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Selling my 2 month old Dunu DN2000 I haven't used any of the ear tips as I bought spares and used them instead. Comes with box and all accessories and a few pairs of comply tips. No chips or dints on the housing. Reason for selling them is that I don't travel much anymore.   Pickup in Melbourne or can ship anywhere in Australia.
I just received my Xiaomi Hybrid and they are indeed warm sounding but nothing near muffled. I have no idea why I bought it considering I already have a Dunu DN2000
I've always had a problem with silicon tips where I can hear my own heart beat. So foams are the only ones that don't do this.
 2k or foam tips are both good to me. 2k tips have more bass but the foam tips make it more balanced and are more comfortable for me so I would go with the foam.
Just received my DN2000. Reminds me of the A&K Rosie I listened to last week but with a smaller price tag :D
PRICE DROP FROM $250 to $220
BuffHamster   Grado PS1000e
I bought these a week ago but because of work issues I can't use them anymore. It comes with the box and all accessories.   Can post it or pick up in Melbourne. Payment is cash, DD or paypal depending on location.
I'm guessing mine is 1st gen since it's 10xxx
If the Beyer logo on the earcups are white is that the 1st or 2nd gen?
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