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Thanks for the comments in regards to the Boomslang. Between that, the Matrix Mini-I and the Emotiva XDA-1 I'm thinking I'll opt for the XDA-1 as I was mainly looking for a budget friendly balanced DAC regardless of dimension
ni hao
qft. though i'm sure it ought to sound at least better than stock audio out
Depends on how well the Yulong implements the Toslink and viceversa. Generally AES and SPDIF are considered better choices due to better control of jitter.   If you're looking for a completely balanced setup, then the digital signal does not need to be balanced, only during the D/A conversion the analog output needs to be balanced, so you would need either a soundcard with XLR balanced outputs, or a balanced DAC.   So it would either be Balanced SoundCard -> XLR...
Good stuff  Now we just need to advance 10 years into the future where these things can fit in thinner chassis 
I'd like to chime in about the HE-6/SR-71B discussion, so apologies if this is a bit off topic. And I'm coming from owning a HE-5 and an iBasso PB1, so please take it for what it's worth to you. My history of the HE-5 has been nothing short of love hate, hate because I had the most difficult time amping it properly (bass would clip on my once owned Purity Audio KICAS Caliente), and when it was amped properly (when I owned the EF-5), it still had a tad too much treble...
Will you be offering Hirose balanced terminated cables (e.g. for iBasso balanced amps)?
I'm interested in a 48" terminated in a Hirose balanced plug (for iBasso balanced amps), will happily pay $10 extra
90% sure the internals are the same, im sure Dan can chime in soon enough. IMO i like the cosmetics of the newer version better, the earlier version looks more like it belongs in the professional/studio environment.
as with most things, heat = expansion, cold = compression
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