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I will often use a bit of closed-cell foam (found in packaging materials, for example) and make a 1/4" ring spacer for pads. I have done this for Shure pads and a bunch of others.   This will help space the pad further away from the driver, but might not eliminate touching entirely depending on your ear shape. At the very least it will minimize the pressure.   I think closed cell is better for this application because it doesn't get flattened and won't absorb sound,...
That's possible, but I think it increases the midrange just as much as the treble so you should be OK. That held true for my 601 and 702. Can't comment on the 612 since mine hasn't arrived yet.
Yep, that's the one. Here it is: http://cdn.head-fi.org/a/ad/ad0b70a3_q701innerfoam.jpeg It's not attached in any way. It's held in place by the pad.
Mine had the rings. And I agree, removing them opened up the sound a lot.
I don't think you'll be disappointed with the k601 w/ k70X pads. A great combo.   As for the bass, it's definitely not a bassy headphone. I'd say it very accurately conveys the content of the recording without adding or taking anything away. If anything I might say it's a bit bass-light in terms of quantity but that's nitpicking. It has extremely good extension though (and speed), especially after the pad swap. The wider frequency response works both ways; it extends...
I have a couple detailed write-ups in this thread. Search for them for more info. But the basics: larger/more realistic soundstage, more space between instruments (better separation) and more even frequency response. This includes extended treble, especially if you don't use the foam ring. No mods necessary, just a pad swap. And the foam ring just sits in between the pad and headphone and isn't attached in any way. And just to be clear: I used K702 pads but I believe them...
I'm assuming you were thinking about the k601 but are now doubting it? I'd encourage you to try the k601 and use the pads from your Q701 on them. The k601 with stock pads is unremarkable (my opinion) but becomes a completely new headphone with the AKG angled pads. And you can make the treble stand out a bit more by removing the foam rings under the pads. This is how I run my k601 and it's my favorite dynamic headphone.
Everything is subjective in this hobby, for sure. For me it's what makes the 601 a giant killer.
Those can be found on Ebay. Though all AKG k600 and k700 headphones come with them by default.
I'm not sure of the best place, but here are a few places: These are for the k701 and I can't tell if they are angled. If they are angled, then it will sound the same as the k702 pads.http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/151369-AKG-2458M12010 http://www.headphone.com/products/akg-k702-cushion-one-side Cheaper Ebay equivalents. These just recently appeared on ebay and I can't vouch for them. They look good and could be worth a shot. It's by far the cheapest, being $30 for a pair...
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