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I owned a Fiio cable. The plug doesn't work well on things like DACs. The way it's shaped makes it so it cuts out because the jack doesn't fit in all the way. I'd been using a Fiio cable for a bit and bought a new dac. The dac started cutting out when listening so I naturally blamed the DAC. Turns out it was an issue with the Fiio cable. I don't have the same problem with the Shure cable. The Fiio also cuts out on the connections to the buds quite badly also but I didn't...
Most of the aftermarket cables I've seen are worse quality or total con jobs next to the stock cables. I like the stock cables except the metal bendable over-ears part. I think that is unnessesary. That part is also prone to cracking. I've had to replace my cable because of that (and had a small foray into aftermarket cables... disappointment) and finally settled back to the stock cable.
 Can't see it too clearly but the cable you have with your 535's looks unusual. The stock 535 cables are either black or transparent colour while the one you have looks solid white. The stock cable is 1.6m or about 63 inches/ 5 and a quarter feet. Which is longer than most earbud cables. I'm 6 foot and I don't find my cable short at all. What I'm guessing is that the 535 J edition comes with a shorter cable than stock to suit shorter Japanese people's tastes rather than...
 Short cable? The cable that comes with the SE535 as standard is pretty long. It should also include an extension with manual volume control. If you do purchase a new cable avoid the Fiio aftermarket cable. It's pretty bad.
  Just get a small dedicated DAC like the HRT Microstreamer or Geek-out. It will make any phones audio out sound like a tin can in comparison. iphones are a joke.
 Not for sound quality alone. Better to buy a dedicated DAC for SQ. A dedicated USB DAC will destroy any phones sound quality generally.
Mine isn't so loose it will fall out really, and it affects one side more than the other. Basically I was removing the wire from one of the buds and the damper shot across the room from the force of it. Or if I give it a strong tap it will pop out. It's loose enough I won't wear tips that don't have a wax guard, which is disappointing to me. I've using the white dampers now and prefer them to the greys now. I think I should have just left my se535 alone because I won't be...
  Ah, sorry. Thought you meant the stock earbuds that come with the M8. The M8 is fairly detailed but the sound is pretty flat and cold. I guess I am just in love with my HRT Microstreamer. It's so nice sounding that I can't help but use it even if it's a bit awkward having to attach it when I want to listen to music and to have the added battery drain. It's worth it to me for the sound quality.
The Shures have a more open and balanced sound. It's a pretty dramatic difference. Not a knock to the M8 headphones because they are free but they are miles apart. A tin can is a good comparison, lol. I sound like a jerk but a tin can is pretty much what they sound like in comparison.
 I tested them out after using only my HRT Microstreamer and Shure SE535 with the M8 for about 2 months. I got a chuckle out of it. They sound really weird compared to what I am used to. Like listening to an old AM radio or something.
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