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I'm finishing up a SUSY dynahi and SUSY dynalo. I bought the dynahi boards from a lil knight group buy and I had the dynalo boards made from the publicly available gerbers by Seeed studio. I wouldn't hesitate to order from Seeed again for any design with gerbers available, like the dynahi. All the components for the SUSY dynahi/dynalo are currently readily available. The older original designs are the ones spec'd with out of production parts. It'll be a few weeks before...
I'm currently using X-sabre > GS-1 > HD800 until my GS-X arrives (hopefully next week or two). Out of the set-ups I've heard the HD-800, that's my favorite.I haven't seen one offered used in a while, but a G-lite or a good DIY dynalo can be had sometimes for cheap and can drive the HD800 well. There is something special about the dynalo topology.
Any updates ?      
Chicago Can-Jam, maybe the last real Can-Jam ? Hope not. I got to listen to KG's T2 at the Chicago CJ. I still wonder if I heard what I think I heard; the best amp + headphone combo I've ever heard or ever will hear. There is something to the T2 that is just a touch more than the BHSE. The image is even more solid on the T2.   I followed the DIY T2 thread and almost wished I'd bought in. I know it would have very likely ended in some very expensive smoke.
 Now that is interesting I've seen your results in the doodlebug thread for the PuPdac without the doodlebug.Did you happen to run the ODAC without the doodlebug? I had made an assumptionthat the ODAC might benefit from the doodlebug more than the PuPdac in a typicalsetup because the ODAC seems to be light on power rail filtering at first glance.  I wouldn't want to stir up a hornet's nest, but that is interesting.
JVC HZ-FXD70     Audio Technica ATH-CKM500   I actually own both of these and I get pretty regular use out of them in spite of owning more expensive stuff. Both are on the bassy side of neutral and have very good resolution, headstage and blackspace around instruments. Both have huge dedicated threads at head-fi with lots of banter about strengths/weaknesses. Both are older designs by major Japanese audio companies and are selling pretty far below their introduction...
I jumped the gun on a ODA PCB group buy and made an order for 10 ( in white ). It isn't a cheap amp to build, with all options, my total parts were ~$250 for 1. It appears to go a long ways towards eliminating the weaknesses of the original O2 for desktop use IMO.   The PSU section on the PCB is useful. I'm thinking of using the PSU section of one of the boards to power a populated dynalo board I have sitting unused. I like the idea of a one box amp build with the...
I'll be home in Tucson on the first two weekends of Nov (2&3 9&10) and would definitely drive to Phoenix for a meet. I'll be away at work for the second half of the month though.
You should check the thumbdrive again. Mine was a 32mb, not 32gb.Either you missread or I got shorted.. I haven't even looked at the flash yet,I assume it is drivers for the X-sabre. Mine is playing fine though coax withwinxp and no drivers installed. I'd be interested to hear if Ubuntu workswell for you, I'm planning on using Ubuntu for my listening station PC.
Justin, I'm curious if all of the current batch is spoken for? I put in an order a few days ago and I'm wondering if I missed getting in the second batch?
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