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PM sent
still for sale
10 foot pair of Audioquest Type 4 speaker cables. They have banana plugs. $125 covers everything. US sales only.
5/27/12 SOLD       Comes with stock 6AS7G and a RCA 6SN7. Amp is in excellent condition. One of the little rubber feet is missing. This is the piece that is at the bottom of the metal foot to avoid scratches. this can easily be corrected. I have the factory box for shipping. Buyer pays shipping, PayPal as gift or pay the fee.    US Sales only.
Price lowered. I am open to reasonable offers.
price slashed & bumped
Still for sale. Price drop!
price drop.
2/14/11  sold   Powerhouse of an integrated amp looking for a new home. This is a sweet amp that combines power and finesse in one package. The pics may show a few finger smudges. The finish on the metal is the type that will leave fingerprints whenever you touch it. A quick wipe with a cloth will remove them. I have all factory packing materials. The phono input doesn't work. All other inputs work fine. The reason for the low price is due to phono board that needs...
This engadget review mentions Q1 2012 availability http://www.engadget.com/2011/11/08/sennheiser-rs-220-wireless-headphones-hands-on-video/
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