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  Yeah, because that's exactly what I said.  This is a terrible straw man.   Sorry, I didn't want to bring any more artificial measurements to the table. 
  Who needs to ride the coaster if the math says its slow as hell and doesn't pull many G's?  Its not complicated math, its very well explained, and it can easily be proven.  Why would I buy a ticket to an amusement park full of slow, over priced, poorly engineered roller coasters?  Oh wait, maybe its an audiophile park and it costs $800.  Then the people that do go can claim that everyone needs to go to this park or they can't talk about it.   Artificial measurements? ...
Swing and a miss.   I actually thought this was really funny an immediately thought of this forum.  The disclaimer is too good.
That sure as hell doesn't help sell $10,000 amps and DACs now does it?
Damn I miss having Recchi on Philly.  The guy is nothing but class.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prog Rock Man There is no doubt sighted tests reveal more differences than blind and that there are issues with ABX/blind testing. Sighted tests reveal more differences? You've lost me now.
Quote: Originally Posted by KingStyles Its amazing how every thing supposedly sounds the same but when I listen to at meets it all sounds different with the same can. How can that be? Lurk more. This question isn't as smart as you think it is.
For some audiophiles, it actually has nothing to do with the "love of sound" and "trusting your ears." It has more to do with having the most expensive system, knowing the least about it, and making outrageous claims about how they have been in the hobby for a long time and they know what sounds best. I guess everyone needs to feel important and have a midlife crisis (never ending for some) in their own way.
Quote: Originally Posted by BIG POPPA The QLS-6 can speak for itself. You will have to audition it sometime? Just because you do not understand what it does, does not mean it doesn't work? With audio everybody has a different path to take. Very happy with mine. About 30 years in the making. Sometimes I pray at my TV to make it look better. I don't understand why it works, but it sure works! Everyone has a different path for sure.
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