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Can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive amp for these?  Something less than $1,000 new or used
Where can I get an arm band for my AK120?
One of the things I love about iTunes and iPod is that you can create a random playlist from your whole library and then have up to 60 Gigs of random songs copied onto your iPod.   Last time I checked, the shuffle feature on my AK100 totally blows.  I always listen to music randomly, mostly at the gym working out.   Has anybody figured out a way to get lots of random songs copied onto their Astell and Kern device?
I have a question about shuffle play.  I always listen on shuffle play.  I have over 2000 songs on my AK100.  What really bothers me is that my unit behaves like this ... it will turn on the unit at the gym on a Monday and it will play 20 songs during the hour that I am there.  On Wednesday, when I turn the unit back on it will play the last 6 or 7 songs it played on Monday.  It will play about 20 songs during the hour that I am there.  On Friday, same thing.  It will...
Well maybe they are toast.  :(   Does anybody make water-resistant IEM's that sound good?
About a week ago the right earpiece stopped working while I was in the middle of listening during a workout at the gym.  A few days later both ears were working fine.  Then yesterday the right earpiece stopped again.  This morning, I noticed that there is sound coming out of the right earpiece, but it is only about 20% of the volume of the left earpiece??   I used the tool with the little wire hook on it to see if there was wax or other buildup in the little canal, but I...
Thank you!  I will try this today.  I hope I can figure it out. 
I am pretty old too but I enjoy the variety of shuffle play when I am exercising at the gym with my AK100.  Anybody know the answer to my question about iTunes random song selections?
One feature I used to love with iPod and iTunes was you could create random playlists from music saved on PC and transfer to iPod.  So if I had 250GB of music on PC, I could create totally random selection of 32GB of songs and then iTunes would copy them onto the iPod.  Do you think there is any way to do this with the AK100?  Right now I am copying whole albums over using Explorer and I would like to have a more "random" selection.
I have a question about shuffle mode.  I do not have any cards in mine yet, just internal storage.  Most of the time I listen in shuffle mode.  I think I have about 300 songs on my RWAK.  What seems odd to me is it seems like a limited number of songs (say 30 to 40) are shuffling over and over on separate days and the rest of the songs don't get shuffled.  One day last week I went jogging and listened to about 12 songs.  Two days later I went out to jog and the same...
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