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Yes indeed. Don't ever part out an amp unless it's helplessly broken. I think it's been made clear that the new Torpedo won't necessarily be an upgrade, but rather a different option with a different topology that utilizes a similar footprint to that of the current Torpedo. Correct me if I'm wrong. :-)
It's common for headphone jacks to play mono in both channels when partially inserted. This happens when the tip and ring come in contact with the right channel at the same time.
Sorry for the delay, but here's my post: The SRH940 pads have arrived. They have a foam backing built in, to keep dust out of the headphones. The foam also softens the treble a good amount. Very high quality and comfortable.They are a soft velour, and oval in shape. They are about perfect for my ears and don't press on the edges of my ears too much. Despite being slightly oval, they have no problems fitting on my Beyerdynamic 880 or AKG K240 Sextett.As far as sound goes,...
Let me know how they work. I'm always interested in pad combos. Did you ever see my recommendation for the K240 Sextett? I found one of the best (imo) pad combos for that headphone.
My experience with ebay akg pads isn't good. Though I have not tried the latest models which seem to be refreshed as of the last year. The k270 is tricky because of the internal baffles that stick out into the center of the pad. You'd have to make sure the pad has the true dimensions of the original. If the ID is smaller then it won't fit at all. I tried with a pair of ebay velours and it fit terribly.
You could simply buy a dedicated amp and use your soundcard as the source. Don't underestimate the need for amplification for the 601/612. It's 120ohms which means for SS amps it's more difficult to drive than the 701/702.
MOT or not, I totally agree with your last statement. I've listened to a lot of amps that fall on either side of the Torpedo's pricetag and I always favor the Torpedo. It's the best amp for dynamic headphones I've ever used.   I'm so glad the E90CC was discovered because I wouldn't be making that claim otherwise. It brings a whole new level of awesome to the amp.
Oh I see, initially I thought you were commenting on the I+. In that case I'd agree that a dedicated amp is the way to go.
You can't make promises about gear you've not heard. I've listened to the Little Dot I+ and think it's a very capable amp, especially with low impedance headphones. You also have the option of op-amp and tube rolling to get more out of it. Given the 601 and 612 are 120ohms which is in the "mid range" in terms of impedance, results can vary. Personally I think their impedance is suitable for tube, ss or hybrid amps because it isn't to low nor too high for any of those...
I agree. The Torpedo works wonderfully with the HD800. I auditioned it a while back and was very pleased.
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