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If you are ever interested in shipping to Canada I'd be interested.
Cause they know some people mare stupid enough to buy them.
I would also like to know this.
Same... I wanna get one of these but I'm in Canada. and the only place they sell these is in Germany. Shipping costs are abusive....
Sennheiser Momentum cable found a new home :)
Returning headphones if they are not broken? I don't see why companies would do that. Sounds weird to me.
Could you take a picture of your maximised Dt880 on the stand? Please.
Is Canada considered international?
 Does it make marks on your DT880 headband? Also, what if you make your DT880 maximum size, how is the fit?
Probably a matter of taste once again. Some people prefer the LCD3 and others the LCD-X. I'm planing to try a set of LCD-X one day but currently my wallet doesn't allow me... :P
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