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Holo Spring + Berkeley USB vs Holo Spring USB vs Audio Note DAC 3 + Berkeley USB http://dastereo.ru/t/holo-audio-spring-dac-r2r-dsd512/2075/1341?u=dmitre
Yes, I have the same top version but with Audio Note transformer. My Holo Spring (Wildism Audio editions) goes across Russia in tour — http://dastereo.ru/t/holo-audio-spring-dac-r2r-dsd512/2075   BTW Soundaware D100 is pretty good source for Spring as one reviewer said.
 Is Wildism Audio your dealer-customizer? Looks looks like it is.
 Do you any ideas how review cycle works? 
You can start following this thread (in Russian, learn Russian ) http://dastereo.ru/t/holo-audio-spring-dac-r2r-dsd512/2075   It's promo tour of HOLO Audio Spring DAC (Jensen, Silver Trafo, AN Trans) in Russia.   It's compared against — Berkeley DAC 1 and Wadia 15 — http://www.dastereo.ru/t/holo-audio-spring-dac-r2r-dsd512/2075/489 — Naim DAC with Teddy PSU — Today it will fight against Metrum Pavane   Various listeners will review it in their own system Hilo...
Hi, I don't know really :/ I don't have BE3
 Metrum Octave MKII
I'm looking for BD headphones. Please PM if you have one for sale
Go for it   http://www.head-fi.org/t/441400/earbuds-round-up/9000#post_12813420
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