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Unbeleivable. .People these days. .
OMG! what is that crap!! U had me sitting there waiting for something funny to happen while this loser is rapping. . (sigh) what is this world coming to?
LOLOLOL!! I never heard of any of these things, thank u they're so funny!
Quote: Originally posted by Mike Scarpitti Rap sucks You love her But she loves him And he loves somebody else Ya just can't win And so it goes Till the day you die This thing they call love It's gonna make you cry I've had the blues The reds and the pinks One thing's for sure Rap sucks Rap sucks yeah yeah Rap sucks Rap sucks yeah yeah Rap sucks Rap sucks yeah yeah Rap sucks Rap sucks yeah yeah Two by two and side by side...
LOL accidentaly posted the same post twice, so I'm just writing this to fill in for it.
I can't go to sleep without listening to music. If there is no CD in my CD player, then I just put on 105.7 which in NJ is The Hawk, which is classic rock. I can't sleep with headphones though.
It's not a real word, but i'm gonna go with Fargabibble. It kind of makes u think doesn't it?
HOLY CRAP! That sucks. .
I just hit submit. Quote: Originally posted by Outdoor Man I'l juust hid supmiete. Peter. I was gonna do the spelling error funny thing , but im too late. .(sigh). . .
Quote: Originally posted by grinch i couldn't remember who i was trying to think of, but my gf told me last night and i totally remember now. anybody ever heard of lennon? i think evanescence kind of totally ripped her off. they even look the same. hahahah i just went to amazon to check out the lennon cd so i could remember the title, and they're packing it with the evanescence cd. i guess i'm not the only one who thinks they're alike. if...
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