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I've had a great time at Audio Nexus is Summit. The service I"ve received from them is better than any other audio shop I've ever been in. Both Ken and Gerry are helpful and friendly. You can check their website for directions. They are having a sale through Dec. 20. Eric
FCJ was nice enough to meet me in person to buy my Grado RS-2s. He's a great guy--don't hesitate to do business with him!
I bought these rs-2s on this site not too long ago and they are in great shape. They come with an extra, unused pair of bowl pads and a soft case that fits them well. I'd like to sell them for $300 shipped, but I'll entertain serious offers as well. I like these headphones quite a bit, but I just don't listen to headphones that much any more. Since I've only been listening to headphones an hour or two a week, I've decided to sell these headphones and put the...
rando bought some headphones from me and everything went well. Payment arrived promptly and communication was flawless. I'd be happy to do business with him again.
I purchased a pair of headphones from MichaelFranks and everything went very well. Communication was good and the phones arrived promptly and well-packed. I'd gladly do business with him again.
shafu bought some sacds from me. The money order arrived promptly. I would not hesitate to deal with him again. Eric
Hi, I've conducted a trade with milo and everything has gone extremely well. Communication through private messages was excellent and his package was shipped promptly and packed well. I'd gladly deal with him again. Eric
I'm selling a pair of shure e2 headphones. I am the second owner, but have the receipt and all accessories. I used these in my office, but I've decided they provide too much isolation (I couldn't hear my students knocking on my door). The price is $60 shipped within the US. Interesting trades will be considered. Thanks. Here's a picture:
Ask and ye shall receive: My camera isn't the best and my flash seems to have made things look significantly worse than they are in real life, but here are some pictures. Anyone wanting more pictures of some item can pm me. Thanks. Onkyo Integrated Amp: Pioneer Tuner: Shure e2: AKG 501: Sony 775: Sony Megachanger:
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