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I'm looking for an adapter/ cable that can connect the HiFiMan RE-Zero to an iBasso PB-1. If need be I can provide the provided Hifiman 3.5mm balanced female to right angled 3.5mm balanced male adapter cable and a Hirose male plug and I can pay someone to reterminate the cable. 
Can someone direct me to where I can find a vendor or a person to commission an adapter for a RE-Zero balanced connector female to ibasso/hirose male? Basically I want to plug my Re-Zero to my iBasso PB1
Looking to purchase an Ibasso DB-2, black, and possibly with balanced cable. Shoot me a PM
The best match would be the one that sounds the best to you.
I know it might sound somewhat farfetched, but my iBasso PB1 drives my HE-5 to more than adequate levels of listening volume. To me the PB1 via balanced output sounded better than when it was paired with the EF-5 (could drive to much higher levels without clipping/distortion, bass maintains a lot of weight). FWIR the LCD-2 requirements are less than the HE-5 so I believe it might fit the bill. iBasso's 2nd gen balanced portable amp is supposedly much more powerful
first off welcome to head-fi.   secondly, this is the "Dedicated Source Component" sub-thread/board, where people discuss "source components" ...i.e. soundcards, digital-to-analog converters, vinyl players, etc.   What you're referring to is the amplification process, and in that regard you should post your questions in the "Headphone Amps" board as the Mapletree amp you're referring to is indeed a dedicated headphone amp.     and lastly, to answer your...
in for results
Even non B-stock HF2 were prone to cosmetic issues. I bought one of the first run HF-2, and the metal cups had knicks and random scratches, and you couldn't buff or polish it out because I believe there is a clear coat which prevents you from doing so. Nothing you can do unless you seperate the cup and have them refinished either via polishing or getting them machined again, but thats a very impractical scenario.   The hot water bath works, you just have to be careful...
Rango 8/10   Beautifully animated, great visual and sound editing. Story is quite odd, unique, and overall despite its self-reflexive tone it does justice to the genre. Not exactly the kid-friendliest 3d animated movie however.   The Adjustment Bureau 6.5-7/10   Terrific acting by the two leads, but it almost seems as though the script was written around the door-gimmick. you don't ever feel anything substantial occurs during their struggle
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