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I have  been at canjam for 3 days.I had the chance to listen to the LCD-Z for about 45 minutes (courtesy of Alex Audeze Ceo) and my first impression is  that this prototype requires a lot of power to be properly driven.The main differences between this and the normal LCD-X(which i own) are a bigger soundstage and a little bit of more depth in bass frequencies.I don't know if this prototype will be put officialy on sale. According to Alex there have been also some...
@Lavakugel sincerly i don't know which could be the differences between the complement2 and the complement4. Mine is 4 feet long but it sound really excellent with the audeze lcd-x and the bryston bha-1!
i got this some days ago :     for my lcd-x driven by my bryston bha-1   the complement4!   oh boy i think that this cable marks the end of my search for a reference balanced cable for my Audeze.   I think you can't get better than this.   Peter is a true high level artisan of headphone cables!   more impressions to follow!
I use the bha-1 in balanced mode only with my LCD-X and i can clearly state that the combo is up to my mastering audio chain. The bryston amp and Audeze headphones are like bread and butter.Highly recommended!
  one of my reference headphone listening systems.just waiting for my complement4 balanced cable by doublexelix cables and the system will be complete.I have done audio mastering for more than 10 years and i'm using headphones since i was 25 (now i'm 42).Headphones have come a very long way.The performance of the Audeze LCD-X surpass or rivals many high-end  stereo systems let me tell you.
i guess i'll be the only one from italy like last year so see all you there guys!
Hallo, i have 5 balanced cables for sennheiser hd 650 for sale :     - ALO AUDIO SXC cable 5 feet long terminated with 2 male 3 pin XLR Valab connectors   - AURAL-HARMONY cable 5 feet long made with copper silver occ and gold terminated with 2 male 3 pin XLR Furutech connectors   - DOUBLEHELIX cable 5 feet long made with scsag occ silver and terminated with 2 male 3 pin XLR Furutech connectors   - FURUTECH ADL-35 cable  4 feet long made with silver plated occ...
The best for the LCD-3 are :   2 Questyle CMA800R ( the LCD-3 with fazor drivers sound better and more neutral when driven balanced with 2 questyle amps than the taurus mk2 in balanced mode)   Bryston BHA-1 (in balanced mode with high gain setting is really a nice combo)     I can say that the LCD-3 with fazor drivers and with higher impedance (110 ohm) has become a more picky headphone as regards the choice of the right amp
SOLD!!   thanks!
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