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Sill question, but do you own a cat/dog?  I got some cat hair inside the grill and it was rattling just like you describe. Once I pulled apart the driver and removed it they sounded great. I think it got in there by way of how open the grills are.
This is still an ongoing problem...any ideas for a solution?
Hello all,   Quick question:   I've currently got a Modi USB DAC that otherwise works fine. I typically hibernate my computer at night, and upon resuming, the sound is typically horribly mangled. I can fix it by changing the bit rate after I've resumed from hibernate; I think that resets it in some way. I was curious if there was a setting somewhere that would prevent this weird sound from appearing when I boot up from hibernate.       Thanks
As best I can tell the radioshack thing is a 1:1 transformer, no? That shouldn't have any negative impact on sound quality right?
I tried a ground loop isolator and it seems to have resolved the problem. I still don't quite understand why I wouldn't hear noise on my headphone amp, but would on my desktop monitors. Irrespective I'm glad to have this solved.
Color me surprised, but you were right. The isolator fixes the problem.   Many thanks!
I've tried connecting everything to the same exact power strip (computer, speakers, everything) and that doesn't seem to help. At the moment I've got my speakers hooked into one strip connected to the outlet, and another power strip that connects my computer, monitor, etc that also connects to the same outlet.
Doesn't a ground loop typically result from connecting things to different outlets? In my case everything is connected to the same power strip (computer, speakers, everything). Its not a constant noise, its somewhat intermittent; occasionally silent, but typically noisy. It seems that maxing out the volume out of my DAC seems to minimize the noise, at least relative to the music.
I'm currently experiencing what sounds like EMI/RF noise. I'm running a Modi usb DAC to my KRK Rokit monitors using an rca cable. I tried twisting the wires a bit, but it didn't seem to work. Everything is connected to the same power strip, and it seems totally random. Any ideas on a quick fix?
Would an RCA to XLR help in any way. I got an external dac, and I'm still picking up the noise. I tried playing with a twisted pair on the RCA cables, but the distance between the monitors is too great to really have an impact...   Would a ground loop isolator do me any good?
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