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Light low level static sort of like when you're moving a volume pot. Not sure if its a loose connection or a tube showing its age. When you play music it isn't noticeable.
Yes it does if you're using a 3.5mm input you'll still get a balanced driven headphone with all the benefits of balanced audio
Thanks! Maybe the cheapest too!
Selling my Woo Audio t-shirt that I received at Can Jam 2009. Item is Medium, but fits more in between large and medium. 100% cotton, no rips or stains, just normal wear on graphic.   $8.00 shipped to your door
PM sent.
For sale is a custom made Hirose HR10A-7P-6P to Neutrik 4-pin XLR OCC adapter cable 2ft. Perfect for using as an adapter for iBasso balanced DACs and amps. PM me w/ any questions $40 $35 shipped within USA.
Guys just a heads up I'm selling my HE-5 that I've kept in storage for the last couple years (leaving the head-fi game for the time being). Figured you loving people would treasure it much more. Purchased circa 09-10 and I've replaced original cable w/ HE-6 OCC cable as well as the velour pad w/ a new pleather pad.
Selling my Hifiman HE-5 that I've kept in storage for the last two years. These are in great condition and have no cracks in the wood unlike some of the earlier HE-5 models. I've replaced the original velour pads (has slight tear, included w/ sale) with stock pleather ones that are virtually brand new, as well as a like-new HE-6 OCC cable terminated with a Neutrik 4-pin XLR (no SE adapter). The OCC cable is showing signs of patina, which according to HiFiman/Head-Direct is...
Still FS
Looking to purchase a good near mint quality HiFiMan Ear Pads. Preferably velour, can be pleather. Looking to spend $10-15 shipped as I can get brand new ones for about $20 shipped.
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