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Norah Jones, no contest.
Oh man, this is perfect. I have a copy of one of the expansion packs, but not the actual game. Yay for using up excess MS points.
The White Stripes. The Black Keys.   *tosses on flameproof suit*
I'm starting to follow Bakuman, Ore no Imouto, Kuragehime, and Shinryaku!, Ika Musume. Can't say I've formed much of an opinion yet, but I don't plan to drop any of them either. Kuragehime seems to be the most interesting by far, even at only one episode.   I got bored and decided to start watching Eureka Se.... I mean Xam'd: Lost Memories. I figure that should sum up my thoughts of the first few episodes. Though I like this much more, given that I haven't seen any...
Damn, good to know Deadstock carries that stuff. I'm totally going to check 'em out over the weekend, if they're in stock at the store.   I wish they weren't so expensive, though.
Giggled at quite a few of them. If I can make a suggestion, I'd consider removing some of the captions. I always find the joke to be diminished slightly when it's spelled out for me at the bottom (or top).
Doesn't bother me much. I'd rather have a conversation with someone I know than listen to music, anyway.   Unless you're talking about random strangers walking up to you, proceeding to yank out your earbuds and then start talking to you. I'd probably deck them in that case.
Winter's a comin', and I trashed my old boots.     I also bought Yakuza 3, Star Ocean: The Last Hope (International Edition), Prototype, a bunch of sweaters & thermals, socks, and two new winter jackets in the same massive shopping run. Can you tell I'm proudest of the boots?)
Watching Nodame Cantabile. I've gotta say I really like this one so far. Silly and cute; a nice thing to unwind to after work. Though it really hits close to home (I went to an arts school; Violin player here). The first time I saw that face Noda makes when she's playing I started to laugh hysterically, since I had a habit of making wonderfully hilarious faces when practising. That and Chiaki eerily reminds me of an old friend/classmate, barring girls fawning over him....
  I was nine, and my Dad had a habit of buying me good music. He didn't classify this as good music.
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