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I remember reading something a while back that it does, and it varies due to the compression type/level of the file.
agree with everyone is saying   FWIR, a lot of people do like the SFlo's sound quality, particularly it's line-out... but you'd need an amp for that. Also, I've read that the UI is quite terrible. I used to think SQ had priority to UI, but I realize that a bad UI can detract so much from the experience where you can't enjoy the music.   IMO given a certain budget I'd say you're money is better spent on the Clip+ and invest the rest into a good headphone. The good...
  It's time for you to try some other headphones  
bump, oh and price is for one PAIR
To whom it may concern (specifically an admin),   I recently had a sale go down that was in all respects a positive one.  I sold my Grado Jumbo Pads (link to thread) to member alphaphoenix. He recieved the item, and left me positive feedback, but somehow it registered as negative, neutral and positive. I can have him verify that it was indeed a positive transaction (via PMs or I can have him PM you), but I need someone to correct the error so that my feedback is...
I'm sure adding most amps to the chain will improve the SQ no question. In terms of balanced portable amps, you have the options of RSA Protector or the iBasso PB1. Balanced drive allows for, imo, a much cleaner signal which will let more micro details become apparent. Go to Headroom and read about it. You'll need to recable your headphone though, because each channel needs an independent return conductor.
get a balanced portable amp and recable your Senns. that should definitely improve the SQ
Selling my Grado G-Cush Jumbo Pads that I purchased from TTVJ a while back for a MS1000 project. Used for maybe an hour at best, and boxed away.   SOLD
best headphone stand ever.
also willing to trade + cash on my part for Audio Technica CK10, but thats the only item ill consider
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