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I agree. The Torpedo works wonderfully with the HD800. I auditioned it a while back and was very pleased.
Don't give them back! Put a pair of 702 angled pads on them and they'll run circles around the 702 (and most other headphones).
See if you can visit some local headphone meetups. It's the best way to audition different amps with your headphones. Having a good match is very important and there's nothing better than trying it for yourself. Also, see if there are any hifi stores around with a selection of amplifiers.
Granted I have the 601 and not the 612, but the 702 pads actually created less bass for me. It seems to extend deeper, but there's noticeably less midbass. Perhaps the difference in drivers is responsible for the different effect?
I'm interested in your findings. Could you post some pictures of your pads? I'd be happy to post pictures of my setup and information on when I purchased my K702. That might offer some insight on which generation/version of pad I'm using.   I do know that the K701 came with at least two types of pads. Early versions came with flat pads similar to the stock K601 pads, while later models came with the "3D" slanted pads which have a larger opening and angled the driver....
I see. I actually feel the opposite based on my findings. The sound seems lighter, more nimble and with much better detail and instrument separation after switching pads. I felt the stock pads had a compressed soundstage and didn't allow the drivers to "breathe" so to speak.   It's possible that either our stock pads or the K70X pads we used were different. Then again it could just be our ears/preference.
What pad mod are you referring to? I'm using the slanted K702 pads on my K601. It's a massive upgrade for the headphone. It expanded the soundstage and evened out the frequency response by dialing the mids back slightly. To my ears, the bass, mids and treble are extremely even in their presentation. I have my own thread and a post in this thread about my findings, somewhere.
I traded off my K702 in favor of my K601 with K702 pads. Still haven't regretted the decision. Hopefully I'll grab a pair of K612 soon.
The pleather pads are great. I own a pair of those too. However, for the sextett, the velour are the better match.In general, pleather increases bass and lower midrange response while velour brings out the upper midrange and treble (on most headphones). The sextett, which already has excellent quality bass and mids, only needs a bit of help in the treble. The velour pads do exactly that (once you remove the foam backing).I've tried dozens of pad/tuning combinations and the...
I'd still recommend picking up the Shure velour pads. It would probably be a noticeable upgrade.
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