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If you're using the F-1, then you're using 5V USB power regardless of your DAC. The fact that the Audio-GD USB inputs don't use 5V USB power has no bearing on using an external DDC.
No. wsz0304: http://yulongaudio.com/en/contact.asphttp://stores.ebay.com/shenzhenAudioStore : http://www.shenzhenaudio.com/
Why not order from Aliexpress instead of Ebay? The Fedex tracking that I received from Shenzhen audio was real.   http://www.aliexpress.com/item/SINGXER-F-1-XMOS-USB-digital-interface-board-XU208-chip-High-end-U8-upgraded-version/32648384788.html
I am using the F-1 with USB Regen and a TeraDak DC30W linear PSU @ 7.5V and it definitely makes a difference. I also use a separate high quality USB controller in my desktop - motherboard USB sounds pretty crappy. The Regen is subtle with my current setup, but the difference was huge when I was still using the motherboard USB ports. I think it may actually be better to have it bus-powered to help isolate e.g. USB packet noise from the DAC.
Correct. I meant to say before editing my previous post that they're labeled on A-GD and numbered on the F-1. The names were basically the same... only significant difference was DA on A-GD connected with SDATA. DA is the name that Amanero uses on their board.
Just match the pin numbers with the diagram, and connect to the proper location on the A-GD board (A-GD ones are labeled on the PCB).
 It's as easy as soldering the wires to the matching labels. You can configure the wires to the I2S socket on the F-1 however you want.
I replaced the Amanero USB input on my Audio-GD Master-11 and so I have this spare board to sell if anyone is interested. It can be installed in most Audio-GD DACs although it requires some additional modifications to work. Kingwa of Audio-GD should be able to provide guidance as to what needs to be done. One person who has successfully upgraded a Master-7 has some pictures here: http://www.modelpromo.nl/Audio-GD_Master7-Amanero.htm   It could be installed in any DAC,...
I'm selling this excellent USB to SPDIF converter made by Breeze Audio. This can tremendously improve the sound of many built-in USB inputs on DACs or add USB capability if your DAC does not have one.   It has RCA, AES, optical, and I2S (RJ45) outputs. A power cable will be included with the purchase.    I can post pictures of the actual unit that I own at request. The condition is excellent as I've only owned it for 3 months. No scratches or anything on the...
Pretty sure I'm the only one doing this, and I replaced the USB input on my DAC with the F1. At some point I will get get a second F1 for my other system and A/B against RCA. I don't think the difference was very large.
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