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When I stream Sirius XM audio over my iPhone to my wireless Beats Solo headphones, the volume is good but not great.  Is there any way to insert a portable headphone into the setup and still have a bluetooth connection for the headphones?
So I bought these wireless Beats Solo 2 (over the ear) headphones for the gym.  I am playing most songs using the Sirius/XM app on my iPhone 6.  The volume is not really loud enough for the noisy gym for me.  I have a few portable amps (Pico, etc).  Can I connect the Pico to my iPhone using the headphone jack on the iPhone to increase the volume?  Other ideas?
Can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive amp for these?  Something less than $1,000 new or used
Where can I get an arm band for my AK120?
One of the things I love about iTunes and iPod is that you can create a random playlist from your whole library and then have up to 60 Gigs of random songs copied onto your iPod.   Last time I checked, the shuffle feature on my AK100 totally blows.  I always listen to music randomly, mostly at the gym working out.   Has anybody figured out a way to get lots of random songs copied onto their Astell and Kern device?
I have a question about shuffle play.  I always listen on shuffle play.  I have over 2000 songs on my AK100.  What really bothers me is that my unit behaves like this ... it will turn on the unit at the gym on a Monday and it will play 20 songs during the hour that I am there.  On Wednesday, when I turn the unit back on it will play the last 6 or 7 songs it played on Monday.  It will play about 20 songs during the hour that I am there.  On Friday, same thing.  It will...
Well maybe they are toast.  :(   Does anybody make water-resistant IEM's that sound good?
About a week ago the right earpiece stopped working while I was in the middle of listening during a workout at the gym.  A few days later both ears were working fine.  Then yesterday the right earpiece stopped again.  This morning, I noticed that there is sound coming out of the right earpiece, but it is only about 20% of the volume of the left earpiece??   I used the tool with the little wire hook on it to see if there was wax or other buildup in the little canal, but I...
Thank you!  I will try this today.  I hope I can figure it out. 
I am pretty old too but I enjoy the variety of shuffle play when I am exercising at the gym with my AK100.  Anybody know the answer to my question about iTunes random song selections?
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