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Seems to be running Android, from the above pictures...
Well I think it'd be from common sense for FiiO to make the "slight bass boost" toogleable in software or hardware...
 It'd be really easy to blame a french guy for his lack of proficiency in english... A+ sur TN
Like new paire of Noble 4.   Price is negotiable in PM.   Paypal fees + shipping included in the price.   All accessories provided.
Well if they need a beta tester for this nice little DAP I'm all in! I hope this will be hiss free with sensitive IEM's
 I'm on medium gain as with high gain I don't get a significant noise reduction. Still a lot of hiss remains. For comparison I get more hiss than on my old iPod Classic...
 I'm not the right guy to ask, since I don't have or didn't hear any Heir product... According to Noble's website small changes compared to Heir's models.
I'm getting hiss with my new Noble 4 universal out of the player at levels noticeable even when playing. Should I contact iBasso for a fix ?
 That did the job. Thank you.
I have a question for you experts : I normally play my songs directly for the directory. There is one song that never gets canceled for the now playing list and I'd like to know how to delete it... Whatever music I play that song stays in the loop.   PS : I'm not using a playlist.
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