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I would reasonably prefer a recommendation coming from another iBasso IT03 owner.
Title says all.   I'm looking for a reasonably priced DAP to pair with my iBasso IT03.   I tried the Xduoo X3 but it's a hiss machine compared to my old venerable SanDisk Sansa Clip+. Please note that there is also some background hiss with the latter one, noticeable in quiet environments.   I really like the sound from my iBasso IT03 compared to my previous pair of Earsonics SM64, but the change of impedance/sensitivity makes it hard for me to guess which DAP I...
Seems to be running Android, from the above pictures...
Well I think it'd be from common sense for FiiO to make the "slight bass boost" toogleable in software or hardware...
 It'd be really easy to blame a french guy for his lack of proficiency in english... A+ sur TN
Like new paire of Noble 4.   Price is negotiable in PM.   Paypal fees + shipping included in the price.   All accessories provided.
Well if they need a beta tester for this nice little DAP I'm all in! I hope this will be hiss free with sensitive IEM's
 I'm on medium gain as with high gain I don't get a significant noise reduction. Still a lot of hiss remains. For comparison I get more hiss than on my old iPod Classic...
 I'm not the right guy to ask, since I don't have or didn't hear any Heir product... According to Noble's website small changes compared to Heir's models.
I'm getting hiss with my new Noble 4 universal out of the player at levels noticeable even when playing. Should I contact iBasso for a fix ?
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