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Bought RE252 from Tony, great seller. Very prompt replies, wouldn't hesitate to buy/sell from again. What I liked most was that he was very clear and honest so I didn't feel as uneasy as it was an international trade. Thanks, I'm very happy with them.
Maybe if I didn't have a no that would make it too easy for you (no offense to those who were tricked). And haha too bad its still March 31 where I live.
Quote: Originally Posted by uberburger101 They just look like normal buttoned RS1 with a replaced silver metal ring to me. The black ring is metal too FYI. They do look interesting though. According to the seller the rings are "metal color," so probably still plastic. I find this strange though in the Q&A: Q: Hello, I've never seen these with a silver gimbal? Has this set been modified?==LesMar-27-09 A: Hello Les, Thanks for the inquiry. I...
h4n9m4n was very easy to sell to. Great communication and everything was quick. Transaction was smooth and I would gladly do business with him again.
Quote: Originally Posted by les_garten When you put it that way, they sound like totally new Phones!! . I should rephrase my post. I should've said: "How did I manage to notice the huge changes in Grado's lineup? Did you guys see it too? I know the serial number and thicker cable are a lot to take in right now but just stay calm...breathe." But really, I like how they did away with the buttons again. Sounds like they brought back the...
Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda happened about 24 hours ago. old news.'ve got to be kidding me.
Grado Labs, Inc. When did this happen? The main changes seem to be nicer cups, better transducers, and better cable. and of course ps1000 silver, ps2000 gold (and "ps3000" kryptonite ) were introduced
If there are only ever so slight improvements between each model, that must mean the differences between d2000 and d7000 are minimal. I've had the d2000 and from what I read about the d7000 there's just no way they can sound that close.
These are now sold
sale pending
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