another satisfied customer.
I gave all my V1s away!
Can't wait for the Pluses to arrive!
Ted!  Oh, Ted![Do I REALLY want to do this?  Haven't listened to my KS H-03 in months.]
Just put my modded Mikros 90 back on in the interim. No complaints here. . . .  but can't wait to get the Monks juiced with the modded Lehmann BCL.  : )
Gave my third [and last] pair to my wife. . . . and miss them already. Just ordered five more--should be the "plus".
Lors,'been railroad tie-walking lately.Is the Zen 2 worth the trip?pataburd[STILL prefer the Mikros 90, but DO like the comfort and bang-for-the-buck of the Monks.]
Just received my three pair.  Gave two pairs away already to my nephews.  Five more on order for gifts.  Great bargain.
sniff-sniff cough! cough! yes . . . authentic   : )
Source-dependent, IMHO. The H-03/M-10 sound great to me.  Not tipped in the HF.
New Posts  All Forums: