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i totally agree.After many years of using headphones and headphones amplifiers even for audio mastering purposes i can clearly say without any trouble that the Master 9 is a wire with gain.Really really neutral with a lot of power and very very fast.It's a brutally honest amp.It can show you the pros and the cons of your dac headphones and cables.Couldn't be happier after the purchase.The combo in balanced mode with the Audeze Lcd-x is really really really excellent.I'll...
I've tried the mcintosh for 3 weeks in my studio.A good amp but not an end game amp.The cavalli liquid gold could be a really good choice but my end game amp in balanced mode with hd600 hd650 and Lcd-x is the Audio gd master 9.Don't be fooled by the price or by the fact that is made in china.This amp is the best ss balanced amp i've tried in many years of professional audio with headphones.Really really really worth it!
I could easily sell my bha-1 and my V281 and live happily with my master 9 as my reference amp.I didn't see so many people selling their master 9 and there are too many people that believe that this amp isn't good simply for the fact that is made in china.Let me tell you that this is the best ss amp i've ever tried in my mastering studio and i've tried quite a few even more expensive ones.The lcd-x in balanced mode is simply a fantastic match with the master 9.
You did not get the point.i'm talking about the output power of the single amp,if you look at the specs of bryston you'll see that with the high gain you have more power output when compared to the low gain setting.i'm not saying that the bha-1 or the v281 are more powerful than the master9.i'm talking about the differencies in attack and decay of notes at the same sound pressure level when high or low gain is selected.
Hi, Has anyone of you done some experiments with the high-low gain setting at the same sound pressure level? I've done some test and it seems that high impedance cans like the hd600 and hd650 offer a better performance with the high gain setting.instead with low impedance cans like the lcd-x the low gain setting seems to fit best and the dynamic range reaches its full potential.i've noticed some differencies in attack and decay of notes. Let me know your thougts about...
Bryston is a little bit more linear and neutral compared to the mjolnir
i heard it at canjam last year but not with the lcd-x ( i was using my modded balanced hd650 at the time)I was quite impressed but not so impressed.But i don't know if that ragnarok was a pre-production model or a final sale model so take my words with a grain of salt
 there are 3 amps that are excellent with lcd-x: 1) audio gd master 92) Violectric V2813) bryston bha-1 i have all of them but the master 9 is my end game amp especially with the lcd-x
To be honest i'm getting ready for a serious shootout between those two amps Next week i'll post some impressions
I'm really enjoing it! It's definitely an end game amp for me and i've tried many ampsI've done some adjustments with some custom power cables and all i can sayIt's a wire with gain amp.the one i was looking for so big kudos to kingwa and audio gd for making such an amazing product that it's almost a steal for what it's priced
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