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Selling my Rockets if anyone is interested.   Won't be using them much anymore so they will have to go.
Bought these from A2A last week. They are amazing but don't pair well with my DAC and amp.   Comes with the the metal case and all accessories. None of the tips have been used as I used my own foam tips with them.   Pick up in Melbourne or ship anywhere.   EDIT: PRICE DROP.
Just picked up a pair of Rockets and love them. Only thing i did was change out the tips as they are too sticky. Might go get some Comply later and test them out.
Sorry I'm only after a sale atm.
  I don't need 2 IEMs. Doesn't really help answer my question.
I'm thinking of getting the Rocket or Dunu DN2000 but not sure which one to get. I can test the Rockets at a shop but have no access to DN2000.   Does anyone have a comparison of these IEMs?
A friend of mine bought this for me as a gift but I do not need it so I'm selling it.   It's still shrink wrapped.   Pickup at Melbourne, Australia or ship anywhere.   EDIT: PRICE DROP. EDIT: PRICE DROP AGAIN!
I bought these 2 weeks ago but due to work conditions I won't be able to use them.   None of the foam covers are used and it comes with the box and all accessories.   Payment is by Paypal, Direct deposit or cash depending on shipping/pickup.   EDIT: PRICE DROP. EDIT PRICE DROP AGAIN
Does anyone know if this can be connected to a phone with a OTG cable?
Does anyone know if this will work fine with a LG G3 phone with a OTG cable?   What is the difference between the normal and + version of Herus?
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