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nwavguy, been lurkin around your blog and I must say your reviews have been a fresh of breath air around these parts. head-fi has been and is plagued with so much misinformation and uninformed consumers, so I have to say again your articles are definitely much appreciated and I definitely agree with your points made about nuforce. I understand that EVERY product has an intended customer base, and a product should be designed and sold/marketed around such a base. In...
none commercially that i'm aware of. best bet is to find a female TRRS jack and wire it so that it bypasses the mic signal, then just wire the L/R channels and ground to a 1/4 TRS plug
quoted. for. truth.   i'm all for people buying (virtually) whatever the hell they want as long as it makes them happy, but come on. how people are legally allowed to sell this (among the sea of other snake oil products beyond audio, like those "energy bracelets") is just beyond me.   EDIT: post is not directed to OP, just ranting in general. If anything, my opinion is that if a "tweak" performs the way it was actually advertised, then perhaps the item you are tweaking...
looking forward to it. definitely a bit bummed about the XDA-1's price increase
My suggestion is stop listening to what people are saying and instead do a few listening test of your own in order to determine which one sounds the best...   But of course being head-fi everyone's got an opinion, so here's mine. I was in a similiar situation, picked up a power cord from Signal Cable for a great price, tried it on my Valab DAC and MiniWatt speaker amp, couldn't tell any sonic differences whether it was on the Valab or the MiniWatt. Figured I'd sell...
2.4w output and the ability to fine tune the sound signature to your liking seems plenty enough reasons to upgrade :)   These things are getting ridiculously powerful, I might pick one up to see if they can run my desktop full range speakers
It's a professional product for the professional field, which is why you see them a lot for sportscasters. Honestly you can't get any more rugged without the additional weight from either metal housing or a rubberized coating, which maybe defeats the purpose of it's (trans)portable design
I'd like to hear more descriptions of how it sounds via balanced output
  x2 on what estreeter said   While I admire your enthusiasm, let's not just fall into a fanboy frenzy over something that as stated previously not a lot of people have heard before.   First of all, nothing will ever be the be-all-end-all product..too many variables: individuals own frequency response, all the intricate interactions from source to  headphones (which may or may not include cables depending on whatever camp you belong). Finding synergy for...
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