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Is there a good solution for docking an iPhone 7, that will supply power to the phone and allow connecting to the iFi?
I love the m9xx.  I have 3 other headphone amps and this is the one that gets used 90% of the time (HD800, D7000, LCD2v1, Powered Genelec speakers and sub).  The form factor, channel balance, volume range, integrated DAC, and ease of use are its real strengths.  I also have the iDSD Micro which I like because it's battery powered, easily transported, and can drive any headphone I have, but it doesn't work nearly as well as the centerpiece of a desktop setup where both...
The garage/bike shop setup is coming along nicely.         And for a little extra kick.  
This looks good. Thanks for posting.
Can you post a picture with the iDSD in the case?
Another 2 hours w micro dsd and audeze lcd2.1 tonight. Really great combo. ATB movin melodies is especially enjoyable.
 I have the LCD-2.1 and they sound really great with the Micro iDSD.  I spent about 2 hours listening to that pair this past Saturday.
I'm still interested in if the product I linked would be a good option (especially since it provides the ability to mute the speakers while listening to headphone).  However, this rothwell in-line attenuator looks promising.  I went to their website and it looks like they have this product that is intended to connect to the input socket of amps (so this would connect to the active speakers and not the iFi Micro I believe).  They make a separate attenuator for connecting to...
Thank you for this explanation.  I'm wondering if this product would provide the external attenuation between the iDSD micro and the Genelecs (if so, the mute button and the variable settings both seem like useful features).  Can someone (maybe iFi) comment? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1166537-REG/palmer_pmonicon_passive_monitor_controller.html
So far updating to this firmware seems to be working.  Thanks for the help!
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