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Definitely interested as I've got a iBasso PB1 and would definitely like to take advantage of the balanced outs with my TF10
checkout ebay 
that or he's the worst troll in history
Wow talk about being at the right place at the right time. Pulled the trigger even though I was waiting out for a pair of AT-CK10s...definitely a shoot now ask questions later situation   you guys think I should sell off the Trip Fi and go for the 10s? or would I be happy (current iem is RE0 but that since has died), i also have an iBasso PB1 amp 
Used to use a generic ebay T-Amp (Topping MKII), which I eventually replaced with the MiniWatt Tube Amplifier with my Tekton Full Range 4.1 as my desktop/nearfield setup.   First off a note on Full Range drivers (in a nearfield setup) - wonderful imaging and soundstage, definitely the selling point. wonderful mids, and of course your frequency extremes are a bit cut off, the low range more noticeably so.     The MiniWatt improved depth imaging and overall the...
Looking back I personally think I bought into the hype. Purchased an AMP3 pro2. Probably my least favorite DAP I bought...unstable UI which would lead to freezing, which forces you to pray it doesn't brick and find something small enough to reach the reset button, not to mention not a  very intuitive UI. Also, the ever constant hiss became annoying more quickly than I'd thought it would. The overall sound/presentation was pleasing enough, but it certainly didn't wow me....
Bump price drop
No unreasonable offers denied, PM me
I remember reading something a while back that it does, and it varies due to the compression type/level of the file.
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