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Open to offers
I have a lot of 10 x 6p14p-EV unboxed NOS  = $100 I will ship worldwide. 6P14P = 6BQ5, EL84 and 7189 tubes. E = Extended or long life (>5,000 hours) V = Mechanically ruggedized for low microphonics and reliability  6P14P-EV is NOS (New Old Stock) Russian 6P14P-EV as translated from Cyrillic. It is a military build that meets or exceeds the 7189 specifications.  http://www.thetubestore.com/Tubes/EL84-6BQ5-Tube-Types/Preferred-Series-7189-Premium-EL84. Please don't mix it...
I'm looking for Metrum NOS DAC. Please PM if you have one for sale.
I'm looking for Metrum Quad DAC. Please PM if you have one gathering dust :}
Check this http://www.head-fi.org/t/688866/47-labs-4733-midnight-blue-dac-amp-pre
£650 / $1099 Shipping and payment fees are extra.
I have beautiful DAC for sale! Mint like new condition. 230V but can be set to 115V.
 Just buy second generation of Metrum USB module and forget about M2Tech hell.http://www.nosminidac.nl/price_list.html
Some quotes from Acelec abou new USB module Production date "Because they are still being produced, we are not yet 100% certain. But we will probably start shipping them in the 1 week of May." Price "The new USB is going to be a bit more expensive then the current one, due to the fact that it is a unique product with more compatibilities than the current one. The exact price will be officially announced soon. "
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