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It's definitely possible. There's a resistor on either side of the headphone jack. From the pics I have, I think the resistors are 240 ohm 5% tolerance. I would imagine upgrading these to a higher quality would also help sound out. You could perhaps contact Ryan to see what he or his engineer think about a 10 or 20% reduction of resistance for louder volumes. Take a look at these pictures, you can see the resistors on either side of the headphone jack, where the red &...
Just updated the FAQ for you. Thinking a little more into how the unit functions, the output coming from the tubes is what the volume controls. The solid-state chip amps the output at a constant volume which is probably why there's been reported hissing in headphones. So, even if you have the volume turned down all the way, the solid-state chip is still amplifying an empty signal at full volume. Hisssssssssssssss.
Touche. I actually wrote up a whole thing about not having proof and possibly being wrong but I just found a picture I made ages ago that shows the paths and actually shows that the speaker and headphone outputs are soldered to the same hole on the PCB:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/464376/website/audio/mav_a1/DSC07369_mod.jpg Take a look at the red & black wires coming from the speaker ports, they come in and are soldered near the center of the picture, if you look...
Unless the circuit board design has changed since I owned one, they are the same output. I followed the traces on my unit before modifying it for different functionality (see Spanky's Mod in the first post). The only difference between the headphone and speaker output is that the headphone output has a resistor circuit to lower volume.
Do not drive headphones from the speaker output, you risk frying them. The speaker and headphone output is the same so there's no reason not to use the headphone output on the front. 
Right, most people use the tube pre out for a speaker system. I did. The D1 is definitely a great all-in-one unit that's flexible for pretty much any setup. There's other (better?) components for specific setups. If you care about low power, cables, size, circuit simplicity then the Modi is a nice unit.
  Sorry to confuse but the tube IS bypassed with the headphone output. The tube only affects 1 of the 3 outputs of the D1 and that is the "tube out" RCA jacks on the rear. The headphone and solid-state circuits are tubeless.
The audio is just passed through it for flavoring. I find the D1 to be a way for beginners to sample tube flavor before dropping crazy money on a full tube amp. Different people like different audio gear, that's part of the fun :)
Just FYI, the tube in the D1 does NOT affect headphone output. In terms of headphone output, both the Schiit and Mav units are solid-state. The Mav unit is a bit better if you'll have a mixed setup down the road with headphones AND speakers, allowing you to hook up an amp and headphone output at the same time. It also allows you to play with tubes. I'd suggest going for the D1 Plus since it has a better USB chip. The Schiit looks to be pretty good with simplicity and a...
No idea on the current rating. I don't think Ryan would do upgrades since the USB is built into the main board, but I could be wrong.
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