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I am using my Curve with my AYH-ESW10, love em' very much and I will say the combination is much better then with my PSP unamped.
Quote: Originally Posted by digitalbill Well this is interesting. Here is a photo of the certificate that came with my set. I bought them direct from Audio Technica - SG. The serial number is engraved on the headset )
Quote: Originally Posted by Jeff Guidry I have an eye towards using skills gained professionally, so just 'getting by' with non-professional programs is not an option. I really want to learn Pro-Tools, because that's the industry standard. I wanted to know what other programs were popular and what bells/whistles I ought to be looking at as my equipment/software list develops. I probably will play around with other programs so I can know a wide range...
I was in the Vegas Qualia store two weeks ago with the 007 + 010 combo. Quite a forgetable experience I'll say.
Using Avid's Media Composer for 15 years - they have the best in the Video NLE systems. You can download a free DV only version called DV Free on the website Quote: Originally Posted by archosman yup. One of the best if not THE best...
NKT, it is nice to know that u r enjoying the W2002. Enjoy the music and try it with some Emmelines if you can.
Yes, this baby is now officially for sale. Since I don't get to spend much time with my "baby" nowadays, I will like to sell them to someone who can give her a good home. US$750 Nett but buyer will have to pay the PayPal charges and shipping. Condition: As new. PM me.
Yes, this the original ultra limited edition "1 0f 10" ATH-L3000 "Leatherhead" that came without the serial number. I was presented another pair by the "wify" and I will like to sell this pair for the price of US$1600. Condition 10/10 with original box and papers. IC: I might also sell my W2002 together with the L3000 for a bargain price of US$2200. Will ship worldwide. Buyer will pay postage and PayPal charges please. Send me a PM if you are...
Looking desperately for a pair of ATC SCM-12 speakers. If you know of someone or have an extra pair 4 sale, please PM me. Thanks
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