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It's my dream ride to trek up Mt Haleakala! 
OK time to log off and go for a ride!
get another!  I will never sell mine.  every time someone comes over they ask what it is.  it's art whether headphones are plugged in or not!
Just got some new levers.  Can't wait to install them!  
Can't believe it took me this long to find this thread ...  Good stuff!
Congratulations on your Awesome Woo!  You're in for some great times
Nice ride.  I've put more miles on my bike than my car this year.  Had to take the past month off due to shoulder surgery.  Just getting back to riding.  Did get to ride the Tierra Bella and the Triple Bypass in Colorado before going under the knife though.  Can't wait to see your updated listening room!
 Please do.  I haven't been keeping up with my favorite thread for awhile ... life got in the way ... always good to catch up and looking forward to spending some time with my WA22 this winter!
New Posts  All Forums: