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Go for it   http://www.head-fi.org/t/441400/earbuds-round-up/9000#post_12813420
 Guys from Indonesia and Tailand just repack some China buds. It's better to look for original :)
 WHAT? Bugguy made original Monk!I love SeaHF LD 4.0 400 better!
 Give us a Aiwa names!
I have my Blox B200 buds for sale. Like new conditions.   Free worldwide shipping.
 I'm happy you like it :)
I'm not a fanboy. Is Chord Hugo good enough for VE Zen 2?
I've just get Zen 1 and Zen 2 and Asura 1 and Asura 2 as complement to my Seahf LD-4.0 400. I'm really sorry to say that but Zen 2 and Asura 2 are completely wrong direction :/ They try to please with more clear highs and lost the point completely :/. Fun and joy go out.    Zen 1 is the KING and Asura 1 is the Queen! Lotsa fun! Zen and Seahf 400 gives more base for music.   I've checked bunch of earbuds through this summer: VE Monk VE Monk + TY Hi-Z HP-32 Qian...
I got two candy
I have one new, unopened Blox B200 for sale. 60$ shipped worldwide.
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