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Moved to new classified section w/ actual pictures
Moved to new classified section w/ actual pictures
Selling my beloved HifiMan HE-5 Orthodynamic headphones. I'm the second owner, originally purchased from Currawong. It comes with original case and SPC cable terminated in SE. As far as I can tell there are no cosmetic issues whatsoever, comes from a pet free/smoke free house. The sound is absolutely stunning (especially when balanced), and you're hard pressed to find a better value headphone.   Asking $x shipped/paypal'd within CONUS.   PM me with questions and offers
Selling my Noble Soundlab's Cyprium RCA Interconnect, 1.5m in length. White cable with white sleeving. Utilizes Canare locking/nonsolder 75 ohm RCA  jacks and a 75 ohm coaxial cable for interconnect purposes. Locking/nonsoldering means no impedance bumps, and the jack utilizes berillyium copper contacts. Purchased just within a couple of months, i'd give it a 9/10 agon scale   (I haven't attempted to tried it for digital signal, nor has Noble Soundlab explicility...
Hey Guys and Gals   Selling my very beloved Sony NW-HD5 digital audio player. Yup, the legendary HD5. I purchased it a few months ago on ebay, but am in need of cash at the moment. I purchased it used, and there are some knicks on the bottom and on the side. Otherwise, the beautiful anodized black construction is very tough, and it feels good in the hand.   Beyond cosmetics, I dont believe there are any defects whatsoever (I also purchased a SquareTrade 2 Year...
    1). No. Stop reading what people are saying and go with what you think is better. No one else on earth has your ears. You shouldn't be seeking THE pinnacle of audio, you ought to be searching for YOUR pinnacle.   2). Honestly, headphones are too isolating for me. Realism is my goal, and I find headphones too much of a distraction (i.e. weight on your head, heat build up from the pads, etc.) While I do feel that headphones give you the most value in terms...
PB1 = Portable Balanced, so you are indeed correct.   IMO I have no issues whatsoever with SE, it adds some weight to the low end of my Grados, while I don't find them as fatiguing compared to ampless. I know this post is almost a month old, but you guys should experiment with the gain switch. I find that no gain works well with most of my headphones (32-60ohms ...excluding the HE-5)
You could always pick up a soldering iron and reterminate it yourself if shipping and actual retermination fees are an issue. the Hirose plug isn't that tricky IMO.
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