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SOLD 2/4/17 SOLD   4 class 10 Sandisk Micro SD cards. 200gb, 128gb, 128gb, 64gb. All have been purchased from Amazon over the past year.  I no longer use a DAP so these need to go. $75 covers shipping and PayPal. I have three of the regular SD adapters, along with some plastic cases for safe shipping.    US sales only
1/12/17 SOLD     Fiio E12 amp. $65 covers shipping and PayPal. Charge cable included. 
price drop
Just got my P90 yesterday. Upgraded to firmware 1.3 but can't play Apple lossless .m4a files. The manual says .m4a is playable. Has anyone been able to play .m4a files on this device? I have a feeling the manual and firmware are out of sync.   Regardless, this is the best sounding DAP i've tried.  The sound quality makes the quirks tolerable :)
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1/12/17: SOLD       1 year old Fiio X5II and E12 combo. Comes with everything pictured: Silicone case, leather case, mini to coax out cable, mini-to-mini cable, Sandisk 32gb SD card, Fiio stacking kit   This rig has seen light use over the past year, I just don't use it anymore. US sales only, no trades
12/25/16 SOLD   Shure 840 cans with detachable coiled cable and screw on 1/4" adapter. I'm the original owner, they're in great condition.  $100 covers PayPal and shipping. US sales only. No trades.
Did the most recent firmware update help improve battery life? I really love my HA-P50, tempted to try the P90, but concerned about battery life. has the P90 for $297
12/6/16 SOLD   I bought these last August from HeadRoom in MT. Sadly, they haven't been used much at all. Thant means they're in excellent condition :) Outstanding headphones that were a limited run by Grado. Buyer pays shipping. US sales and no trades.
12/6/16 SOLD   Excellent condition Sennheiser HD600. Comes with factory box and stock cable along with 1/4 adapter. US sales only, not interested in any trades. Buyer pays shipping.
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