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Uh oh, you just opened a huge can of worms; Now everyone is going to be wondering where they can get one!
Ethernet is already galvanically isolated by design. Save your money and just get one MC-3+ USB instead of 3 Mutec MC-3 daisy-chained.
You can turn off all the lights on the Mutec except "Power" and "Lock". Hold the menu and select buttons down at the same time. 
Mutec MC-1.2 might be what you're looking for, although it is about $500. http://www.mutec-net.com/product_mc-12.php
  It actually was removed from their site. I checked after seeing @rgs9200m's post.
If Tidal doesn't allow ASIO output, then I recommend using the Hifi Audio Bridge linked on the last page.
Even Radiohead's latest album is cut from a digital master... lots of complaints about the mastering quality on that one.
Yes, just look at the front panel which has a sample rate selector 
I use the "Hifi cable / ASIO Bridge" from here: http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Cable/. Don't get the 'regular' cable as it doesn't do what you want.
I'm using HE-6 with it, and I notice deeper, more impactful (yet more controlled) bass, as well as slight improvements to the soundstage depth and overall detail. I haven't really compared them side-by-side as I'm now using a PS Audio DirectStream DAC. I still have the M11 and plan to compare the amps directly in the future. I had returned the M9 when I decided to get M11 instead... 6 months later the M9 got returned to me and never made it to Audio-GD so I'm just keeping...
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