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I think the Shure 750 pads will work perfectly. Even though the material on the mounting side has a smaller ID than stock, it's flexible and should match up well. If not, it would be easy to remove some of the material and make the ID the same.   I will take some pictures of the pads I have so you can see what the differences are.
@HawaiiR   I looked through my pads and I don't think I have them. I think the SRH750 pads would work well for you, unless the mount ID causes issues fitting the pads. Normally this isn't a huge issue. Would you be able to post a picture of the headphone cup without the pad? A side shot would be good so we can see where the pad mounts.
@HawaiiR   This is a good idea. My AKG K240 uses a similar port, which I partially blocked to tune the sound. The K701 and other flagship headphones use this strategy as well. I'd recommend trying a few dampening mods first, then port the driver later if needed.   The pad size for the Shure SRH 750 is:   3.5" OD 2.25" ID 2.625" Mount ID   It has a fairly thick foam backing, so it will probably tune the sound pretty well for your application.
@HawaiiR   I'll measure some brand new pads when I get home just to verify the dimensions, but I think you're right. Those headphones are slightly smaller than my AKGs. Check out the pads here.   Also check out this thread dedicated to pads.   I have sets of smaller pads for the Shure SRH550 and SRH750 that may work for you. I'll measure them when I get home. With these, you'll need the foam inserts as well since they have a very thin backing that won't tame the...
What kind of pads are you using? In general, pleather or leather pads will increase bass while velour or cloth pads will reduce it. This isn't universal, but it's true for most headphones. Once you tame the highs by using a foam pad, the bass notes will stand out more as well. You're basically making a low-pass acoustical filter.   See if you can find the foam disc for the AKG K240 Studio (current version). It's just a disc that gets placed underneath the pads. It's the...
You can adjust the sound with a few different tweaks. To reduce treble, use a thin foam layer between the headphone and your ear. Many manufacturers do this as a way to tune the sound of the driver. AKG, Beyerdynamic, Shure, etc. all do this.   Varying the thickness and type of foam will yield different results. The foam disk that comes with the current AKG K240 works really well at taming the treble but not making things muddy or affecting the midrange too much.
Yes indeed. Don't ever part out an amp unless it's helplessly broken. I think it's been made clear that the new Torpedo won't necessarily be an upgrade, but rather a different option with a different topology that utilizes a similar footprint to that of the current Torpedo. Correct me if I'm wrong. :-)
It's common for headphone jacks to play mono in both channels when partially inserted. This happens when the tip and ring come in contact with the right channel at the same time.
Sorry for the delay, but here's my post: The SRH940 pads have arrived. They have a foam backing built in, to keep dust out of the headphones. The foam also softens the treble a good amount. Very high quality and comfortable.They are a soft velour, and oval in shape. They are about perfect for my ears and don't press on the edges of my ears too much. Despite being slightly oval, they have no problems fitting on my Beyerdynamic 880 or AKG K240 Sextett.As far as sound goes,...
Let me know how they work. I'm always interested in pad combos. Did you ever see my recommendation for the K240 Sextett? I found one of the best (imo) pad combos for that headphone.
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