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I have for sale a 1 year old DT880 600ohm. Comes with the case and box. No damage to the headphone. Reason for selling is that I bought a Grado PS1000. Pickup in Melbourne or Post. Payment is COD or Direct Deposit. Price drop from $300 to $260
I have for sale a 1 year old Audio-GD NFB-10SE. Comes with power, toslink and usb cable. No damage to the unit at all.   Reason for selling is that I upgraded to the Luxman DA-06 + P1-U combo.   Pickup in Melbourne, Payment is COD and Direct Deposit.
I'm looking for a Abyss AB-1266 headphone. If anyone has one for sale can you please PM me with an offer.   Thanks.
I am selling a Brand New Unopened Final Audio Design Piano Forte I. The colour is black/yellow like the picture below. The specs for it are the exact same as the Forte II. The only difference is the colour.   Specs for the earphones can be found here -   Pickup in Melbourne, Australia or post.
I'm owner 3038 :D
I was thinking of buying this one below but is there anything I should know before buying it?
I'm looking for a solid state headphone amp/preamp under $250 as I'm moving away from tubes (336SE).   What options are out there under $250?   The priority will be the preamp performance over the headphone amp but would also like the headphone amp to perform good as well.
How does the M stage perform as a preamp?
Pending sale.   A2A can provide another receipt for warranty purposes.
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