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I really think a solid state stackable amp would be a great fit to the line up.    I got into Shiit gear as I wanted something that looked as good as it sounded, so I for the Lyr 2. As soon as I got it, I found the size ideal and have now ordered a Bifrost to stack with it.    To go alongside these two, I have the NAD D3020 which is fantastic for the size, but has features that I just don't need. A nice basic amp with a big Schiit sound would certainly be welcomed to...
  Made myself a wall mounted version of my original stand. Darker stain is definitely a winner
Finally made a Y-Split for my Grado cable. No one ever told me how darn fiddly the whole process wood be!  
Sorry for the typical late reply but Paracord is FAR nicer to live with, however it is devilishly difficult to thread wire through MDPC sleeving is extremely easy to use but not as nice to the touch and I also find much more susceptible to micro-phonics. But that's just my opinion - if I were you I'd still try both just to say you have
I thought it would be too (unfortunately too late to change anything). Thankfully though the weight of the angled pillar means the weight is balanced very nicely and makes it more stable than it looks. But yes, next time a bigger foot 
FINALLY got around to making my first stand. However all it has done is leave me eager to make more! Am I doing it right?  
I still haven't been able to find anyone who's done this. Which such a shame because the foam pads look so out of place now I have the saddle leather headband 
    I've contacted B&W before for spares after I tore one of the awfully made C5 tips. They were quite resilient to the idea (I was told to stop being so heavy handed), but if you're polite and persuasive you should get the goods.   
Hey guys, first time posting in the Music end of Head-Fi, so I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the barrage of artists and songs I've never heard of!   We all love hearing our favourite music on new gear, and it being brought to life in a whole new way right? But every so often there seems to be a certain song which just turns to absolute magic. Almost like they song and headphones were made for each other.   So I want to know what experiences you guys...
I recently picked up some S4's and post 50hrs burn in, there sadly is distinctive lack on snap on snares. Splashes and crashes too fall short, and are more like a sort of fizz. Guitars also aren't replicated well and lack definition. Hopefully someone else will be able to report on the MC5's. Hope this is of some help
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