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 yes definitelyit has more punch, it goes deeper and it has a better bass control than the m9.
yes it happened! the he9 is celarly a step forward when compared to the m9 for speed clarity and power.   highly recommended
it's a clear step forward in terms of speed clarity and power compared to my previous master 9. I've made a new balanced cable for audeze lcd-x using the furutech fhd-35 and this new cable has given more clarity to the audeze. The he-9 drives the lcd-x with more authority and goes even deeper for what concerns low frequencies.   I think i have found my definitive amp for my lcd-x.   highly recommended.
here's my new HE-9         i just made the upgrade from master 9.   The HE-9 has better speed soundstage and transparency when compared to the master 9   I'm doing some burn-in   i'll post some more impressions in the next few days
The first batch of HE-9 had everything has been solved and the amp is sold on regular basis
i have the master 9.i use it with my lcd-x for audio mastering and critical listening sessions. in a month i should receive a brand new HE-9 so i'll be able to make a comparison.
For sale :   HIFIMAN HE-6  in mint conditions with all the original accessories and the original case. For sale also the Focus Pads A and a 1,5 balanced cable by Custom Cans.   All the items are sold in one block.No trades or trade-ins.   Price requested : 900 euros   Ship to Europe
i awarded it with the editor's choice :         a really really nice and very useful tool in my mastering studio. As suggested by iFi Audio i've inserted the iPurifer2 into iUSB for even better sonic results.
 Hi,I leave mine on 24/7 in my little mastering studio for 5 days a week.I have a dac that a has 5 volts (15 dBu) on the balanced xlr output so i use with my lcd-x the low gain but it depends on the recording i'm mastering or i'm listening to.I've just noticed that there's a little difference on timbre between high and low gain settings where the high one is a little bit more open on high frequencies.
Hello, for sale :   Violectric V281 with Rc Relay.The amp is sold with the top volume configuration with remote control and motorized relay volume knob.   Silver Color   Black Feet   220 volt EU model   The amp is in mint conditions and has been used in a smoke and pet free enviroment.   Price requested : 1600 euro   Shipping : Europe   for info :
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