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I have Zen 1.0  for sale. With VIABlue connector! No issues, sounds perfect.   Really RARE, collections items.     Fast free shipping with tracking.
Actual measurements are slighlty different from manufacturer's one. Sorry in Russian
Stripped down Spring with first ever tube output!
I have Zen 1.0  199$ shipped
Zen 1 —
Holo Spring + Berkeley USB vs Holo Spring USB vs Audio Note DAC 3 + Berkeley USB
Yes, I have the same top version but with Audio Note transformer. My Holo Spring (Wildism Audio editions) goes across Russia in tour —   BTW Soundaware D100 is pretty good source for Spring as one reviewer said.
 Is Wildism Audio your dealer-customizer? Looks looks like it is.
 Do you any ideas how review cycle works? 
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