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I bought these headphones on the weekend from AddictedToAudio (3 days old) and my brother didn't like them so it has to go. Comes with all accessories and box.   Pickup in Melbourne, Australia or can post anywhere.
I went with the Active speaker way because I had very limited space on my table. I don't regret going down this track at all since the performance is amazing.   Luxman DA100 -> Darkvoice 336SE preamp -> SVS SB2000 sub -> Swan M200MKIII
So what is the improvement with the "e" series?
I'm selling this amp as I'm going to upgrade soon. Comes with the stock tubes and the follow tubes that I bought over time and no point keeping them. Comes with power cable.   1 x Chatham Electronics - JAN 6AS7G 2 x RCA - JAN 6AS7G 2 x RCA - 67AS7G 1 x Motorola 6SN7 GTB 1 x RCA 6SN7 1 x National Union black glass 6SN7 GT   Pickup in Melbourne or Post.
I have for sale my DT150 recabled.   What you get is the box and everything in it, the stock cables, the blue 26AWG silver plated copper cable with a 3.5mm Neutrik plug, the current cable on the headphone which is a silver plated copper which is sleeved with a 4 pin balance plug and a brand new pair of spare ear pads. Best way to describe the difference after recabling is the sound is much wider like an open headphone and more balanced. Comes with 4 pin balance to 6.3mm...
I'm looking for a Luxman DA100 or DA200 of any voltage. If you have one that you wish to sell please PM me.   Thanks.
Does anyone know how the Rega DAC compares to Luxman DA-100?
Bought it early last year from Addicted to Audio. Comes with box and packaging. It has chips on top of the headband.
Sorry I'm talking about power consumption.
Does anyone know how many watts this amp uses?
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