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 I disabled the flow control and interrupt moderation, and am using the built-in Intel I210 on my motherboard. Those didn't help. I've used these latency checkers before and never had any issues shown with them. I used to have frequent and much longer USB dropouts when I had the original Audio-GD Digital Interface which was still using a crappy isochronous chip. That was when I was living in the dorms at college and the power quality was trash; when I moved off campus the...
Yes I have all those settings and the Dante latency still spikes from 900us to 15ms and induces dropouts.
 ASIO Latency is not the same setting as Dante Latency. The Dante latency is the latency that shows up under "Device Info" in Dante Controller. You can only change it between 4-6-10ms.
Haswell-E. I'm using this PCI-E card though, not the one on my motherboard, for connecting to the RN3. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B001CY0P7G/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 There aren't any. That's why everyone talking about it is buying the Rednet 3 and D16 devices.
I was somewhat surprised that there was no difference, since the electricity my computer runs off is so horrible and I was doing a direct connection. I'm happy though since it probably means that none of the ethernet tweaks like isolators and the like are going to make a difference, unlike USB. My MC210CS optical transceivers go back to Amazon tomorrow, and I just sold my linear power supply as well. How much of an improvement was the second one compared to the first?
Go into the Dante Controller and double click the Rednet under the Device Info tab. Look at the latency tab and see what that looks like. My dropouts seem to be from latency spikes, so maybe similar to your clicking. I am still trying to figure out how to fix mine.
My full chain was this:   PC w/ Intel NIC > Rednet Cat6a > Optical converter (w/ SMPS) > Single-mode fiber > Optical converter (w/ LPS) > 1ft BJC Cat6a > RN3 > AS Statement SE Digital RCA > DAC   I'm not using a reclocker like Mutec. I need to take a break from audio spending for a while.
Teradak DC30W LPS running off a Power Plant P5. I didn't think it made the sound worse either.
I also tried the optical isolation solution like @rb2013 and any improvement could be chalked up to placebo so I'll save the money and return them. As far as dropouts, I got a whole bunch while using the optical transceivers so it actually made the problem worse. I'm still trying to dial in the settings to avoid them... I wish I knew why I get 15ms latency spikes in DVS since I think those are when the dropouts happen.   @Soundsgoodtome
The Singxer F-1 or SU-1 would be a better choice. The F1 blows away the Amanero board. Check out this thread: www.head-fi.org/t/803111/xmos-xu208-usb-bridges-the-latest-gen-has-arrived/
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