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Posts by Xan7hos you should've done some searching   for all intents and purpose i wouldn't ever consider XIN products anymore due to the fact that nothing ever seems to get produced from him. you're one of many others who have dealt with the same situation. if you paid with paypal, open a dispute and get your refund. The fact that his name pops up every so often and that his online shops are still open is a definite trap for those unaware
Bump price drop!
Sennheiser PX-100/200, NuForce UF30, and the lower end Grados comes in mind.   Of course you could always stick within the family ...sportapro and ksc35 share the same driver w/ the portapro, ksc75
Glad to see Best Buy sponsor Head-Fi. While I'm not a huge fan, hopefully we can get a dialogue goin to improve customer relationships and perhaps get their brick & mortar products/prices more in tune to our needs
x2. Rule of thumb: if it's not an authorized reseller, automatically assume that warranty may not be available.
the way i see it is if you're considering toucan, you should very much consider going balanced otherwise there really isn't a point. IMO, balanced is just superior over single ended. Lower noise level reveals greater details, pitch black background, perhaps the definitive imaging and soundstage (as intended by the recording), and just overall greater control.   In singleended, it still sounds amazing with my RE0 and grados. It only costs about 275 shipped to the...
When I used to play CS, what I looked for in a headphone was in no particular order (depends on your priorities)   a) Pinpoint imaging/soundstage. Accuracy is definitely important in order to perceieve your oponents b) Physical Comfort c) Non-fatiguing sound signature (somewhat related to comfort) d) Generally go with closed/not open (especially helpful if you're in a LAN environment where your opponents can hear you via headphones). This one is definitely a...
Haha that I certainly did not! I used the HE-5 as a point to illustrate that its a ridiculously power hungry headphone (much moreso than the HD650), and that the PB1 can handle the HE-5 very adequately. I honestly cannot tell you how the soundsignature interaction of the HD650/PB1 would be. I haven't really perceived a mid-range bump. If anything I feel vocals are slightly recessed.
    Sony NW-HD5 (Line Out Mode)-> Cardas HPI Mini2Mini-> iBasso PB1 Toucan -> REO/HE-5       Sorry for the bad pics, camera was running low on battery and this was le creme de la creme of the photos. I'm debating calling it "Pinnacles of their Time"...but with the awkward balanced jacks/plugs I just want to call it "The Battle of Algiers" setup...because I'm pretty sure TSA would be all over this.
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